So you want to change your Chromebook’s background or set a specific image as your wallpaper?

Setting a desktop wallpaper you like is an easy way to make your Chromebook feel more like “yours”

No surprise; most of us like to personalise our smartphones, desktops and work PCs with a wallpaper we like. And Chrome OS (the operating system Chromebooks run on) is no outlier: it lets you do it too.

And the good news is that you it’s super easy to change the Chromebook wallpaper.

Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Background

Setting a desktop wallpaper you really like is a really easy way to make your Chromebook computer feel a bit more like “yours”.

It’s for this reason that Chrome OS includes a wallpaper picker app.

The quickest way to access the wallpaper picker on a Chromebook is to right-click — long press on a touchscreen — the empty desktop and select the Set wallpaper option:

"set wallpaper" setting on a Chromebook

This will open the Chrome OS wallpaper picker:-

Chromebook wallpaper picker app

Inside the wallpaper picker you’ll find a variety of high-quality desktop backgrounds for you to use on your Chromebook, Chromebox or Chrome OS tablet.

Wallpapers are separated into specific categories, e.g., Cityscapes, Illustrations, Abstract, etc.

Select a a category in the left sidebar to browse the images grouped inside. When you see one you like just click on it: Chrome OS will then download the image and set it as your background.

Don’t like it? Pick another!

Keep going until you find a background you’re happy with.

And if you can’t? Well…

Set a Specific Image as Chromebook Wallpaper

set image as wallpaper in the chromebook file manager

You’re not limited to the list of images Google selected. You can use (pretty much) any photo, image or graphic downloaded from the web as your desktop background.

How? Well, there are a couple of ways.

The Chrome OS wallpaper picker has a “My Images” category. This will display a grid of compatible image files stored on your Chromebook.

Here you can set any compatible .jpeg or .png as a wallpaper, and choose whether the image appears centered or center cropped:-

You can also set a Chromebook wallpaper using the Files app. Just right click on an image file and, if it’s compatible, select the ‘Set as wallpaper’ option:

  1. Open the Files app (blue circle with white folder)
  2. Right-click on a compatible image
  3. Select ‘Set as wallpaper’

This method works on any images downloaded, stored in your Google Drive, or located on on a USB drive or SD card.


Any drawbacks?

Keep in mind that low-quality images don’t look great when they’re stretched across the screen! So, where possible, try to download high-quality wallpapers or use hi-resolution photos.

Try to avoid using a busy desktop background that makes it harder to “see” the Chrome OS application shelf.

If your device is ‘managed’, e.g., you’re using a school Chromebook, you can’t change the desktop background without your administrator’s permission, sorry!

Now you know how to change the wallpaper on your Chromebook tell me: did you use one of Google’s images, or your own?

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