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New Chrome OS Devices for Early 2013 [Updated]

Today, both Acer and Lenovo have announced that they will be releasing new Chrome OS devices within the next few weeks. Lenovo enters this market for the first time with their own Chromebook, while Acer adds a Chromebox to their Chrome OS line-up.

Lenovo have been a popular laptop manufacturer for many years, mainly providing Windows laptops for the enterprise market. Today, sees Lenovo expand their brand by release a Chromebook.

The Lenovo X131e, will feature a 11.6 inch display (1366 x 768) with an Intel processor.

This Chromebook will feature a rugged design with a bumper around the edge and the hinges are extra sturdy. The X131e will also feature HDMI and VGA ports, a webcam, and a battery that Lenovo says will last “the entire school day.” 

The keyboard feature a’star’ key, which can be configured to do different action and a dedicated key for screen lock. Thanks to François Beaufort for the early heads up!

Lenovo’s Chromebook will be released on February 26th.

Update! Google have now provided the official specs and images for the Lenovo X131e Chromebook. The price has also been confirmed, $429 in United States, no details on other regions.

  • 11.6’’ (1366×768) display
  • 1.3 inches – 3.9 lbs / 1.8 kg
  • Up to 6.5 hours of battery
  • Intel® Celeron™ processor
  • 16 GB Solid State Drive
  • Dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Ethernet
  • HD Camera
  • 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
  • 1x HDMI Port, 1x VGA Port






Acer has been in the Chrome OS market since it was launched by Google back in 2011. Since then, Acer has released two Chromebooks, the AC700 and the C7. Today, Acer has added a Chromebox to its line-up. The Acer Chromebook will feature an Intel Pentium G630 2.7Ghz, 2GB RAM and a 500GB Hard Drive.

No details on pricing or release date yet.


  • niagr

    Why put 500GB in a cloud computing device?

    • Ruben Bakker

      So we can throw Ubuntu on it :)

      • I wish that instead of companies building Chromebooks, they should be making machines with Ubuntu on them, for example. I think that it would make Ubuntu more popular and it actually is a full desktop operating system, not just a web browser and a (now) minor desktop environment.

        • Sebastiaan Franken

          So buy a computer from System76 or the like then? And besides a 500GB drive in a Chromebox isn’t a bad plan. What if you want to watch a movie that isn’t in your Google Drive yet because it’s, let’s say, a 24GB mkv file?

          • I know about System76, as I reviewed one of their computers a few weeks ago for them. They are really nice, but I’m talking about the bigger computer makers. For example, Lenovo. They have a good rep for running Ubuntu with minimal to no issues. The could just as easily shipped Ubuntu instead of Chrome OS.

      • niagr

        hehe…yes of course :D

    • Ed Hewitt

      Sebastiaan is right, its for storing movies and music on there. Granted, you could store music on Google Play Music and movies on Google Drive (which I do). People complain about the Chromebook not being for offline use, well you can store media on the HDD and watch them offline using the built-in media player.

      • niagr

        Well yeah that’s possible of course, but that seems to go against the vision Google has for ChromeOS. If you want offline functionality why would you use ChromeOS at all, since 90% of your usage would require internet connectivity.

        • Captain Obvious

          You’re right! Oh wow, who would bother creating a device that has more potential uses than just its intended niche? I guess a game with multiplayer mode might as well require an internet connection to use single player, its obviously the only reason to have multiplayer developed. Let me explain to you the idea behind the chromebook. An AFFORDABLE and speedy laptop that pretty much “anyone” can afford. Its not meant for gaming, its not meant for playing dvd’s…. its meant for using office apps, surfing the web, and being highly portable while maintaining good battery life. Notice how only one of those things requires an internet connection. See what i did there? I thought before i typed. Its this nifty concept, you should try it.

    • Captain Obvious.

      because you’re a moron. Not everyone has a constant wifi connection, and might in fact like to store things on their hard drive for instant access. You know, like movies and games and other things that don’t always work spectacularly off the cloud. Why ask stupid questions?

  • dansboxers

    The thinkpad has the red button!

    • Oooooh, an ancient relic of the past. They call it, the Trackpoint…
      *eerie music*

    • Ed Hewitt

      It appears Lenovo have added quite alot of cool additions to the keyboard. Dedicated caps lock key, home, end, pg up and pg down.