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Acer’s New Intel Core i3 Chromebook To Retail at $349?

Intel Core i3How much will the upcoming Intel Core i3 Chromebook from Acer cost? Wonder no more: the recommended price has been revealed in an online article. 

Such a notable bump in processing power doesn’t come without an equally notable bump in pricing. Those looking to bag a device can expect to pay around $349 according to The China Times website, which syndicates content with respected international news agency Reuters.

This compares fairly favourably to the other models in the C720 series. The touchscreen C720P retails in white for $299, while the 16GB touch-less version can be had on Amazon US for as little as $199.

The site also goes on to say Acer executives plan to launch as many as three new Chromebooks by the end of the year: 

“In addition to the Switch 10 [convertible Windows 8 notebook], Acer’s press conference in New York also announced the industry’s first Core i3 processor Chromebook priced at $349. By the end of this year it’s expected that Acer will introduce 2 to 3 new Chromebooks.”

The report, read though the sometimes incoherent viewport of Google Translate, also appears to claim Acer overtook Samsung in North American education tenders this year. That wouldn’t be surprising. The Acer C720 models (which seem to multiply faster than mogwai at a midnight picnic) are the best in class (pun intended) models to be had in their price range.

No formal release date has been given for the Core i3-based Acer C720 or any word on the RAM and SSD configurations buyers can expect. We will, as ever, update you the second we know more.

  • Jose Reyes

    not bad at price,

  • Mike

    To much horsepower nothing to do with it. What in chrome os do you need a i3 for ? I can’t even use half of my hasswell celleron CPU . its like adding I corei 7 with a gtx 650 . what on earth are you going to do with it

    • Juan Carlos Cornejo

      These kind of power bumps are probably geared to people who like to play some type of web games. This is, of course, only speculation.

      When I first bought my Chromebook I went a tad crazy trying out lots of web only apps/games. Some games really made my Chromebook crawl. I could see this being a nice starter laptop for a student that will also like to play online games, for example.

    • alex.baril

      Linux, of course!

    • vloz
    • Jayfeather787

      gtx 650 is not that good.
      760 is better for the price. Just saying.

    • calden74

      Not everyone uses their ChromeBook as conservatively as you do. I constantly stall out my Haswell Celeron equipped ChomeBook. As a developer I use multiple online IDE’s at once and other memory and CPU hogging apps. It’s very easy to push a ChromeBook to it’s a breaking point causing tabs to crash, I even have to reboot the system sometimes. An i3 is a God send, even with the extra power though I will most likely even push that to it’s limits. As more complicated and graphically intense apps become available online the need for more powerful machines will rise. I even find myself wanting more with my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro sometimes, which has an i7. I hope the memory will be upgradeable as adding 16GB will be my first order of business.

  • JPB

    I’d be a lot more interested if this had at least an IPS display on it. Not much point to paying more for this if it has the same display as the C720.

    • Kenny Strawn

      Unless you live in California and have to use a Chromebook near sunlit windows or outdoors… then yeah, the C720’s matte display comes in handy.

  • Eric Marinelli

    Assuming it’s the cheapest mobile i3, the difference in (retail) price between the 2955U and the cheapest i3 (410xE – I’m assuming 4102E because it has lower watt usage) is $93. Because Acer is a big OEM, the difference is probably a bit smaller. Given that the price is $150 higher, though, I think we can expect it to have either a 32GB SSD or 4GB of ram, but probably not both of these, as the profit margin has to increase with the increase in price range, I would suppose. I guess if they are going for a machine with faster performance, they would probably increase the RAM though.

    • Jayfeather787

      Hoping for the extra RAM.

  • AJ

    FYI Mogwai multiply through getting doused in water, not by eating after midnight. Eating a midnight picnic would make them turn into Gremlins. ;)

  • Wesley Files

    I don’t even know if this is a good or bad price. But if this is an attempt at “mid-range” by Acer, I don’t think people are going to respond well.

    • calden74

      This is defiantly not considered a mid-tier laptop. You have to realize that all of Acers Chromebooks are just repackaged Windows 8 laptops. This new Acer ChromeBook for instance started out as an Acer V5. You really think they made a touch screen specifically for ChromeOS, nope, it was originally intended for Windows 8, which makes sense as ChromeOS touch capabilities are still in its infancy. The Acer V5 is the lowest Windows 8 laptop in Acers lineup, which means even though this has an i3 it is still considered a low end laptop. The reason why it has an i3 is because Acer has moved away from using Celerons in their laptops as they made a deal with AMD, you will also see AMD CPUs in their upcoming tablets as well. Since ChromeOS is not yet compatible with AMDs embedded graphics card and Googles strict hardware guidelines, Acer was forced to use the i3 model of the V5 for their Chromebooks. Check out the Acer V5 11 inch models over at the Microsoft Store to get a better picture of what I’m talking about.

  • Yvan Philogène

    It’s like for console gaming. If you don’t have games, you can’t see the need to buy. If the console doesn’t sell, you don’t see the need to develop on it…

    I guess Google needs to build some killer apps or partner with some editors.

    It’s good to see Acer going for more powerful / middle-range chromebooks. We’ll find on the 6th May who else will do the same. I hope for HP, Dell, Asus and Lenovo.

  • Peddler

    What effect will using a Core i3 have on battery life? Can’t believe it’s going to be positive.

    • Jayfeather787

      It is a more powerful CPU, so battery life should decrease. However, the CPU is still on the Haswell architecture, so battery life should still be quite good. If it has the same battery as the C720, then maybe 6-7 hours.