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Samsung Chromebook 2 Pre-Orders Go Live on Amazon US

Screen-Shot-2014-04-07-at-12.39.05-750x480Pre-orders for the new, eight-core Samsung Chromebook 2 have gone live in the US.

The Samsung US website lists both the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models as available for pre-order with an expected shipping date of ‘early May, 2014’. Amazon US is touting a shipping date of April 28.

Starting at $319, the 11-inch version is available in black and white variants, replete with the faux-leather, stitched edge look Samsung is coating many of its consumer electronics in at present. It features 4GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD and an Exynos 5 Octa 5420 ARM processor clocked at 1.9GHz.

For a bit more oomph, the 13-inch Chromebook 2 is powered by an Exynos 5 Octa 5800 running at 2.0GHz. The bump in performance comes with a bump in cost — $399. It’s only available in one colour, ‘titan gray’, and also features 4GB RAM and a 16GB SSD.

The Samsung Chromebook 2 is the first Chrome OS device to ship with so-called “bloatware” by coming pre-loaded with several applications and subscriptions that are aimed at offering ‘extra value’ to the user.

An ‘exclusive bonus case’ is being bundled with orders placed through the Samsung US online store prior to April 27.

Want in? More details can be found at the links below.

Samsung Chromebook 2 (11″) on Amazon US Samsung Chromebook 2 (13″) on Amazon US

Samsung Chromebook 2 Pre-order on Samsung US

  • gxoptg

    Eight-core? For Chromebook? Why?

    • eebrah

      Moar open tabs …. can’t wait to stick a desktop GNU/Linux on it though

      • Joseph Dickson

        Yep, Probably going to run into issues with compatibility. I wish these devices were more open.

        • calden74

          Why, just buy a normal laptop if choice of OS is your goal. When was the last time you saw a ARM based tablet that allowed alternative OS to be installed on it without the need for rooting or flashing.

          • Joseph Dickson

            Precisely why my most recent laptop purchase was a System76. (2012)

            Before that a self built desktop (2011).

    • serotheo

      With Asynchronous processing it’d offer more performance as well as battery savings by dropping down to lower power cores with any combination of powerful and conserving cores in between.

      • gxoptg

        Thanks! That’s the answer I wanted to hear.

    • Gary Graf

      My answer is why not

  • Kevin Gregg

    bloatware? dislike! (if you’re gonna add this crap, the price better be lower)

    • Gary Graf

      At least Airdroid is a useful app.

      • calden74

        Huh, there is no such thing as bloatware on a Chromebook, just delete the link to the ONLINE app in your app drawer if you don’t want to see it. Samsung provides free usage to online services not a physically installed application that bogs down the system, there is no such thing. Please spend a little time researching what a Chromebook actually is.

      • calden74

        Android isn’t a app.

        • Gary Graf

          Can you read? I said Airdroid, not android.

  • ap3604

    Good god that fake leather stitching is ugly…

  • Patrick Barnett

    The bloatware is concerning.

    • calden74

      ChromeBook’s don’t have installed apps their all web driven, so deleting one is like removing a link in your favourite’s tab, this isn’t such a big deal. Just do a PowerWash once you get one and it will remove everything.

  • Samer Serhan

    I kind of wish the 13.3 came in black, sucks. I went with the 11.6 just for that reason

    • Gary Graf

      for real?

      • calden74

        People really have a problem with doing research before posting, even when almost every picture of the 13.3 Samsung models show both a white and black version together. I blame the internet, rots their brains.

        • Gary Graf

          Did you even read the article?

  • larry rivarde

    a back-lit-keyboard would have convinced me to get the 13.3 inch for $399

    • calden74

      You will never see a backlit keyboard on a budget laptop like this. This is probably 20th comment I’ve seen about this and I have to ask what made you think otherwise, have you’ve ever seen a Windows laptop for under 500 dollars that had one.

  • cm

    Any idea when preorders go live for Best Buy? I would like to be able to use the trade in offer on one of these.