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Toshiba Chromebook Pre-Order on

toshiba-chromebookThe new Toshiba Chromebook is now available to pre-order in the United States. is listing the 13.3-inch Haswell-powered device listed at $279.99 ahead of its expected release date in mid February.

Revealed earlier this year, and shown off extensively at the Consumer Eletronics Shown this month, the Toshiba Chromebook features:

  • Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz (Haswell, Dual-core)
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 16 GB SSD
  • 13.3-Inch Screen
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 9.0-hour battery life
  • USB, HDMI & SD Card Ports

Pre-Order Toshiba Chromebook on

  • SweetBearCub

    Less than 4 GB of RAM = No sale for me.

    • It isn’t Toshiba’s fault that you don’t want to use a Chromebook as a Chromebook.

      • SweetBearCub

        Very true. But these companies HAVE to know that I am not the only person planning to wipe out ChromeOS and reload a full-featured Linux distribution.

        Now, *if* a person plans to use the machine ONLY as a Chromebook, with the standard OS, then 2 GB is fine. For now. But websites get bigger and more complex all the time. For instance, I have the common “all” subreddit open on a popular site known as Reddit. In Chrome, that tab on its own eats up 0.6 GB of RAM. Just 4 tabs like that would max out a 2 GB Chromebook.

        • Your clearly not the target audience for the Chromebook. The “companies” don’t and should not need to care if there are tech people buying their products and want it to do more. It is meant to be simple and low power for people who need just that.

        • You are clearly not the Chromebook target audience. The “companies” don’t and should not need to care that there are tech people buying their product and want it to do more. it is meant to be simple and low power for people who need just that.

          • SweetBearCub

            I never said I was the target audience, but the fact remains that the OEMs released a powerful, easily hackable, and cheap Intel Haswell-based platform, and many are taking advantage of that. OEMs would be foolish to ignore that, as I’m sure that represents a fair portion of their sales.

            Of course, there are also people who buy a Chromebook to be just that, and are happy with it. But even for them, 2 GB of RAM is – Or will soon likely be – A limiting factor.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      If you want a proper Linux machine don’t buy a chromebook. You’re totally missing the point of Chromebooks if you look at them as cheap linux machines. Buy a System76 laptop and be done with it.

      • SweetBearCub

        As soon as System76 can release a machine that:

        – Has an x86 processor that is at least as powerful as the Intel Celeron 2955u
        – Has at least 4 GB of RAM
        – Lasts for at least 8.5 hours on battery
        – Weighs right around 2.5 pounds
        – Has at least one USB 3.0 port and one HDMI port

        For $250 or less (I paid ~$208 out the door for an Acer C720-2800) – I’ll buy it!

  • Wesley Files

    If I was buying a Chromebook right now, I bet I’d go with this one.

    But I won’t need to buy another for awhile……

  • leipuri

    I wait chromebooks with bigger and better display, i think 17″ with 2560×1080 pixels is good for me. Current Chromebooks is same as mobile phone… :-)

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Not going to happen. If you want this you don’t understand what the chromebook (right now) is for: content consumption, to replace the nettop from a few years ago.
      They need to be cheap and a 17 inch screen with 2560×1080 is going to push the price way up. So, in short, not going to happen for at least a few years.
      Edit: Why not go for a chromebox? Connect it up to your monitor(s) and be done with it.

    • ChromeOS or not, I think the days of 17″ laptops are coming to an end. Increasingly rare to find such machines.

  • blocoholi

    Glad the Toshiba lacking the specs of the hp Chromebook 14 (with 4Gb RAM) I just got yesterday.

    I reckon 2GB RAM are sufficient for now, but what about 2-3 years down the line?

    • Wesley Files

      Then hopefully units rolling out in 2-3 years from now will have more RAM.

  • jason

    It looks nice, but the only difference between this and the Acer c720 chromebook spec wise is the 13.3″ screen. You’re paying $80 more ($199.99 > $279.99) for 1.7″ of more screen real estate? Ridiculous. I bought a refurbished Acer c720 with 4gb of ram for $150.00 on ebay a few weeks ago. Nothing else can compare to that price.


      Who was selling a c720 with 4 gbs? Do they have more?

  • Dan

    I am using my Samsung Chromebook all the time in addition to the laptop and smartphone. I wasn’t sure, but it is really handy for the sofa, bed or taking away. Not a need, just a little luxury as a tablet but with bigger screen and keyboard. It’s not really slower than my laptop, it’s great for the price. Not sure about the 13.3″ screen for my personal use, as I value it to be very light and that handy size. I will check this Toshiba when it comes out in Europe anyway.