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Toshiba Chromebook Officially Unveiled



After a bit of a premature start last month, Toshiba has officially unveiled their first Chromebook.

Toshiba’s new Chromebook includes a 13.3-inch screen at a common 1366×768 resolution. Like other Chromebooks, the Toshiba device is powered by a Haswell Intel Celeron 2955U processor clocking in at 1.4GHz.

Specs in Summary

  • 13.3-inch screen (1366×768)
  • Intel Celeron 2955U @ 1.4GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB SSD
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • SD Card Reader
  • HDMI Out

The Chromebook weighs 3.3 pounds and Toshiba are expecting up to 9 hours of battery life out of their first Chromebook. The larger screen size will appeal to some, but the run-of-the-mill 2GB of RAM and 16GB SSD make Toshiba’s first effort a rather middling affair – replete with grey plastic masquerading as aluminium. On the other hand, Samsung may have much bigger plans for their ARM Chromebook on the horizon.

The Toshiba Chromebook will retail for $279 in the US and will be available starting February 16. That puts the device at the same price point as HP’s somewhat troublesome Chromebook 11 and $20 cheaper than one of our favourites of 2013, the HP Chromebook 14.

  • Sean Lumly

    This looks like a GREAT Chromebook option! The price is certainly right and the specs are great as well. Most existing Chromebooks are similar to netbooks in size, and something with a larger screen and keyboard (though still low weight) would be very welcome. The battery life seems great, and the performance should be good as well.

    The resolution could be better, but it’s not a deal-breaker to me.

    I’m still keeping an eye out for the Samsung Chromebook and the Chromebooks of other manufacturers, but provided that the reviews are good, this is at the top of my list.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    I still might be interested if we are able to easily socket our own RAM and hard drives. As jazzed as I was for the Toshiba and its reported 13.3” screen though (just the right size for me), 2 GB of RAM and hideous 1366×768 resolution just is not for me.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      *sigh*. Have you ever used ChromeOS on a Chromebook/Chromebox? Honestly the 2GB samsung model I had (I have the HP now) didn’t EVER run slow. The only way I got it to it’s knees was to play 10 YouTube videos all at the same time and have about ~25 other tabs with gifs open.

      WIth normal daily use I never got the feeling it was slow, and I’m used to Linux machines that are very rapid.

      The resolution is meh. 1366×768 on a 13 inch screen is not so bad though, it would be very bad on a 27 inch screen, I agree with that.

      • Joe Montfort

        I too have found the Samsung’s “puny” specs to work just fine. As for the resolution, at what is normal viewing distance for me, 1366 x 768 on a 13″ screen works fine, too. I’m still doing 1280 x 800 on an old MacBook roughly that size.

        If all things were equal, great gobs of memory, blazing CPUs, and pixel-packed displays would be great, but they add cost and power consumption that are sometimes greater than the practical benefit. In a sub-$300 notebook, I’m fine with “good enough.”

        • Boothy

          Now it’s very probably the CPU, but I had the current Sammy Chromebook with 2GB, but found that to be slow at times, so upgraded to the Series 550 (dual cereron, 4GB) and it flies, absolutely kills everything I through at it (25+ windows, tabs, panels).

    • Jake Russo

      As the other replyer stated, 2gb is plenty for a chromebook! You have to remember that the entire OS is basically a chrome browser and thus there is nothing else that is eating away at the memory but the tabs you are using.

      • Gyula Maco

        Is it only me….? Everybody talks about 2 GB memory is plenty,
        for what? Browsing the net, sure, but like me, I am using my Chromebook heavily running
        offline applications, running and storing videos, look up pictures, reading eBooks, listening music etc. and the 2 GB memory bearably keeps up and the
        16 GB SSD is maxing out. Today you can do much more than just brows the
        net. Today’s Chromebook is much more versatile as was before.

        • If you’re using your Chromebook for things not on the web, you might as well buy a laptop instead of whining.

          • Gyula Maco

            Hmm… because I am trying to leave Windows behind and because I am exploring the limits of Chromebook for you is a no-no. Sorry your comment doesn’t make any sense.

          • Whoops! I replied to the wrong comment!

  • Momus

    Does it have an anti-glare/ matte screen or is it another glossy-glare?
    (Some laptops have also glossy-glare base and bezel nowadays and people buy them anyway, Anybody can explain?)

  • TrOuBLeDbOy

    any chance there will be a 4gb ram version?

    • No need. At all. Unless you’re running a Linux distro, ChromeOS runs really smooth on just 2GB of RAM.

      • TrOuBLeDbOy

        i heard the samsung chromebook lags when streaming video

        • I have a Series 3 Samsung and an Acer C720. The Acer will play videos fine, the Samsung doesn’t really. It has nothing to do with RAM (Both have 2GB), it’s all about the processor and GPU.

          The series 3 CB’s uses the Exynos ARM architecture, which is really designed for smartphones. The C720 uses the Haswell architecture from Intel, which is much more powerful and has Intel HD graphics which are surprisingly good for Intergrated graphics chips.

          • TrOuBLeDbOy

            since you have a chromebook already can i ask you a question? Can you watch movies on primewire? i mean does the chromebook have all the plugins or codecs or whatever to make that work?

          • PrimeWire just looks like some crappy file host. You can check this page ( for codec compatibility.

  • Gyula Maco

    Size of 13″ screen is nice, but other then that nothing new. They really should have bumped up the specification, perhaps an illuminating keyboard, or touchscreen would have been good, but better resolution for sure.

  • John Scott

    Chromebooks won’t sell with better hardware because the OS just does not define a user who needs more hardware. Chrome OS is beyond being anything then a cheap netbook married to Google.

    • Gyula Maco

      Yes and no. I for example read a lot of articles using my Samsung Chromebook. I really could use a better screen. Also I have used tablet which means touchscreen. Once you get into the touching habit it is hard to re-learn. I found myself touching the screen without thinking. My next Chromebook deferentially will be a touchscreen. My hope is for the new Samsung Chromebook for 2014 that may bring new breed or just get an Acer.

  • Perfect Chromebook: Neat design, Haswell processor, 4 GB of RAM, 13-inch display.

    • Rodrigo “Rod” Montaleao

      It’s 2Gb.