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ASUS To Release First Chromebooks In Early 2014


ASUS has confirmed plans to release its first Chromebooks in early 2014.

In a conference call to investors, Asustek CEO Jerry Shen announced that two new Chromebook products will ship worldwide towards the end of Q1 (spanning January through March) next year.

Rumours and industry reports have long hinted that the Taiwanese PC maker would expand into more computing areas, such as Chromebooks and smartphones, as a way to offset a sharp decline in its traditional Windows-based PC business.

According to The Taipei Times, the company’s first set of Chromebooks will consist of a 11.6″ model priced at US$199 and a larger 13.3″ version set to retail for US$249.

Could these new ASUS notebooks account for the mysterious Tegra 4 and Baytrail-powered devices recently unearthed in Chromium code commits?

Time, as always, will tell. For now, no further details, specs or info on the devices have been made available.

ASUS Chromebox

While we’re on the subject of ASUS, you may remember than an ASUS-branded Chromebox was one of several (then new) Chrome OS-powered devices to be shown off at the Intel Developer Forum 2013 back in September.

Unfortunately for anyone out there hotly anticipating its release, these latest rumblings fail to shed any new light on when or what to expect.

  • Yorick Smilda

    Are there any specs of these chrome book, more than only the resolution?

    • As in the article: “For now, no further details, specs or info on the devices have been made available.”

    • Jon A.

      You know the resolution? Man, I only know the size…

  • FirstLine

    I’m interested in the ASUS-branded Chromebox. I hope it can be VESA mounted.

  • Make them, thin and light, with Inter Atoms, and 4GB DDR3 ram minimum, and an SSD drive.

    • defacid

      What are you going to use 4GB of RAM for in a Chromebook? It barely utilizes the 2GB that most of the models have.

  • I’m not happy with any of the Chromebook offerings apart from the mega expensive ‘Pixel’, which is a fine machine.

    • LS650

      I agree: I think it’s great that there are several ‘affordable’ choices (I have a Samsung XE303) but I think there is definitely a place for a higher tier machine: a faster processor with 4GB, higher res screen, better web cam, etc.

      Just make sure it has a 6+ hour battery life!

  • almo

    Google just wants to sell the chromebooks with different manufactures and in different form factors but all with pretty much the same specs, besides the pixel.
    Just add more more power and improve the Os for the love of god!!!!

  • JusticeL

    I hope the 13.3 model does 1600 x 900 resolution with a haswell processor. I am sick of arm processors. I have the Samsung 3 Chromebook. I love it, but wish it had more power.

    • Gyula Maco

      Sick of ARM processor? Why, because it dos not need fan to cool the CPU? So, you don’t have to worry to cover the vent-hole? Yes, power vise on the light side, we just have to wait for a faster one. :-) I am more concern about the screen resolution. So far almost all Chromebook have crappy screes and I am crying for a illuminated keyboards.

  • Yvan Philogène

    If Acer managed to propose a C720 Haswell 11″ chromebook at 249$, I can’t see how Asus will sell something similar at 199$. I mean, it will be probably running on a cheaper CPU, either Bay Trail or AMD.

    Taking a look at the Transformer T100 Bay Trail 32Gb at 349$, remove 16Gb of SSD (-50$), remove Windows 8 (-50$), remove touch screen (-50$). Ok, it makes 199$.

    I’ve been waiting for the 13.3″ model for so long, but I’m just worried about what we are going to get for 249$.

    • wsoul1

      Asus began as and is a hardware manufacturer. It’s much cheaper to build products with your own components. The only thing Acer manufactured on their machine is the shell.

  • Mehmed

    There are some news about Intel Cherry Trail/Airmont. we will see it 3Q 2014. I think most of the Chromebooks will switch to them by then. 2,7 Ghz, 1600 dual lpddr3 (27 gb/s) and 14nm

  • davidlt

    Samsung is not releasing a new Chomebook, but we know that there will be a new one in 2014. In addition to that 14nm FinFET Exynos (6?) AArch64 (ARMv8) chips. Actually there will be two, the first one with A53/A57 cores and the next one with their own designed cores. If Samsung releases 14nm FinFET Exynos 6 (ARMv8) with 3-4GB, that’s what I am buying.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Confirmed at the 13.3” form factor? Glad I waited on this latest round of machines. Barring something unforeseen, like horrendous reviews, I have my next chromebook. I’ve got nothing but respect for Asus products.

  • andreas.arambasic

    The 11 inch one with Tegra 4 and 6-7 hours battery life and a USB charger like the HP one. Thank you.

  • Justin

    An ASUS Chromebook would be perfect. Just take my money now pls.

  • Gerardo

    Since my parents have now officially confiscated my Samsung ARM Chromebook I’ll wait eagerly for ASUS take on this wonderful project. I’m particularly interested in the 13.3″ form factor.

  • Gyula Maco

    Unless ASUS new Chromebook does not offer something new, like higher resolution screen, illuminated keyboard, touch screen, more memory or larger storage, then I’ll just wait. Same thing I wish for the rumored new Samsung Chromebook. What is the point to have so many pretty much the same spec devices anyway? Not counting the Pixel of course.

  • seancaldwell

    Hello Asus chromebook and chromebox, where are you? Any update on release dates? I have school that wants to buy a couple dozen chromebooks and chromeboxes and would like to point them toward these offerings. Adn can’t seem to find Chromeboxes made by anyone for sale at this point in January 2014.