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ASUS C200 Chromebook Pre-Orders Now Open On Amazon

Taiwanese tech giant's first Chrome notebook expected to ship stateside in mid-June

asus c200The 12-inch ASUS Chromebook C200 is available to pre-order from a handful of online retailers for $249, with an expected shipping date of June 10. 

US retail giant Amazon lists the device — which features an 11.6″ glossy screen and a power efficient Bay Trail CPU — at $249 with free shipping inside the US.

Electronics reseller ExcaliberPC is also hawking the matte black device for the same price (albeit billed as a $50 saving of a higher retail price) with shipping starting ‘from $13.27’.


The C200 features an Intel Bay Trail processor N2830 processor running at 2.16GHz, 2GB of low-energy use RAM and a 16GB SSD. The 11.6-inch glossy screen fronts a resolution of 1366×768 (‘HD’) and an onboard HDMI-out port lets you can easily hook the device up to a larger monitor of supported TV.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a pair of USB ports, an HD webcam and built-in SD card reader round out the extras.

ASUS say to expect around 10 hours of battery life under typical use on a single charge.

Links to pre-order the C200 can be found below, but always remember release dates can and often do change at the last minute, as proven by the recent Samsung Chromebook 2 delay.

ASUS C200 Chromebook on Amazon US ASUS C200 Chromebook on ExcaliberPC

June 10: The C200 was officially released on June 10. References to ‘pre-order’ now moot.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    The specs on this device are a lot closer to what I was hoping Samsung would hit with the successor to the Samsung Chromebook. It’ll be interesting to see how this compares to the Haswell and 4 GB RAM models. I suspect it’ll be a good performer but that $50 premium over the C720 probably isn’t worth the touch of extra battery life.

    • Exactly what I was going to say; I wonder whether this’ll be worth the extra $50.

    • calden74

      I wouldn’t say that , the Acer is probably the cheapest built notebook on the market today. Your paying for a better build quakity , big reason why people still go with the HP 11 even though the Acer is faster.

  • Delrog

    To Chromebook or not to Chromebook?
    Why not just get an Asus K200MA over something like this. That way you can dual triple boot Windows, Chrome OS and Ubuntu?

    • miri

      Chrome OS can’t be properly installed on non-Chromebooks and the C200 is thinner, lighter, fanless, has an SSD, better performance, likely better battery life and you can still dual-boot Linux if you so choose.

      • calden74

        You can easily install Chromium OS on any laptop, even in 64BIT, the only thing you need to do is copy over the Chrome directory from a Chromebook or Chromebox for the media codecs and Flash plugin. That’s it, takes 5 minutes and it will look and run like ChromeOS in every aspect. I recommend doing it to a Lenovo x61, x200, x201, etc. They make the best Chromebooks, my old x201T gets 9 hours of battery , has a touchscreen, 16GB RAM, older but still much faster i5, 128GB SSD, cost me 180 dollars on eBay, 75 for the SSD.

        • thr33phas3

          You can install Chromium OS, but you don’t get the hardware platform specialized to handle it. For example, the trackpads on those old Lenovos (if they have them – the X61 doesn’t) are not set up to handle multi-touch. I was trying vanilla builds of Chromium OS on many, many platforms, but one touch of a refurbed Chromebook (the older Samsung) and I gave them up forever.

  • Akshay Sharma

    it is one of the best looking budget chromebooks till date.
    Hoping that asus will launch it in India along with Chromebox.
    I would really buy the chromebox.

  • lol2050

    When is the C300 will be available?

  • mustang1068

    I ordered a C300 on amazon yesterday when it appeared briefly. The order went through – says ships in 2-4 weeks.

    ASUS Chromebook C300MA-DB01 13.3-Inch Laptop

  • David Li

    What’s up with these 16 GB chromebooks? 32 GB should be the minimum. There better be a flush SD card slot.

    • Why? Do you really need local storage? At best you might be on a flight/bus/train and want to bring down some movies etc.. and a few albums for offline (a few gig)? Perhaps a document too (if chromebook supports offline editing now). I say drop to 8gb and shave $5 off :)

      • David Li

        Yes, what if I want to keep local music/movies on my Chromebook? Not everyone has Unlimited data and a tethering plan (although I do :). I’ve never heard anyone complain about having too much storage. More gigs are also useful for those who dualboot using Crubuntu or Crouton.

        • I guesstimate 0.001% or less use crouton or alternative and most people don’t have music collection greater than a gb. This is a product for the mass market, you’ll be better buying an ultrabook sticking on ubuntu and putting in an ssd as large as you want (maybe you can mod a chromebook). In general I welcome our new chromebook overlords for the masses though, and I welcome no local storage, no more “i lose my documents” and no more “my pc slow, have virus me think” family/friend issues.

          • David Li

            Having more internal storage does not cause people to lose documents nor catch viruses. Internal storage and appealing to the masses are not mutually exclusive; if anything, having more storage makes Chromebooks more attractive. I’m perfectly fine with 16 GB to keep costs down if there are ways to expand local storage. I would rather have a microSD card slot that sits flush to expand storage than a SD card slot that sticks out.

          • dorisramsey

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  • Richard

    The ASUS looks like fun, but I am more excited about this:
    The Samsung 2 is a way better deal IMO.
    Granted that the C300 EDU model is pretty awesome, this C200 seems like a poor attempt on the original HP 11’s fame.

  • Lortivar

    When will Joe Public be able to purchase the C200 EDU model?

  • Joseph Dickson

    I picked up a C200 last week and have been using it non-stop. The battery life is insane, fanless and low power design still handles multitasking like a champ.

    It’s got only 2GB of ram and 16GB of storage but you don’t need more. If I really want to store something locally I’ll grab a large flash drive. I store most of my music on various cloud services and generally use netflix, hulu, YouTube for video.

    Additionally, I played around with crouton today and was amazed at how well Ubuntu 14.04 runs and it only ate up a couple of GB of storage.