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Samsung Chromebook 2 Release Pushed Back to the End of May

Image credit: Samsung

The highly anticipated Samsung Chromebook 2 has hit a bit of a snag: the release has been pushed back by a month for unknown reasons.

BetaNews reports that their existing pre-order of the 13.3″ Chromebook 2 on Amazon has been delayed a number of times from early to mid and, now, the end of May. Samsung has confirmed the delay.

Both the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models of the Samsung Chromebook 2 were made available to pre-order earlier this month. At the time, Samsung listed an “early May, 2014” shipping date whilst Amazon listed a more optimistic April 28 for both models.

As of writing, Samsung US’ online store shows a wait of 10–14 business days for the black 11.6-inch Chromebook 2 – the only model still available to pre-order directly from Samsung – while Amazon has since modified its release dates to May 7 and May 29 for the 11.6 and 13.3-inch models respectively.

No Explanation Yet

There aren’t any clues as to what may be causing the delay just yet. Kevin Tofel of Gigaom notes that the upgraded Exynos 5 Octa processor could be the culprit following only modest benchmark results of the eight-core chip that may require further optimisation in Chrome OS before release. It’s worth mentioning that the 11.6-inch model also features another Exynos 5 Octa processor, but its delay on Amazon to early May is far less drastic than that of its bigger sibling.

The delayed 13.3-inch Chromebook 2 features 4GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD, and a 1920×1080 display that trumps the 1366×768 displays in the vast majority of Chromebooks as of late, including the smaller Chromebook 2 model, and retails for $399 in the US.

If you pre-ordered a Samsung Chromebook 2, have you cancelled your order or are you waiting out the extra month?

  • D. Sharer

    Preordered my 13.3 CB2 the day it went live from Amazon, and I will most definitely be sticking it out.

  • fatlip

    Ordered my 13″ on the second day it was available. Not sure if I will wait or not, I would like to know the reason for the delay before I make my decision.

  • fatlip

    So…. when is the C300 going to be available?!?

  • I don’t believe this.

  • Jeremy JC Paul

    I don’t see the problem with waiting. Everyone these days wants the latest thing yesterday, it’s quite silly really. I’d rather wait for a good product than wish it was released on time in a crap condition. Give Samsung a break.

    • Roland

      It’s not just that people want the latest thing yesterday, it’s when company’s give optimistic release dates and then push them back. If company’s set pessimistic release dates and brought them forward people wouldn’t be mad.

      I bet it’s something simple like they can’t get enough of the 13.3 Chromebook 2 produced to meet Pre-Order demand. Amazon have probably pushed the 11.6 Chromebook 2 to try and have a consistent release date for both models.

      • BKarno

        I don’t think the pre-order demand is all that high. Just look at the Q&A sections on Amazon. there are less than 30 questions on the 13″ page and like 3 questions on the 11″ page. When people are excited about a pre-order product there are usually a lot more questions.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      There’s no problem with waiting, but there’s a problem with handing out release dates (whoever is to blame for that, either Samsung or the stores) and then see it being pushed back.

  • Jesse

    Ordered the 13.3 on newegg a couple days before they moved the date back. I’m not exactly thrilled but I’ll be waiting it out. Like a couple other people mentioned I would really like to know what the delay is for. I hope there isn’t some major problem that has just surfaced.

    • D. Sharer


  • Think we’re likely to receive any official explanation?

  • Scruffy

    Glad I caved and purchased the Dell 11.

    • How did you purchase the “Dell Chromebook 11”, Dell “UK” says it’s only for Education buyers ?

      How did you circumvent that requirement ?

      • Scruffy

        I’m in the US. Just went to the Dell website and purchased it like I would any other Dell.

        • Nick

          I cannot find this. Link me?

  • Smallwheels

    It’s just too slow. I wouldn’t want one when the Haswell processor was at least 25% faster. On slow chips that is a huge difference.

    • Where are you getting that stat from? It would be really interesting to have a read.

      • Smallwheels
        The Haswell is actually even faster. Will the eight thread Samsung be faster than the Haswell using two threads or cores? I don’t need to leave numerous tabs open at once. I can close many tabs and focus on one tab if it needs more power. Thus I can get the maximum CPU available on one tab. It will be fast. Its speed will be higher than if you did the same thing on an Exynos chip. Close all of the tabs on an Exynos chip and its maximum speed will be much lower than a Haswell chip with fewer cores. That is how I look at it.

  • BKarno

    The fact that there are really no in-depth reviews from the usual sources really says a lot to me as well. $400 for a Chromebook is a big investment, and it’s hard to justify that size of an outlay to be a guinea pig. Why aren’t these being let out for T&E? And if they are, where are those reviews? I would really like one of the 13″ models because I watch a lot of video on my Chromebooks, but I’m not going to buy one on specs alone.

  • Dafury

    If you pre-ordered via Samsung, you’ll probably get this a lot sooner. I asked a rep and they confirmed the release date to be 5/12 for all of the models of chromebook 2.

  • Wonder how Ubuntu, or my current preference for “Elementary OS” would run on one of these machines ?

    I like the looks of these machines; they look well made, thin and light, nice sized trackpad. The best looking Chromebook since the Pixel ! And the 13.3 inch with 1080p screen, will be the cheapest 1080p laptop on the market.

  • spacefly

    Delay probably due to Samsung having to peel off that hideous fake leather cover and replace it with something that looks decent

  • HaughtiestZombieChic .

    I canceled my preorder on Amazon. Waiting a month I could do but then they pushed it back so far to the end of May. I went ahead and bought the hp chromebook 14. I am quite pleased with this product.

  • fatlip

    Psyched… finally on it’s way, should be here tomorrow from Samsung!

  • fatlip

    Rockin’ the new 13″ Samsung, just came FedEx. It’s sweet, the screen looks great, it seems pretty fast and is a nice build for a $400 machine. Happy!

    • How do Gmail and Google+ fare on it? Their performance is woeful on the older ARM devices.

  • tux234

    Still waiting for the release in Germany….
    Bloody launch it already!! (US import’d be 123€ for shipping and duties).