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Scrobble YouTube + Other Streaming Sites with this Chrome Extension

I’ve been using music discovery service for over 10 years, and make Scrobble support the first thing I  look for a traditional desktop music player. But, like many, I increasingly use the web to listen to music. […]

21 December 2016

Streamus Chrome Extension Turns YouTube into a Spotify-style Music Player

Streamus is a free Chrome extension that lets you listen to YouTube songs without needing to open YouTube in a browser tab.

4 February 2015

Remo – Music Player App for Chrome and Chrome OS

Remo brings local music playback to Chrome OS with a beautiful packaged app.

29 August 2013

Enable HTML5 in Google Play Music for a Faster Experience

If you use Google's online music service Google Play Music you may have noticed that it's not the fastest or most responsive of 'web apps'. But there is a super quick fix to speed things up: switch to the HTML5 version of Google Play Music.

8 June 2012