The C7 Chromebook by Acer

The device, marked as ‘Coming Soon’, is listed as coming with a 16GB solid-state drive (SSD) in place of 320GB mechanical hard-disk the C7 original shipped with.

Other parts, from the 1.1Ghz dual-core CPU to the 11.6″ matte screen, remain unchanged.

Acer first released the C7 laptop in November 2012. A revised model with double the amount of RAM and improved battery life followed in March of this year.

So far only Best Buy are listing the revised model, and no formal word on its release has been given by Acer. But that’s not unusual. The RAM-bump to the C7 released earlier this year arrived to virtually zero publicity.

But is swapping the HDD for an SSD a good move on Acer’s part? I certainly think so.

As a web-centric device without (and it pains me to say it) proper local-media playback features, the 320GB HDD that the device originally shipped with always seemed like over kill. An SSD will not only give the C7 faster start-up timea and more pep in performance, but also some battery gains, too.

Want in? You’ll need to be stateside, have $199 to spare.

Update 26 May: The Acer C7 SSD model is now listed as in stock and ready for dispatch.

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  • Source: Reddit
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