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Google Axes QuickOffice for Android, Renames Chrome Extension

icon_128Google has announced that it is discontinuing the QuickOffice apps on Android and iOS — but if you’re using the official Chrome extension you don’t need to panic.

Two years ago QuickOffice enjoyed a reputation for being one of the most capable Microsoft Office-compatible productivity suites on mobile.

Noticing this, Google quickly acquired the company, with many of its features rolled into Google Docs and made available on Chrome and Chrome OS in the form of a basic Office viewer/editor extension.

It now seems that integration of said features into Google Docs, Sheets and Slides is complete, with Google announcing it will be removing the QuickOffice mobile apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store over the coming weeks. Existing users, Google say, can continue to use it but ‘no features will be added and new users will not be able to install the app,’. 


The new introductory tour prompt

Rebranded Chrome Add-On

Alongside removal of the mobile applications, Google also seems to be retiring the ‘QuickOffice’ brand. The Chrome extension was this week renamed from ‘QuickOffice Viewer‘ to ‘Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides’.

In addition to its new name, and a shiny new logo, the extension also adds a handful of new features, including an introductory popup that now appears when opening an Office file, and a menu option to quickly convert a file to its equivalent Google Docs format.

The newly renamed extension can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store and works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

For further information on the extension see this help article.

Office Editing (Formerly QuickOffice) on Chrome Web Store

  • kristo

    It works on my C303 chromebook but only after file download, not directly from Drive

  • r4in

    I don’t get it. Why still use an extension and not integrate it directly into Drive?

    • “Extension” overstates it. It simply allows .docx files etc to be opened in the Office editor.

      • Phil Oakley

        Guessing soon we’ll get Docs, Sheets and Slides Chrome Apps.

        • Well there _will be_ new, exclusive, independent websites (as it’s been announced). Chrome Apps aren’t much of a stretch =)

  • Lou G

    I thought this was going to be native to chrome and chromeos anyway?

  • akemsley

    Don’t bother downloading the Chrome extension unless you’re on a Chromebook. The extension only allows you to open MS Office files through the File Manager in Chrome OS, but doesn’t allow you to open them on the Google Drive website.

    • Boothy

      As I understand (after a lot of digging) there is a new version of drive that’s currently invite only that will allow you to open MS formats directly from drive (along side a few other things).

      Once this drops to the public all Chrome OS devices will “lose” the in-built Quick-Office functionality, to be replaced with the Docs functionality.

  • I only used QuickOffice for its PDF Viewer, which Drive can’t do.

    I guess it’s time to find a new PDF app. Thanks, Google, for killing another product I regularly use.

    • Phil Oakley

      Drive might get a PDF viewer if they’re killing Quickoffice.

      • Because Google is so good about ensuring they don’t kill off products until a functional replacement is available. Like how Google+ is just as flexible as Google Buzz, and how Google+ check-ins are just as feature-packed as Latitude, and how Google Reader…
        Yeah, I’m not so optimistic.

        • Phil Oakley

          A PDF viewer in Drive isn’t a whole product though, it’s just a feature in the app. In theory, it shouldn’t be too difficult to port the existing code from the Quickoffice app into the Drive app.

          • In theory, it should have been extremely simple to port the existing Latitude code to Google+ check-ins (since they appeared to be using the exact same backend), but it didn’t happen, because Google decided it wasn’t helpful to their business model.

            It should have been simple enough to integrate Gizmo5’s features (in particular, SIP calling) into Goole Voice. But instead, after acquiring Gizmo5, Google just shut down the service, leaving Gizmo5 users SOL.

            If the head of the Drive app development team says, “There’s already a few hundred PDF viewers on the Play Store,” they won’t bother spending any resources porting the code. That’s not how Google works.

    • Gautam

      Too bad drive’s pdf viewer is so lame.. No reading view (QO would ‘word wrap’ the content as i zoomed in so iy fit my screen width).. No white text on black bg view – which was great for effortless reading at night and cutting down glare when reading in bright sunlight..
      It’s Google’s new thing: replace mature products with features-less beta versions..

  • calden74

    I’ve always had problems with QuickOffice, after just a little over a page of text I would experience serious slow downs. Typing would stop to an almost stand still making it almost impossible to continue without causing serious damage to my head, as in I would be forced to find a blunt object to repeatability hit myself to end the debilitating frustration it caused. It’s not if I was using slow tablets either, Nexus 10 and Kindle HDX 8.9. I use KingsOffice now, probably the best free Android office app I have used as of yet.

  • Dedren

    If I uninstall the Chrome extension, can I still edit office documents in the Google dedicated apps now? Or is that extension still a requirement.