playingStreamus is a free Chrome extension that lets you listen to YouTube songs without needing to open YouTube in a browser tab.

The developer behind the add-on describes it as offering ‘simple, streaming music.…without bookmarks’.

With Streamus installed, simply click the toolbar icon and search for an artist name or song title to start creating a music queue. Tracks can be arranged and sorted as with any regular music playlist.

The top of the pop-over player has music control options, including volume. The bottom of the popover player has options for shuffle, repeat and a nifty radio mode that automatically queues up related songs once your queue is empty.

Reader Ethan D., who tipped us to the nifty add-on, tells us it’s “…great for listening to music on low powered devices as you don’t have to worry about video streaming and the UI is great. Similar to older Google Music extension, with a material design touch.”

You can take Streamus for a spin yourself by grabbing it from the Chrome Web Store. Let us know what you think in the comments. 

Streamus on Chrome Web Store

H/t Ethan D. 
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