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Google Makes It Official: New Haswell Chromebooks Are On The Way


After months of speculation Google has finally confirmed what we all knew: Haswell-powered Chromebooks are coming – and they’re coming en masse!

Along with new-look Chromebooks from Acer and HP, Toshiba and ASUS will also be entering the fray with their take on a Chrome OS portable.

These new Chromebooks will be powered by Intel’s Haswell line of processors – most notably used in the recent Macbook Air refresh.

Haswell brings a number of exciting benefits to Chromebook users including, most importantly for an ‘on-the-go’ device, 2X the battery life of current Intel-powered line of Chromebooks.

2 Of The New Chromebooks

Two of the ‘new’ line of Chromebooks – the 14.1″ inch HP Chromebook 14 & the thin 11″ ‘New’ Acer Chromebook – are listed on the Google Chromebook mini-site.

Along with some larger images of the devices there are also some short specifications on their size, weight and battery life.


ASUS Chromebox

Alongside news of more Chromebooks also came word of something that few were expecting: a new Chromebox.

The initial wave of Chromeboxes, reports suggest, sold very poorly in comparison to Chromebooks. So ASUS’ intention to pimp it up is interesting – could it finally be the Chrome PC that takes off?


  • PKM 200

    They will make good Ubuntu machines :)

  • Nice to see more OEMs picking up Chrome OS.

  • What does this have to do with Ubuntu?

  • Grumplestiltskin

    Can someone explain to me the point of a Chromebox? Why would anyone need a more powerful, yet less mobile piece of hardware to run Chrome OS?

    • Sam Hollis

      I’ve thought about getting one for my grandmother. It allows for more horsepower while also being easily put on a desk to be plugged into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

      • Steve

        This. It also benefits by being virtually impossible to break and requiring no regular maintenance on my part.

    • Yvan Philogène

      Chromebox is perfect for kiosk usage, call centers and internet cafes.

    • Ilja

      My problem exactly. For real productivity I have my laptop; other circumstances and a tablet is a far more portable option, even with a separate keyboard.

  • Andreas Arambasic

    Ah. I expected Asus to make a solid Chromebook. But oh well. The Acer seems fine too. And the Toshiba one looks also solid. Can’t wait for price, specs and release information. I’m really into buying one of these machines :)

  • Brian Ober

    Do you know if the Acer version has a fan? Also what about an Samsung ARM refresh, any word?

    • There is a new Samsung ARM Chromebook on the way – Octa-based

      • Brian Ober

        any clue as to when?? I saw rumors back in May about this, but all high level rumor stuff…

        • dinmor

          Samsung said there won’t be any new Chromebooks from them this year. I suspect sometime next spring.

  • The new Chromebook by Acer is thicker, heavier and low in storage than Air. I think folks are willing to pay reasonable amount of greens for reasonably quality of product. Pixel is a great device but it is outrageously priced.

    • kristo

      At least the Samsung’s screen produces shàrp letters.

  • So my ARM based Chrome is obsolete now.

    …wait…no it’s not XD it’s Chrome! It’s only obsolete the moment Chrome itself dies! HAHHA

    • A refreshed Samsung ARM Chromebook is on the way ;)

      • Doesn’t matter.

        I don’t think I’ve heard “Chromebooks end of lives are…” and then a date as I would with say a Windows machine or a mac.

        that was my point.

      • How long until I’ll have to wait for that? Any chance to be available by the first week of October? I read on TIME that a second generation was not likely this year.

  • I just want to add what I think about the future of Chromebooks:

  • James Sarino

    Anyone want to buy my “old” Acer C7 Chromebook so I can get the newer one when it comes out? :D

    • RobotiChris

      How much? lol

  • koqelol

    this is just awesome..

    The reason I didnt buy a Chromebook from the start is because of slow Atom processors and been waiting it all this time for a Haswell line of processors.

    Now show me the price and i’ll order one….. after i see what Asus got for us. :)

    • Sean Lumly

      Seconded. I’m really excited for these machines. EDIT: I update my preference. I really like the Acer chromebook. The battery life (if accurate) is perfect, the weight is good, and the device looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to what Asus has in store (if anything), but I would easily pay double for a chromebook that looks like their Asus Zenbook Infinity (UX301)!

  • Hamzah Jamad

    can it play aaa title video games?… lol

    • Joel

      yes but that’s ubuntu Linux lol

  • i’m sure chromeOS has it’s place, but is it easy to get a linux distro like ubuntu or mint onto these things, and if so, how is the hardware support?

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Meh, with Crouton it’s not hard but if you want this you should buy an Intel NUC; no hassle with a small SSD and such.

    • Curtis Mitchell

      crouton is a good solution to a lightweight Ubuntu variant if you don’t mind lack of security. The bootloader is kind of funky but there have been several Linux communities that have sprung up around tinkering with these things so more and more distros are becoming available. Support is fairly great as long as you’re Intel chipped. ARM results have been mediocre but I’ve been happy with my Linux build which I keep on a flash card.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Ahh, an Asus Chromebox? I will be watching that closely. Just as I had settled on going for a chromebox as a desktop solution, they stopped being available.

    Will want some deets on that HP Chromebook. I want a larger screen but I need some bells and whistles.

  • captainkirk

    I was about to get a current Chromebook a couple of weeks back until I heard about these. Going to wait and see which of the new ones I like best but looking forward to joining the Chromebook revolution and may get a Chromebox as well.

  • I LOVE my chromebook.

  • Harrison Pace

    I just noticed how similar the Toshiba Chromebook looks to the Samsung 550. Really interested why press release was not issued for all three, I guess Toshiba may come to the market later? Looks somewhat promising though, here’s hoping for a good track-pad and good keyboard and I’m pretty much sold…

  • Sean Lumly

    As lovely as these Chromebooks are, it would be even better if there was an official user-install-able version of ChromeOS. I understand that there are logistical problems with hardware drivers, but it would be amazing on devices like the gorgeous Acer Zenbook Infinity.

    For now, at least we have pre-rolled distributions of Chromium OS, though I’m not sure if the OS updates automatically, or is as secure as ChromeOS is.

    • Charles L, these are developer builds that you can try- pretty much everything is striped out and it has more drivers and supports more hardware, but it is chrome/chromium OS.

      • Sean Lumly

        Thanks Charles!

    • Shriram Bhat

      its ASUS and not ACER

      • Sean Lumly

        Thanks for the correction!

  • corentin barré

    when toshiba’s chromebook come ? I want it for chrismas day…but don’t news about toshiba specs and date.