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VLC 3.0 Will Feature Chromecast Support

In June of last year the awesome hands behind the popular VLC media player confirmed their intention to support Chromecast, Google’s then semi-new media streaming dongle, in its suite of apps.

Seven or so months on from that soundbite, and no Cast-ready functionality on offer in the so-called Swiss Army knife of video players, you’d be forgiven for thinking the team got caught up in the hype surrounding the HDMI streamer at the time.

Not so.

As an open-source project it’s very easy to check in on VLC to find out what it’s up to. Nestled amongst VLC’s changelog in its Git repo — a popular distributed version control system — is a file detailing the differences between the 2.2.x series and the upcoming VLC 3.0.0 release. In the section ‘Stream Output’ is this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 20.03.03


The change, spotted by Android France, confirms that Chromecast support is a feature VideoLAN developers are actively committed to bringing to the table.

Whether we’ll see it in the team’s Android and iOS apps first (easier since Google provides developers with APIs for this) or whether they will tackle the ‘harder’ part of integrating Cast functionality in its cross-platform desktop players remains, for now, to be seen.

  • Tudza White II

    Can we expect VLC from ChroeOS?

    • It would definitely be awesome. :)

    • Yeah… Not possible. Yet.

    • Malgreque

      Yes you can. VLC director himself confirmed it last week (but he didn’t give any more detail). It was on french Android forum.

  • Chuck Cortes

    You do realize the whole point of ChromeOS is for software to be online and not necessarily installed on the PC itself? It kinda defeats the point of ChromeOS if you want apps to be installed within it. It will increase the price of the PCs because you will need bigger hard drives or will slow them down because regular drives will be used to avoid the cost of larger SSD drives.

    • owain harris

      This article and blog is ‘Chrome’ related, not just ChromeOS.

      • Chuck Cortes

        Whats your point? The comment below asked about ChromeOS.

        • owain harris

          Then reply to that person instead of posting a new comment. It just looks like you posted a comment arguing with the creator.

          • Chuck Cortes

            Its called a small mistake, no need to go on a rampage. Besides, if you were smart you might have realized it in the first place seeing as there are only a handful of comments. You people, always open your mouths before trying to figure things out first.

          • owain harris

            Rampage? That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it?

    • ARB

      Just because that was Google’s intention for ChromeOS does not mean that is the “whole point” of ChromeOS for any arbitrary user of the OS. ChromeOS is also a user-friendly, stable, and well-supported Linux distribution, a combination of features which no other distro achieves currently.

      Besides, even Google has recognized the necessity of offline applications and has pushed for offline capabilities in their own applications.

    • vtpoet

      “You do realize the whole point of ChromeOS is for software to be online…”

      No. The whole point of ChromeOS is put GOOGLE between the user and everything they do. I don’t have a problem with that, by the way. That’s part of the deal.

      That said, Google itself realizes that this “everything online” strategy is self-limiting (crippling depending on your point of view). There’s no reason why everything has to be online. Google simply needs to decide whether mediating every last thing you do on ChromeOS is worth the price. There are only so many consumers for whom a Google-web-dependent OS is a practical choice.

  • pmug

    A little late to the party. This story was reported everywhere 4-5 days ago. Better late than never, I suppose.

  • Juha Ahonen

    Well, that would be useful if I had Windows PC at home.

    • What does that have to do with Windows? VLC is cross-platform.

      • Juha Ahonen

        OK, I didn’t know that. I always like cross-platform stuff albait I
        currently use only chromebook with chromecast.

      • Well, if he is using a Chromebook, VLC is useless…

        • He could use ARC Welder to run the Android app on his Chromebook (I’m currently running it).

          • Good point – I hadn’t considered developer tools, and the option for workarounds.

    • I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be available on the Linux and OSX version of VLC.

      • Dave Johnson

        Well then, maybe you could provide it.

    • Guest

      OK, I didn’t know that. I always like cross-platform stuff albait I currently use only chromebook and Android-phone with chromecast.

  • the chromecast api should be more free :/

  • Rich

    Chrome OS needs VLC. So many video files that can’t play on chromebook.

    • Google says that it is coming to Chrome OS “any day now” (they said “within the next couple of weeks” about 13-14 days ago). It will run via Native Client with barely any overhead over native Android. The Googe head of the NaCL team said they are currently testing VLC and other important stuff such as Skype on Chrome OS. I think it’s already possible to install Dropbox. I read it on Ars Technica.

  • hollyannecalzolari

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  • Sergey Sedlovsky

    Now the question is what chance is there for a perfect audio bitstreaming?

  • Robin de Groot

    It’s great that VLC will soon release their updated iOS app with Chromecast support however it will probably still lack opensubtitles and e.g. AC3 audio support (because it’s a free app).

    If you have a NAS that doesn’t support Plex and use iOS devices then i can really recommend to use Infuse 3 Pro iOS app (it’s expensive – 9,99 euro/dollar but worth the money in my opinion).

    The current Infuse app version still has the Chromecast feature in Beta but it works really well with most of my MP4 and even MKV and AVI files with both AC3 audio support and opensubtitles (online) /srt (local).

    Unfortunately the current version doesn’t support to close the app (background playback) and/or put your iDevice in standby modus. It seems an odd limitation of the Cast SDK as Infuse is saying although a similar (less good – doesn’t support AVI/MKV like Infuse 3 can but is great for photos) AllCast app is able to keep casting to the Chromecast also when you put your device in standby modus and/or leave the app and do something else on your iDevice. Hopefully Infuse will soon release a revised version where this background playback is supported.

    A few other nice free video iOS apps which support Chromecast are:

    Access e.g. NAS via DLNA/UPNP and in the case of Remote Media also SMB protocol.
    These apps do have limitations as far as support for, download of metadata (video/tv)

    – Remote Media Manager:
    – VideoCast

    A nice app that i’ve used for live streams on websites is the one below.
    I didn’t buy any in-app purchases. They do have quite expensive in app-purchases to e.g. remove adds or save bookmarks.

    – Video & TV Cast

  • d1g1taLph3r3t

    An idea I would like to share with the developers is to enable the ability to stream DVD movies played from a Linux laptop with VLC version 3.0 installed to a flat-screen tv which has the Google ChromeCast HDMI dongle attached.

    Question is, where do I go to share this with the VideoLAN developers or the developers of VLC???

    • Dave Johnson

      The idea is very cool Now flesh it out a little!

  • i use VLC 3.0.0 Nigly build and is not even show up anything yet about Chromecast.

  • Dying_in_this_Crap_World

    3.0 is still a pile a crap. It’s very confusing why he program barely works still after many years in development.


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