The new Todoist Chrome App
Todoist for Chrome has a new look

Task manager Todoist has rolled out redesigned versions of its web and web-based Chrome app. 

The task management app arrived in the Chrome Web Store late last year having racked up a user base of over 3 million users on iOS and Android.

Explaining the redesign on their blog, the company say they “set out to bring our entire brand –  logo, typeface, color scheme, websites and blog –  in line with our mission: To build a tool that can helpanyone achieve more every day.”

“[In the Todoist web and desktop apps] you’ll find a brighter, cleaner design with more spacious list rows, 10 customizable color themes for the top navigation bar, new icons, and a focus on responsive design as you change the window size.”

New Look Todoist Chrome App

Todoist provide two Chrome apps. Both have the same features and, er, neither works offline.

With this latest update the sold difference left between ‘Todoist for Chromebook’ and the regular ‘Todist’ Chrome app is simply a different icon. The Chromebook version is grey with a small Chrome logo emblem. The regular app is red.

Whichever version of the app you install you will benefit from the refreshed look Todoist now sports and neat new features, like natural language quick add (e.g., ‘buy cat food every tuesday’) and quick comment (premium only) and quick find.

You can see a video detailing more reasons behind the re-brand in the video below.

Download Todoist for Chrome

Todoist is a free app for Chrome and Chrome OS and available from the Chrome Web Store.

Todoist for Chromebooks on Chrome Web Store

Todoist Chrome App on Chrome Web Store

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