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Toshiba Chromebook Goes On Sale For $279/£249

Toshiba Chromebook Texture

The Toshiba Chromebook has a textured case

The new Toshiba Chromebook is now available to buy in the UK and North America – ahead of its original street date. 

A number of stores in the US have the device in stock, including national retailer Micro Center and online giant Amazon US, for one cent shy of $280 – a saving of $19 on Toshiba’s RRP.

At this discounted price the Toshiba is a compelling purchase. For comparison, the HP Chromebook 11, which is less powerful, has a shorter battery life (6 hours vs. 9 hours) and a smaller (if better) screen, is currently listed at $279 on Amazon.

United Kingdom

It’s not just North America that’s being graced with the Celeron-powered notebook. Pre-orders have also gone live in the United Kingdom.

The ‘sunray silver‘ coloured notebook can be pre-ordered on Amazon UK for £249 with free P&P with an ‘expected’ release date of February 10.

Toshiba is also selling the device direct on their website and over the phone.

Buy Toshiba Chromebook on Amazon UK

  • The HP 11’s screen is brighter, IPS, and has a higher pixel density. Those things matter, too. I’d rather have them than a larger screen, which is why I bought the HP. It could use a bit more RAM and processing power, but I’m able to do everything I need to with only a tiny bit of lag when working on a 110k word document while playing music and having GMail and an RSS app open. Works for me, and I can wait for the eventual mid-level Chromebooks and the next “designed with Google” machine. This one also has a great keyboard.

  • Chris

    I have a samsung series 550 which is now in need of an upgrade due to heavy use. As a student I primarily use google docs and research etc. Tempted by what I’ve always considered the sweet spot of sizes 13.3, but worried about the 2gb ram? Coming down from a 4gb ram. Unsure as to whether this will be able to meet the level of performance of my current samsung. Intrigued by the 9hr battery life as well.

    • MrMiketheripper

      I’ve got the Samsung Exynos 5 Chromebook with 2 gb of RAM and I do alot with mine with limited lag. 2gb is more than enough for google docs and researching stuff, at this point the only complaint I have with mine is the processor (it’s only a dual core processor and its starting to show its age)

      • serotheo

        Well the problem isn’t that its a Dual-core processor, the problem is that that’s the processor of a smartphone.

      • jsebean

        I haven’t had any issue with the processor as far as browsing and using apps, and I’m a tab junkie. If I have a lot of very heavy websites opened in a lot of tabs you may notice lag, but that is very rare and doesn’t seem out of line. However the one complaint I do have is the lack of HD support on youtube. 1080p youtube, heck even 720p just wont cut it, lags too much, I guess the GPU can’t keep up.

        • MrMiketheripper

          Again that’s my primary issue. I try not to keep many heavy websites open while using YouTube though

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      I’d go for the 14 inch HP Chromebook with 4 GiB of RAM if you have the 550 now. It also has decent battery life.

    • Edward Ashdown

      Sounds like it may be worth waiting for the new samsung chromebook which will replace the old one… rumoured to feature an octacore processor and 3GB’s ram.

      If you can’t wait, I’d personally go for the Acer C720 – lighter, cheaper. Although, if you need the battery and screen size, look at the HP 14, it’s only a tad bigger and heavier, but the battery is slightly better, screen is significantly better, and seems to pack a punch; for all that the extra $20 may be worth it…

  • Chuck Cortes

    More memory, why can’t they just add more memory? I know this is ChromeOS but we all know that more memory is always better and its not like its gonna cost an extra $100 for it.

  • Kenny Strawn

    An increased screen size makes absolutely zero sense to me if the resolution still stays the same. My Acer C720 has an 11.6-inch screen @ 1366×768, which is approximately 135 PPI, according to when the following is calculated in the JavaScript console:

    function calculatePPI(width, height, dim) {
    var screenPythag = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(width, 2)+Math.pow(height, 2));
    return screenPythag/dim;
    calculatePPI(screen.width, screen.height, 11.6);

    Make that final argument 13.3, and the reading becomes approximately 117.8 PPI. That pixel density is WAY too low… for me at least.

    • I personally do not understand the purpose in complaining as the device is $279.99. I am fine with pixels, and personally, I don’t expect a high pixel density out of my very low-cost device.

      However, there are those with certain needs such as bad vision that use high-density displays just for the sake of clearer picture quality.

  • Oleg Yaroshevych

    Weights more than 2kg, and only 2GB RAM? No, thanks

    • Alois

      For some people is 2GB RAM enough but i want to get 4GB version for Linux, cause chrome OS sux in some ways.

  • jsebean

    Does Canada get some love with this chromebook?

  • EWilliams1914

    Does everything need to look like a Macbook Air? I mean really. This is why I like lenovo, at least they try to do something different.

  • Zactu

    It is a nice machine, however, all these should have at least 4GB RAM min. I have a HP Chromebook 14 (4GB RAM) which performs very well and and has a better build quality than this Toshiba. I noticed some flex just about the trackpad. The HP Chromebook 14 is solid build.

  • Wildnorth

    What a disappointment. Was hoping for a machine with 4 gig of RAM and a better screen. Just another cheap-assed sub $300 machine here folks. Nothing to see here…….move along….move along.

    • Efjay

      Forgive my ignorance, but wasn’t the point of Chrome OS was that it didn’t need the latest bells and whistles hardware – thus cheaper machines? If I had to spend say £300, I might as well by a full PC and just install the Chrome browser. Or am I missing something?

  • jason

    I recently bought this laptop and it’s far better than the other chromebooks IMO.


    1. The SD card goes all the way in the slot (no other chromebooks I tried out have a full sd card slot like the Toshiba, the cards on the Acer/Hp/Samsung always stick out which suck when you want to move the laptop around or case it)! You can easily add more storage space via a SD card without voiding your warranty by putting in a bigger SSD Drive.

    2. No fingerprints! The interior and outside of the Toshiba isn’t a fingerprint magnet! The trackpad isn’t either.

    • Efjay

      Now you’ve had it a little while, do you recommend it? I’m torn between the Toshiba and the HP 14. I love the look of the Toshiba, not keen on the colours of the HP 14 or the white keyboard. I’m not interested in the HP 11 as I’ve heard it and the Samsung ARM machines are slow. The Acer I just don’t like.

  • Kevin Burns

    I’m torn between this and the HP 11. The specs on this Toshiba sound perfect, but there are two problems: one, I use a Toshiba notebook as my ‘main’ desktop computer, it’s exactly the same form factor but black and 17″. The repetition might be cute… But the Google-designed aesthetic of the 11 is just so irrespirable. I played with one (a black one, strangley, good though) at a UK store yesterday and it was wonderful to look at and use.

    And the 11’s display blew me away. My current Toshiba has a sub optimal display, not bad but just not IPS, and my Nexus has shown me the value of a great display. But I can’t ignore the outdated hardware inside it.

  • a.d.AM

    Im just patiently waiting for the announce of the samsung octa core chromebook.