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3 ‘Awesome Screenshot’ Alternatives for Google Chrome

With news that the popular ‘Awesome Screenshot’ Chrome extension is, in fact, not that awesome at all, many have wisely uninstalled it.

But while this one plugin likes to keep tabs on your open tabs, there are a number of alternatives that aren’t quite so unsavoury. If you’re in need of webpage screenshot tools not marred in malicious intent, read on.

screenshot addon by googleScreen Capture (by Google)

The ‘Screen Capture by Google’ extension was an alternative suggested by reader whizzer0 in the comments to our report on Awesome Screen.

On paper, it’s certainly the most trustworthy option. And its feature set, letting you grab specific sections of webpages and assign keyboard shortcuts, is tempting.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to work — at least not for me or a number of others who have left reviews of it on the Chrome Web Store.  Your own milage may vary. It still work for some, and there’s always the chance it’ll be updated in the near future.

Screen Capture by Google on Chrome Web Store



On to something that does work. Blipshot, by Davide Casali, is an open-source webpage snapper that’s light on bells and whistles, but big on simplicity.

Once installed, you just click on the toolbar icon and a snap of the entire page, including below the scroll, is taken. To save it as a high-quality PNG you just right-click on the image preview that then appears, or drag it to your desktop/file manager.

Blipshot may only do one thing but it does it so well and without snooping on your browsing habits.

Blipshot Screen Capture Tool on Chrome Web Store

Full Page Screen Capture

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 16.11.37Like Blipshot, ‘Full Page Screen Capture’ only does one thing – whole page snaps – and is open source. But unlike Blipshot this one doesn’t require any permissions at all.

“No bloat, just a simple way to turn a full web page into an image,” reads the Web Store description.

Once installed just click the camera icon in the toolbar to initiate your snap. The page will scroll as it assembles each part (keeping you amused with a Pac-Man animation in the popover). When done your capture opens in a new tab from where you can save it.

Full Page Screenshot on Chrome Web Store

Other Ways

And if you only need to grab a webpage now and then try a web-based service like Screenshot Machine.

But if what you want to capture is visible on your screen you don’t actually need to install anything: just use the built-in operating system utilities.

On Linux press the Print Screen button to take a whole screen grab, or use a desktop app like Shutter.

On Windows press Super + Print Screen to save a snap of the whole screen to your Pictures folder, or use the built in ‘screen sniping’ tool to grab a specific portion.

On Mac OS X press Cmd+Shift+3 to grab a snapshot of the screen, or Cmd+Shift+4 to draw a specific section.

On Chrome OS? Just hold the following key combination to save a .png of the the entire screen to the Downloads folder.


Which tools, services or shortcuts do you use? Let us know in the comments below. 

  • On Ubuntu, Shift+PrintScreen will allow you to draw a selection and Alt+PrSc will capture just the window.

    • Fredrik

      Very handy tip, thanks!

    • Merri Mogridge

      You can also change this behaviour in keyboard shortcuts in the settings. I have PrintScreen set to draw selection, its now one of the first things I change after a new install :)

  • Browser screenshot tools are great for taking full-page screenshots, but IMO nothing beats a good screenshot tool on your computer.
    ShareX is the best one I’ve used on Windows.

  • Juan De Luca

    What happened to Snagit? I would recommend it over the other alternatives mentioned. With Snagit, you can even annotate screenshots and record screencasts. Plus it integrates with Google Drive, so your images and vids are automatically saved in the cloud.

    • Kelly Rush

      Thanks for the mention Juan! Like you said, Snagit for Chrome does both screenshots AND screencasts…and don’t forget, you can also turn your screencasts into animated GIFs. We love feedback too, so if you have ideas for what else would be useful, make sure to contact us!

      • sofia

        Here’s an idea… Add the spotlight feature that Mac users have been asking for for 3 years now. No brainer.

  • 5Celcious

    Nimbus screenshot!

  • I use Evernote Chrome extension

  • Roland

    I use the ctrl + Multitasking button.

  • nuovodna


  • hamza mribti


  • Karsten Klokkerholm

    Snagit. One of my most used tools.

  • Paulo

    CleanSave when I need to amend the page selections or ctrl+shift+F4 for pointer selected items (just left click and drag what you want to save)

  • aaphid

    Evernote Web Clipper is what I use. It has inherited most of the goodness from the Skitch app.

  • aBabyPenguin

    The Snipping Tool is one of my favorite additions to Win7. It’s much better than simply using the Print Screen button imho.

  • Nimbus

  • Adam W. Warner

    Hi Joey-Elijah, these are indeed some great alternatives but if you might be interested to know that our company has created a brand new Chrome extension named FooCapture that you may want to check out.

    We’ve been developing it for several months (before the Awesome Screenshot debacle came to light) and we think we’ve got something that will change the way people take and utilize screenshots, especially when using WordPress to publish.

    Please have a look here for more details and how to get in on the public beta release:

  • richard

    I think you can also check below video tutorial.. i found it very useful for the people who want to take full webpage screenshot.. thanks :)

    hope it helps

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the great article! I can also recommend the screenshot tool from Usersnap ( It’s a great browser screenshot tool when it comes to providing feedback and getting change request from your users & customers.

  • MJ

    NONE of these actually took a full page screenshot. Come on people. I need a tool to take a screenshot from top to bottom of a webpage. How hard is that?

  • makapav

    Just an update – screen capture by Google is now dead and no longer available in the Chrome Web Store.

  • Awesome Screenshot’s Full Page Capture and Live Image Update/Edit is Perfect. Meanwhile all the 3 alternatives you pointed out here have no full screen capture ;)

  • I need something that can make a copy of entire page that is full of frames. The frames are killing me!

  • Tony Galligani

    where does MAC store the screenshot if you do Cmd+Shift+4?

    • Tony Galligani

      nm – I found them in ~/Desktop

  • sketharaman

    Thanks a lot. Ever since the Awesome Screenshot debacle, I’ve been searching for an alternative. “Screen Capture (by Google)” seems to be a goner – I got a software removed error message on Chrome App Store. I settled on “Full Page Screen Capture”. Contrary to what some comments say, it does capture full page screenshots – cf. attached image as an example. I liked its good old Pacman-style icon that eats up the page as it scrolls down capturing it! In the first few minutes of using it, full page screenshot seems to be only thing I could find this software doing.

  • Naugh Toekneesfwend

    Worked for me. “Full Page Screen Capture” for the win. Easy install. No malware.

  • ThinkSkeptic

    None of these are good alternatives for the options Awesomescreenshot provided because they only do one thing