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One of the most common criticisms I hear of Chrome OS is that it can’t play or open ‘local’ files wihout first uploading them to the web.

But this isn’t true – as Remoa beautiful offline music player for Chrome, proves.

Music Playback on Chrome OS

Whilst Chrome OS comes with an audio player of its own (see image further down this post) it’s not particularly flashy.  Remo, on the other hand, is.

Using it couldn’t be simpler: you just drag and drop music files/folders from the file manager on to it and drop, then select the track you want from the list and hit play.


Remo Features

Picture of Chrome OS music player
Chrome’s Default Audio Player

Remo isn’t an iTunes replacement; it doesn’t remember music files/folders between session, nor audio level settings.

But is it a massive drawback? I don’t think so. Remo does what it claims to – play music – and does it with ease.

Plus, did I mention that it’s far nicer looking than the built-in audio player of Chrome OS?

A couple of useful keyboard shortcuts are supported for controlling playback:

  • ‘P’ or space toggles play/pause
  • Left/right arrows jump to the next/previous track respectively

There’s even an app for Android that lets you use your phone as a remote control.

Like it? Remo is a free app available on the Chrome Web Store.

Remo Music Player for Chrome

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