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Samsung ARM Chromebook Refresh Slated for 2014

The much anticipated refresh to the ever popular Samsung Series 3 Chromebook will be arriving in 2014.

31 December 2013

Google Giving Schools In India Free Chromebooks

Google are expanding an educational pilot programme to India next month, offering 25 free Chromebooks to four schools.

27 December 2013

Google To Ban Bloated Extensions from Chrome Web Store

Google are updating their Chrome Web Store policies in an effort to simplify extensions.

20 December 2013

New Chrome Feature Will Let Users Create Custom Hosted Apps

Chrome developers have added an easy way to create Hosted Apps for all of your favourite sites in the latest Chromium builds.

18 December 2013

LG Announce ‘Chromebase’ All-In-One Desktop PC

LG have announced a new all-in-one Chromebase device ahead of their official unveiling at CES 2014 next month.

18 December 2013

Google To Issue Free Replacement Chargers to HP Chromebook 11 Owners

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an official recall of the HP Chromebook 11 charger.

17 December 2013

Chrome Beta for Android Removes 300 Millisecond Click Delay

Users of the Chrome Beta app for Android will no longer suffer from the 300ms delay in most mobile browsers.

13 December 2013

Google Play Music and Movies Add Chromecast Extension Support

Google Play Music and Play Movies & TV now support the official Chromecast extension for Chrome.

12 December 2013

Google Removes Torrent Search Extensions That “Encourage” Copyright Infringement

Google has removed a number of Chrome extensions that search torrent sites, TorrentFreak has reported.

12 December 2013

Proposed Chrome OS API Would Introduce Password-Free Authentication

A new Chrome API being proposed would introduce a method of "password-free authentication" to Chrome OS.

11 December 2013

Chrome Apps and App Launcher Land in Chrome Stable for Mac

After months of testing in the beta and dev channels, Chrome Apps and the Chrome App Launcher are now officially available in Chrome stable for the Mac.

11 December 2013

Dell To Release First Chromebook In January Exclusively to Education

Dell has joined the ranks of Chromebook manufacturers with an 11-inch Chromebook for educational customers.

11 December 2013