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Photos of First ASUS Chromebook Leak Online

Photos of an upcoming ASUS Chromebook have been released, showing off the first portable Chrome devices from the Taiwan-based company.

4 April 2014

Google Launch $999 Intel i7 Chromebox Kit For Business Meetings

Google have announced a new Chromebox for Meetings to help businesses connect their employees across the world.

6 February 2014
first gen chromecast

Chromecast SDK Released to the Public

Google have released the Google Cast SDK to the wider development community for developing and publishing Chromecast compatible apps.

3 February 2014

‘Ok Google’ Voice Search Improvements Land in Chrome OS Dev

After showing up in the Chrome OS Canary channel last week, improvements to the 'Ok Google' voice search feature have landed in the Dev channel.

3 February 2014

Google Launch Dev Tools to Bring Chrome Apps to iOS and Android

Google have released a preview of a toolchain to help developers bring Chrome Apps to mobile platforms.

28 January 2014

‘Google Now’ Cards Added to the Chrome OS Dev Channel

The latest update to the Chrome OS Dev channel has finally brought Google Now cards to Chrome OS devices.

22 January 2014

Chrome for iOS and Android Updated, Brings Data Compression Feature

Chrome for iOS and Android will be receiving an update to Chrome 32 over the next few days.

15 January 2014

Chrome 32 Hits Stable With Tab Indicators and Refreshed Metro Mode

After moving into beta a couple of months ago, Chrome 32 has finally made it to the Chrome Stable channel.

14 January 2014
first gen chromecast

Motorola Offering Free Chromecast with Moto X

Motorola are offering the Google Chromecast for free with purchase of a Moto X on their website.

9 January 2014

Lenovo Will Release ‘Multiple Chromebook Models’ This Year

After releasing its first Chromebook, the X131e, just a year ago, Lenovo have announced that they'll be shipping "multiple Chromebook models" this year.

8 January 2014

Toshiba Chromebook Officially Unveiled

After a bit of a premature start last month, Toshiba has officially unveiled their first Chromebook.

6 January 2014

Acer Add White Touchscreen Chromebook to C720 Lineup

Acer have announced a new white C720P-2600 touchscreen Chromebook – the latest in their rapidly expanding C720 line.

3 January 2014