Google has released Chrome 36 to the stable channel, marking a major milestone for Web Components.

incognito page
Old and new Incognito pages.

Chrome 36 includes a redesigned Incognito landing page. The new design simplifies the text displayed when you open an Incognito tab and features a cleaner, brighter design with a new ‘incognito man’ icon to the right.

Fixes and tweaks for rich notifications, the Chrome App Launcher on Linux, the new tab page for guest sessions, and a “crash recovery bubble” are included with Chrome 36, as are 26 security fixes.

Web Components

The new stable release also includes support for HTML imports – a major building block for Web Components. While it’s not a big user-facing change like the Chrome App Launcher or a restyled landing page, Web Components are a huge stepping stone for web developers.

Projects like Polymer and X-Tag are leveraging Web Components to make your favourite sites easier for developers to create, improve, and maintain. Chrome has already added support for the <template> element, custom elements, and the shadow DOM. With HTML imports now in tow, Chrome (and Opera) users worldwide will have full support for Web Components.

Android Updates

Chrome for Android has also been updated to version 36, bringing back Google Doodles to the new tab page. Alongside the usual collection of bug fixes and performance updates is improved text rendering for “non-mobile optimized sites”. Chrome 36 for Android will be rolling out to the Play Store over the next few days.

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