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Colourful New 11-inch Chromebook Unveiled By Google

In a press event earlier today, HP and Google announced the new 11" Chromebook discovered earlier this week.

8 October 2013

Chromecast Adds Hulu Plus Support

Hulu have updated their Android and iOS apps to support Google's Chromecast content streaming device.

2 October 2013

AirCast Streams Local Videos to Your Chromecast

The AirCast Android app brings local content from Dropbox, Google Drive, and your phone to the Chromecast.

19 August 2013

Hands On With The Google Chromecast

The $35 Chromecast sold out in the Play Store, Amazon, and Best Buy in only a matter of hours. As the response from these eager early adopters trickles in, we go hands on to give you a glimpse at what works and what could use another layer of polish.

28 July 2013
packaged apps

What Are Google Chrome Packaged Apps?

With the recent release of new Wunderlist and Pocket apps in the Chrome Store, one question still lingers in many Chrome users' minds: what exactly are packaged apps?

25 July 2013

Restyle Websites Easily in Chrome With Stylebot

Whether you're tweaking background colours or giving an entire site a makeover, Stylebot is an excellent addition to your everyday toolbox.

29 June 2013

Two Weeks With A Chromebook

After spending two weeks abroad with a Chromebook as my sole computer, did Chrome OS prove to be an impressive and productive platform?

15 April 2013

Google Fork Webkit, Announce Project ‘Blink’ for Chrome

The Chromium team today announced a new rendering engine for the project called Blink.

3 April 2013