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The Best Black Friday Chromebook and Chromecast Deals

Ready for pumpkin pie and early morning queuing? We've gathered up some of this year's best Black Friday Chromebook and Chromecast deals.

25 November 2015
chrome for android illustration

Chrome OS Will Be Merged Into Android

Google has spent the past two years merging Chrome OS and Android and will have a unified OS in 2017.

29 October 2015

Access SFTP From Your Chromebook With This New App

A new Chrome App lets you access SFTP servers right from your Chrome OS devices.

20 February 2015

VP of Android Engineering Now Heading Chrome OS Team

Vice president of engineering for Android Hiroshi Lockheimer is now heading up the engineering team for Chrome OS.

17 October 2014

Chrome ADB Shell Brings Android Debugging To Chromebooks

A new project by well known Android developer Koushik Dutta brings the Android Debug Bridge (adb) to Chrome and Chrome OS.

25 August 2014

Project Athena Unmasked: Chrome OS’ New UI

Just over a month after our report on the mysterious Project Athena the first working UI has been revealed – albeit in rough form.

18 July 2014

Chrome 36 Stable Released, Brings New Look Incognito Page

Google has released Chrome 36 to the stable channel, marking a major milestone for Web Components.

16 July 2014

Hands On with the New Chrome Dev Editor App

The Chrome Dev Editor (formerly known as Spark) has hit the Chrome Web Store as a developer preview.

29 June 2014

Google Open Sources PDF Code in Chrome, Brings Built-In PDF Viewing to Chromium

Google and PDF-centric company Foxit has announced that it is open sourcing the PDF library used in Google Chrome.

16 June 2014

Chrome Devs Working on ‘Project Athena’ — But What Is It?

Recent commits to the codebase that underpins Chrome appears to suggest that a new user experience for Chrome, codenamed 'Project Athena', is in active development.

13 June 2014

G.lux Takes the Strain Out of Late Night Browsing on Chrome OS

If you often find yourself staring at a screen in the middle of the night, G.lux can help bring some relief to your eyes.

23 May 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 Release Pushed Back to the End of May

The highly anticipated Samsung Chromebook 2 has hit a bit of a snag: the release has been pushed back by a month for unknown reasons.

25 April 2014