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How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 10

Want to step away from the Edge after upgrading to Windows 10? It's easy.

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Windows 10 brings many changes, not all welcomed

Snagged your Windows 10 update? Nice, but once everything comes back up you might find that Google Chrome is no longer set as your default browser.

What gives?

Windows 10 comes jam-packed with nifty new features, a slick new start menu and a clean, modern design — but it also has some niggling new default app behaviours.

The OS update changes the default app settings for opening photos, video, and web links — changes that apply regardless of whether you’re performing a Windows 10 upgrade (where such changes aren’t expected).

‘It’s actually really easy to change default browser in Windows 10’

For internet related actives in Windows 10 Microsoft will use its shiny new, and very nimble, Edge web browser by default.

This decision has raised the ire of both users and browser makers’ alike. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has written an open letter to Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, chastising the move as limiting users’ choice and ‘rolling the clock back’ to the dark days of the browser wars.

The good news is that changing the default browser in Windows 10 is easy to do.

(Yes, it’s annoying that you have to do it in the firs place, but since it only takes a few clicks it’s not worth getting too angsty about.)

How to change default browser on Windows 10

It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you upgrade from the way you change defaults is different in Windows 10.

1. Click Start MenuSettings:

select settings

2. Click the ‘System‘ tile:

settings app in windows 10

3. Select ‘Default Apps’ from the left-hand column:

select default apps in windows 10 settings

4. Scroll down to the section headed ‘Web browser’ and click on the icon underneath (it will either read ‘Microsoft Edge’).

5. Select Google Chrome from the list that appears.

choose an app picker in windows 10

Next time you click on a web-link in another app, for example on Twitter or in an e-mail, the resulting web-page will open in Google Chrome and not Microsoft Edge.

You can still continue to use Microsoft Edge; this process does not delete it. If you ever want to go back to using Edge as default just repeat the steps listed above but, in step 5, choose ‘Edge’ instead of ‘Google Chrome’.

  • I am usually proud that I don’t use windows, but with all of this windows 10 talk I feel left out(sad face, dog barking at watermelon, cal licking stripper face emojis)

    • ForSquirel

      I wouldn’t feel left out if I were you.

    • Pablo Álvarez

      Same here. All this talk got me quite interested and I gotta say it does look pretty slick. I’m totally gonna get it to play with it for a while until I get bored and then go back to a linux-only system. You could do the same.

    • windywoo

      Windows 10 is great, but if a Chromebook meets your needs then you probably won’t miss much on Windows 10.

      • liamdools

        IMHO I can’t imagine a laptop where I’m always stuck with the latest version of Chrome. It hasn’t been good since around version 25.

    • Mi Pen

      Windows 10 looks better than it is. Still very rough around the edges and most of the Start menu metro style apps are a bit crap. And Win 10 privacy policies makes you feel more dirty, than a full cavity search done naked in front of the main check in counters at Heathrow airport.

      • James Bell

        Please elaborate. Those analogies were very creative but I gained no information from your comment.

      • James Bell

        @mipen:disqus, Wow, those are some compelling arguments. Thanks for clearing all that up. Will I look cool if I like all of my own comments, too?

      • liamdools

        Windows 10 doesn’t look very good at all so you must really be saying something.

    • Wean Irdeh

      I never get the “Windows 10” hype

  • Mi Pen

    You can also change Edge to default to Google rather than Bing. First thing I changed as Bing feels worse when its on the Edge browser, but Edge is fine when defaulted to Google Search.

    Still haven’t found a Chromecast extension for Edge Browser though. For that you will need to keep Chrome Browser for sure.

  • toddh

    I miss Windows 8 mode for Chrome :(

    • Me too. D:
      When did they remove it? And why??

      • toddh

        All the apps are “windowed” in windows 10, no more full screen metro mode. But maybe Google can do something with Chrome in the tablet mode in Windows 10.

        • There is no problem with windowed apps. It’s just the person activate tablet mode. Actually now is even better, because there is no that charms fuss.

        • liamdools

          Can’t you still click on that stupid hamburger menu then select the fullscreen mode? I think that worked in 7 so it might work in 10 (I don’t want to ruin my beautiful W7 installation with a bloated new version of Chrome so I don’t know.)

          • toddh

            Well, not that I can see. Hopefully they can implement something like that.

  • All those steps, I just clicked make this my default browser in Chrome settings which takes you directly to step 5.

    • I explained “the long way around” so that folks know how to get to that screen, why it’s there, etc should they want to ‘undo’ the change at a later date or change another default app setting.

      But great tip, snook – certainly saves time.

  • ellett

    What the frak else did they “roll back” without telling us? This isn’t Wal-Mart.

    • It’s not that they do it without telling users because, actually, they do: it’s just not made explicitly obvious.

      If you don’t click “upgrade/install using express settings” you’ll be able to fine tune the default settings to your tastes before Windows 10 installs.

      Most people don’t; they select the express install and then sit confused as to why Microsoft has changed things to suits its tastes.

      • ellett

        You and I may know enough to find and fix this, but for the millions of “average users” a reference down in the small print is not acceptable. And then they set your default search engine to Bing, and they give all of your email contacts and Facebook friends, and friends of friends, access to your WiFi network! And they sure don’t make that clear… all they tell you is “Sense needs access to your Facebook”.

        • Anthony Boone

          What about giving away access to your Wifi network? When does this happen?

  • Degru

    This is so much better and faster than the old way of going into “default programs” in the control panel, waiting for it to load (very slow on slower computers with spinning disk), and then finding your program in the list. For basic stuff like browsers, this new selector works way better.

    • But not. When you first open Chrome or Firefox, it asks if you want it to be your default browser. Before Windows 10 just clicking that would make it happen, on Windows 10 it just takes you to the settings page.

  • The new Windows Store sucks reeeeeeeally badly.

    • Mi Pen

      Agreed. Most of the apps are poorly made. Netflix has no Chromecast support or any casting support. BBC news official app isn’t even there, just a very poor knock off.

      And the App store itself is a pain to navigate.

      Its not clear what app supports what format, PC or Tablet. Its poorly played out. Plus if you look at an app and go back, your reset to the beggining of a long list. Makes search through the apps a pain in the butt.

      Googles Chrome OS store is way better. As is Androids. Windows 10 feels rushed. Its feels buggy, and locks up and I don’t have a nvidia. Hear they had even worse problems.

      • Wean Irdeh

        “I don’t have a nvidia” lol

      • liamdools

        Once you can’t make an app as good as something as low as Google can make, you know you’re in trouble.

  • Jody

    I tried to do this — but when I click on the list of apps to choose from, Google Chrome DOES NOT APPEAR!!! Even though I have it open and running!! HELP!

    • kristin

      I have this same problem! No other search engine apps, cant find on the store wtf!

      • David Cabrera

        i also have this problem…did you find a solution?

    • Archisman Panigrahi

      Change settings using Control Panel default programes

      • Mike V Florida

        Not there, chrome does not appear!

    • Stephan Marchal

      Could you find any solution to the issue ?

  • kristin

    What if Google Chrome isn’t even appearing in the ‘Default Apps’ menu?

    • David Cabrera

      i just found the answer, just click on “set defaults by app” then choose google chrome, then click on select all

      • Nice tip, David :)

        • Tommy

          not there on my list either

      • Mike V Florida

        It’s not there on my list?!

  • Bluelectric

    My text are now much more smaller after the windows 10 update, help me please, i have tried almost every thing i know :c

  • m4gic

    When is Google going to sue Microsoft for these blatant anti-trust actions? This is bundling and cramming, pure and simple. Microsoft is purposely engineering their Windows 10 products to make it more difficult, if not impossible, for average end-users to continue to use rival software, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Google has the cash but better act fast – because as average users experience frustration in trying to continue to use their accustomed software on Windows 10 they will inevitably give-in in droves and simply adopt the Microsoft products, which is the company’s plan all along, of course. If Google dilly-dallies while this occurs (and it will occur fast because people don’t spend a day without their internet anymore) then they will find the eyeballs and mouse pointers (what’s that? asks a touchscreen user) dwindling and their ad revenue going the way of the Yahoo bird….. Just saying….. monopoly is as monopoly does….

  • m4gic

    My particular issue with trying to use Chrome is that I can add the icon to my start menu and to my taskbar, but a left click on either location does nothing….. I need to right click and select “open new window” in order to see a Chrome browser….yet, lo and behold! Microsoft Edge opens with one click…..but I don’t want Microsoft Edge. I set Chrome as my default browser, but I need a right click and a left click now to open Chrome…………….and searching the internet for a solution leads me to a “work around” by some McGyver (the forerunner of McGruber for all you millennials and sprouts out there)…touting a homemade piece of software that, if I just download and follow steps 1 through 9 in coding…..voila! No thanks. I just want Chrome to open with one left click on my task bar. Does anyone know how to remove Windows 10’s annoying and insidious blocking of this one-click feature??

  • Pru Comben

    Very easy, thanks!

  • Niels Malotaux

    That’s the easy part.
    Now, every time I click on a link in an email, Windows10 gives me the window: “How do you want to open this?” With “Keep using this app” (IE11 in my case) as the first option, The a promotion: “Featured In Windows 10” (Edge), followed by “Other Options” (Google Chrome and ‘Look for other apps’).
    It has a checkbox “Always use this App”, but that does not solve this window popping up every time I click on a link in an email.
    Seems like a bug, however, probably meant to lure me to give in and use Edge.

  • Sal Aziz

    Thanks for the post Joey.
    What I’m curious about is how to set Google to be the default search engine when simply entering a search term in Chrome’s address field. Pre-Windows 10, Chrome naturally used Google to show results. However after Windows 10 install, search results appear in Bing. Gross!
    Any ideas?

    • Sounds like you just need to switch it back to Google. Simple enough:

      Settings > section titled ‘Search’ > click the box and select and ‘Google’.

      • Kathy Sanner

        This was good but I can’t get my Google tool bar to install. I keep getting a message that it is not supported

  • Mark Conroy

    Not only can I not select Chrome as the default Web Browser, latest patch doesn’t even let me select Edge either. Just had the most frustrating day in months trying to work out why many other settings in Windows 10 have suddenly gone awol. Outlook unusable without any capacity to connect to links coming in to me in mail at all. Retrograde step to have to manually copy all hyperlinks and paste them in to Chrome. Chrome also cannot set itself as the default browser either. It now links to the System Default Apps page and shows a message saying there is no installed application for this type of file or protocol. MS haven’t dropped the ball, they have nuked it with this type of update.

  • hsjhskhj

    chrome didnt show up for me either as a selection for browser, just scoll all the way to bottom and click on “set defaults by app”, it should then show a list of programs including chrome.

    • Monique Stegeman

      Thanks, that helps

  • Julie Whiteman

    Chrome shows up for me but when I select it, even though everything says it is the default browser (inc Chrome itself) when I clink on links in emails etc nothing happens. No internet opens at all. The only way I can click through from other applications is to have Edge or IE as my default or copy and paste URLs.

  • jbdean

    WOW, that was Microsoft sneaky! They make it look like that IS your only choice. Thanks so much for this tip!!!

  • KariSueHottieTechNerd

    I had all these issues too. Heads up people! I’m pretty sure that Microsoft is trying to do the same thing to Windows that was done to Adobe. To be able to use it, you will have to pay a monthly fee. Guess I should start saving up for an Apple computer.

  • Ann Hoff-Fanaian

    This is all good and dandy, and I made the changes in windows 10, but, big BUTT, if i am searching in the taskbar where you search on your computer, and it also gives you now the option to search online, every time that search goes to bing. EVERY TIME. It does not matter if I have chrome as my default brower, I don’t have GOOGLE as my default search.

    • Timothy Michael James Cooperid

      download the bing to google extension for chrome it will make any bing search from the ask me anthing bar come as google in chrome

  • Robert Lorbeer

    Thank you. Your solution worked for me. Your instructions are straight forward and accurate; rare in this day and age.

  • Lexi

    I have chrome as my default already. Every time I try to go on Facebook, deviantart, or YouTube, the page either freezes and starts loading continuously, the Shockwave flash plugin crashes, or it freezes and I get a message telling me that “the page is unresponsive” and it gives me the option to wait or kill pages.
    I have tried uninstalling chrome and reinstalling the latest version (which is supposed to work for windows 10), I have tried unchecking the box that says “run this program in compatability mode for:” in the chrome icon–>properties–>compatability box, I have set chrome as my default browser, and I have deleted all my extensions. Nothing is working. Facebook, YouTube, and dA won’t work properly. For some reason, sites like this and google still work.
    Do you know how to fix it?

    • Common Man

      I’ve got the same GD problem. Additionally, I am unable to DOWNLOAD Chrome for a fresh instal. IE and EDGE have taken control and my only homepage is GD MSN. What a sick joke.

  • secretagentmole

    Latest update for Windows 10 totally ignores Chrome, only displays Firefox and Edge!

    • Alvin Nashif Magarang

      this was just happens to me recently …

  • Common Man

    Same problem, infuriating. I just told someone that I liked 10, then update, now this crap.

  • James Michael Millette

    Google Chrome exists on my computer as an app as far a icons and program files are concerned. HOWEVER, and this is huge, MS won’t allow it to populate as an option for default choices. This is so petty of MS. I am disgusted by the inconvenience they have chosen to put us through as consumer and I won’t be another passive statistic that just bends over and be the ignored child who gets screwed in this stupid power struggle of MS vs. Google. I will be purchasing a MAC this week.

  • Tommy

    Your instruction will not work for me. I have a new Dell desktop. It does not populate with Chrome as an option for a default browser and I cannot figure out how to add it. If I go to the store and download chrome as an install, it brings up an error code.

  • Chetan Puri

    I have the same issue, followed all the above mentioned steps, can’t choose chrome as a default after updating my Laptop with Windows 10. I prefer Chrome over MS Edge and also use chrome to cast my computer on TV, can’t do it anymore, will revert back to Windows 8.

  • J Dixon

    I think I have just discovered a solution to this problem.

    When I would follow the above instructions, the option for Google would not appear in the “Choose an App” section. It would send my to the App store. I would look up Goggle and it would tell me that the app was already installed. So….further down the screen at the borrow was an option to “Set defaults by app”. So have my patience near an end, I recklessly ran down that path. When you select it, it opens a Windows Explorer folder called “Set your default programs”. I selected the Google Chrome option. It opens a discription of Google Chrome in the window. Below the window it offers two(2) options, “Set this program as default” and “choose defaults for this program”. First I tried “Set this program as my default,” but there was no change. Then I went back and tried “Choose defaults for this program.” A new screen appears with a multitude of Google documents, protocols, etc. I simply choose “Select All” at the top of the window. I then tested it in my email, online and well as a link for purchase within one trial software have. Everything worked.

    So.. My solution (I sincerely hope it works for you) is:

    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Choose “System”
    3. Select “Default apps”
    4. Select “Set default by app” at the bottom
    5. Select “Google Chrome”
    6. Select “Choose defaults for this program”
    7. Click “Select All”
    8. Then “Save” The computer will indicate it is saving for about 2-4 seconds.
    9. Click “Ok” and close out any windows associated with this process and your done.

    I truely hope this helps someone. I know I have been helped by other strangers on the net. So, I hope this is my opportunity to return the favor or pay it forward or whatever cliche is applicable.

    • Cyberpunk

      thanks it worked

      • J Dixon

        So glad I could help someone.

        • Bast Warmarshal

          It worked for me as well, it is so invasive of windows to do this though. Had to go through such a convoluted method just to get my preferred browser back.

        • Appreciate you sharing those steps. I’ll update the article — thanks!

          • J Dixon

            Wow. I’ve never had the author reply. I hope what I did was not insulting to you. If so, I did not mean to do that by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Andy Dale Smith

            is the article updated yet?

    • ColeSimba

      Looks like this also worked for me. Was trying to set chrome as default but kept asking to go to app store to search for ‘https’. Followed these instructions and it says chrome is now my default in the chrome settings. thanks!

      • J Dixon


    • Vicky Low

      thank you for this.. after recent update i can no longer set chrome as default apps on the settings.. cheap moves by w10

    • Simone Dethrow

      Worked for me. Thanks!

    • Brian Sadler

      Yep! This worked for me.

      I have been tearing my hair out for the past half hour, so very many thanks for this.

    • Juliana M

      Finally! Thank you for posting this! It worked for me.

    • Haiku

      You, my friend, are my hero.

    • SilverSfr

      Dude, you rock!!!

    • Honni-soit-qui-mal-y-pense

      It worked, but then Thunderbird as default email program was gone as app. So on top of the app list of Windows 10. When you change it back, Chrome was gone again. grrrrrr

    • Cherlyn Lukenoff

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Nothing else worked.

    • tbh

      This one works – thanks for your efforts and posting.

    • harry arbasa

      This is the only one that worked for me too! I appreciate the help.

  • FritsJansen

    This information is outdated. Dec 2015 I bought a new computer with Windows 10 and Chrome is no longer on the list to choose from. After I installed Firefox this morning, it is on the list.
    Is Google perhaps considered a more serious competitor by Microsoft than FireFox?

    I am really annoyed by Microsoft fighting a desperate war for survival over my back as a user.

    Microsoft days are over due to the advent of tables, smartphones and Amdroid, but a falling giant can cause a lot of damage.

    Microsoft was never innovative. It grew due to the support from IBM, and its success totally depended on monopoly power. That is computer business from the past century.

    Microsoft is so eager to fight competition by tricks in Windows that the quality of the software is appalling. Move to a new release of windows still is a major project, like a release migration decades ago.

  • Nia Lorre

    Worked for me. Thanks.

  • Ed Truesdale

    Yes! Out dated! The latest “update” from Microsoft apparently eliminated ANY choice of Default browers other than Microsoft Edge, or IE! Can’t set a default browser that doesn’t appear on the list. This just occurred over the past 3 days to me. Edge hijacked my default browser this morning when I followed a link in an email.

    • Paget Michael Creelman

      Try installing Chrome through your browser directly from Google rather than through the App store. I have no idea what the app store installs, but it isn’t Chrome.

      • Ed Truesdale

        I install Chrome directly from Google. It just gets worse. The “home page” button (the little house icon on the address ribbon) is broke! If I have other tabs open, and want to bring up my Home Page, I have to exit Chrome and re-launch it. My Home Page comes up then, but the Home Page Icon is non-functional. Takes me to a blank tab.

        • Lena Stankovic

          You can change it in settings.. There is an option if you want a home page button and if you want to open a new tab or to go to the home page you’ve previously set up.

  • Jenifer Murch

    I think i figured it out! I went to firefox and made it my default browser and it actually let me. I closed it and went back to settings / default apps and set Chrome as default and and it took. Finally. Hope it works for you guys.

    • Tindara Certo

      thank you this was helpful, was having the same problem. Would not let me pick Chrome right from the start.

      • Jenifer Murch

        Exactly why i decided to go around the block to get in the back door. I’m so happy it worked for you also.

  • Mikey Simmonds

    I seem to be missing something here. although Chrome is installed it is not showing as an option alongside Edge in the default app settings. Any ideas? Cheers

  • That’s the problem – I don’t HAVE a Chrome app that shows up next to Edge and IE. And I can’t find it in the app store.

    • ryan

      Check my reply above

    • Jack Flynn

      Same here, and have checked ryan’s instructions above also

  • ryan

    The quickest solution is to type in “default apps” into the search bar next to the windows start. Next selecting “Default programs DESKTOP APP”. That’s where the confusion comes in. Next, select “set your default programs” then choose chrome from the list. DONE.

    The tutorial is actually showing you how to use the mobile app lol. That’s not appropriate for desktop users.

    • tbh

      win 10 does not allow me to make chrome the default following this method

      • same :[

      • Sue Moseley

        Same here

        • tbh

          Thanks all for the help and suggestions. Got the job done –

    • Nope!


    • William PJ Kulich

      That worked! Forgot to check the old control panel. Thanks so much for the tip.

      This bugginess is what really frustrates me about 8/8.1/10 – why is it I have fewer bugs in openSUSE than in the world’s biggest desktop OS?

    • Jack Flynn

      @ ryan – This only brings you back to the same Win 10 “Settings” menu that everyone is saying is not working.
      Type in “default apps” in search bar. check. done.
      Then it brings you back to the Win 10 Settings > System> Default apps menu with no “Default programs DESKTOP APP” selection in that main or sub menu or parent menu. No such entry. That entry doesn’t exist.
      The Defautl apps > Web Browser drop down offers Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Look for and app in the Store – no Chrome option. I’m running Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit)
      Choosing apps by protocol only offers Edge, Internet Explorer, FIrefox or Look for and app in the Store.
      I’m running Win 10 v1607 Build 14393.105

  • oneJesusloves

    No matter what I do it is not letting me choose chrome as my default browser. I reinstalled, went to default apps(where it is showing up) but when I choose it , it is not taking.

    • ebierke

      I am having the exact same issue. No matter how many times I set Chrome as the default it will not take it.

      • me2 :/ do you have any solutions?

    • Jules Savelli

      Same here. It used to work but not anymore. I severely hate Edge. Please help?

    • Gob Bluth


  • eyer ball

    People who write these “tips” should try implement them first. Instead, they assume that we are too stupid to click on the System icon.

  • Bill Huntley

    Yeah, this does not work. No matter how many times I click on Google, the default browser remains Edge. I don’t understand the fundamental basis for ownership. We pay out a ton of cash for computers, but do not really have any say
    over how we can use them. Microsoft is pure evil.

  • Travis Wheeler

    How about when windows 10 doesn’t even give you option of making Chrome your default browser. All it lets me do is choose between IE or edge, and the unhelpful option of “choose app from store”(which doesn’t have chrome).

  • Try this solution on picture… Have a nice day for all…

  • Try this…

    • Amanda Caruana

      Just to thank you so much for this. I have been going the route suggested in the article and it just didn’t work. This one does. I am very, very, grateful.

    • Kwame Alexander

      Holy crap, it worked! I’ve been trying the way suggested above for months with no effect. KODTECH’s technique worked the first time.

      My internet browsing experience thanks you.

    • Doug Rowland

      This worked! Ppl, disregard the article’s advice and follow KODTECH’s advice.

    • Gill R

      I just tried this and the drop down doesn’t have FIrefox or Google Chrome. Do I need to download these separately as apps? Thanks

    • Imad Kharboutli

      Thaaank you … its worked

    • MrWhiffle

      What is that other advice even doing there, this would be easy, if control panel were easy to find. I hate 10

    • kevon27

      It worked my friend. Thank you.

    • That’s a bingo! Many thanks.

    • Dave8675309

      Seems to have fixed it for me too. Thanks KODTECH

    • Iqodo


    • Eric Kimunyu

      Thank you very much, it worked

    • kitskornerdotcom

      hats off to you my friend! you just saved my laptop from taking flight ;) thank you!

  • Josh R

    When y install window 10, choose personaliize not express settings .under defaultt app,
    Unchek microsoft edge .this will keep your previous default browser.worked v well for me.

  • Ted Cloak

    I don’t see my problem addressed here, so here goes: On my desktop, I keep setting my default browser to Chrome, easily, but then Win 10 tells me it had to reset it to Edge because of some kind of app conflict. Any ideas?

  • Angelo Lopez

    Chrome is the BEST browser easily, faster and update always.

    • Lynda Zachery

      I agree. Too bad I’m unable to make it my default browser!!!

  • Jesse

    I did the above steps, but it doesn’t work. I think microsoft has probably done something to make it hard for users to do this

  • Doug Rowland

    Doesn’t work. Windows 10 won’t accept the change.

  • John Chetwood

    Since changing to Windows 10 I have not been able to designate Chrome as my default browser. Although designated in settings Chrome ALWAYS opens as Yahoo. Have tried reloading Chrome but to no avail. Please Any suggestions. ( have tried Chromium but that also defaults to Yahoo!!)

  • To be honest, I want to overwrite microsoft-edge protocol but it’s nor working for me, so I need help maybe from you guys. Anyone have been tried this on reg?

  • John Harris

    As mentioned by MANY others, this solution does NOT work. Yes, you can complete these steps, but windows 10 simply ignores the selection of a different default browser (Chrome or any other browser).

  • DrDhanwantari G Pancholi

    As mentioned by MANY others, this solution does NOT work. Yes, you can complete these steps, but windows 10 simply ignores the selection of a different default browser (Chrome or any other browser).

    • sirluke

      Since the big Windows 10 update, last week of July 2016, I can complete the steps but I cannot get Chrome, Opera, Firefox or any other browser to stick as default. Highly frustrating Windows 10!!!
      If a solution is reached… I would like to know about it. Thanks in advance.

  • Kim

    This solution still doesn’t work! Is anyone at Windows 10 trying to fix this issue. Its been quite some time with this same issue. Why does it seem the more technical we become the harder it is to do anything with it?

  • Finch1408

    Windows giving temp pop up saying something in system not working, related to chrome. Browser won’t launch. Was able to uninstall chrome. Laptop still not launching my Norton fast. Took 10 min to open. Running system scan now. So far over 500,000 items scanned. Really? Sounds like a LOT of items. Either I’m infected, or Windows is fighting Chrome.

  • Penny Bruhm

    same issue as many apparently Windows will not accept any other browser being set as default. Very frustrating I receive no email notifications or in fact no notifications at all. Attempts to set notifications results in same issue with resetting default browser – just not allowing any changes.

    • sirluke

      Since the big Windows 10 update, last week of July 2016, I can complete the steps but I cannot get Chrome, Opera, Firefox or any other browser to stick as default. Highly frustrating Windows 10!!!
      If A solution is reached… I would like to know about it. Thanks in advance.

  • Tina Machia

    This would probably work great if Google Chrome was one of the options that pops up for me to choose from!

  • eri derri


    If u want to set chrome or any browser as default the way described above won’t work.
    Here is how to set it correctly.

    Go to:
    Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs > Set this program as default

    Find the program you want to set as default and hit “OK”. Ready to go.

  • 72nova 500hp

    did not work……………………

  • Lynda Zachery

    I did all that with no problem, UNTIL when I select Chrome as default it auto switches to Edge. I hate Edge!!!!! HELP

  • GG Johnson

    I’ve downloaded Chrome twice and it is not appearing as an option on the list only MS products are offered. I HATE EDGE!