If you thought the Chromebook Pixel line was dead time to think again.

After the critical and commercial flop of the Android-based Pixel C, Google appears to be going back to Chrome OS for its custom hardware.

A job listing on Google Careers suggests that the Pixel line is far from dead, as some tech pundits have speculated.

Looking for a “Quality Engineer, Chromebook Pixel”, Google is searching for: “…a Quality Engineer [who] will be part of shaping Google’s next game-changer.

The job responsibilities for the role also suggest something other than simple seat-warming duties, with references to design, manufacturing, production, team management and more.

The job is listed under “Manufacturing & Supply Chain”.

Chromebook Pixel 3?

The use of ‘next game-changer’ in the job description suggests more to the role than overseeing the existing three Pixel devices.

Furthermore, the job title specifically references ‘Chromebook Pixel’ and not just ‘Pixel’. This hints that the search giant’s next piece of custom-designed hardware will, once again, use Chrome OS.

It’s important to not get carried away. While this role is being advertised as being for the Chromebook Pixel publicly there’s nothing to say that’s what the role will entail privately. Google may, as some reports have suggested, be working on a Nexus-style line of devices using the Pixel brand. 

Whatever this device happens to be, it is bound to get us all talking. 

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