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Google Kills Chrome Apps: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google is dropping support for web apps on Windows, Mac & Linux. In this post we look at the reasons why, what happens to apps already installed, and more.

23 August 2016
packaged apps

Google Drops Axe on Legacy Packaged Apps for Chrome

Google has announced that 'legacy packaged apps' will no longer be published on the Chrome Web Store as of this week.

1 July 2014

Chrome Packaged Apps Coming to Android, iOS

Chrome Packaged Apps could be up and running on Android and iOS as early as January 2014, according to newly discovered developer documentation from Google.

3 December 2013

Google Marks Chrome’s 5th Birthday with Packaged App Push

To mark the fifth (yes, fifth!) birthday of Chrome Google has announced something special: 'a new breed of Chrome App'. But is it as new as it sounds?

5 September 2013

Remo – Music Player App for Chrome and Chrome OS

Remo brings local music playback to Chrome OS with a beautiful packaged app.

29 August 2013
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What Are Google Chrome Packaged Apps?

With the recent release of new Wunderlist and Pocket apps in the Chrome Store, one question still lingers in many Chrome users' minds: what exactly are packaged apps?

25 July 2013
Wunderlist for Chrome

Wunderlist Launches as Packaged App on Chrome Web Store

Wunderlist, the most popular task manager in the world, has launched a new packaged app on the Chrome Web Store.

18 July 2013

Pocket App Comes to Chrome, Lets You Read Articles Offline

'Read it Later' service Pocket has launched a new Chrome packaged app that lets users you read articles saved to it both online and offline.

17 July 2013

Packaged Apps To Use Native Window Theming on Windows, Mac

Packaged Apps are about to take another step towards looking like native system apps on Windows and Mac.

6 June 2013