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Samsung ARM Chromebook Refresh Slated for 2014

samsung-series-3-chromebook-tileThe much anticipated refresh to the ever popular Samsung Series 3 Chromebook will be arriving in 2014, according to BusinessKorea.

The successor to Samsung’s current Series 3 ARM Chromebook looks to be a significant upgrade using the new Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor and a newer Mali-T628 GPU.

The device is rumoured to have a whopping 2560×1600 resolution (just shy of the Chromebook Pixel’s resolution) packed into a 12-inch screen or smaller.

The updated Samsung Chrombook will also have 3GB of RAM and somewhere between 16 and 32GB SSD storage. The update will be priced around the $250–$300 range.

2012 vs. 2014 Series 3 Chromebook


Samsung have said they will not be introducing any new laptops at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), so don’t get too excited just yet. But if you’ve been holding out for the much anticipated update to the ARM Chromebook, the significant jump in stats at an affordable price will certainly be worth the wait.

  • MrMiketheripper

    Well this certianly looks interesting :D

  • Wesley Files

    This sounds too good to be true. Even if the screen remained the same (from brightness and contrast standpoint) and the build quality and keyboard where the same, I’d still think this was a hell of sweet package for $300.

    • I just don’t see a machine with a pixel density of 250 ppi selling for $300. I’d be shocked if that’s the correct price.

  • Sean Lumly

    The Exynos 5420 performs the octane benchmark a good 60% faster than the Exynos 5250 found in the original Samsung Chromebook. It also has two extra cores, that should really help out with multiple tabs. The GPU is also roughly twice the performer (though I’m not certain the relevance this has for the web outside of WebGL). If that wasn’t enough, there is more memory, and faster bandwidth. This new chromebook should feel faster than the original Chromebook, and the price/resolution makes it an incredible value.

    I am glad I waited! I hope the reviews are good!

  • vs8

    Interesting, but my guess is that Chrome OS needs more ARM optimization. The current Samsung Chromebook should’t be as slow as it is. With that resolution, I don’t expect great performance without further optimization. But that’s just me guessing. So don’t take me seriously. :P

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Ahh hell, I would have been jazzed at 1440×900. Thank you for 16:10 Samsung!

  • Brandon Watkins

    My new Chromebook! I’ve been waiting for this. Hopefully, they will have a backlet keyboard as well.

  • anondodo

    it would make a nice cheap linux laptop

    • Charlie Du

      I beg to differ. From past experience the ARM based machines are an absolute pain running linux due to the lack of ARM support on crucial day to day applications

      • ta2025

        Like? Exactly what apps will you not be able to run on Linux that you could run on ChromeOS under ARM?

        • José Carrizo

          I think he means wiping out chrome os from it and installing ubuntu or something else

          • Charlie Du

            No no. I’m talking about dual booting Chromeos

        • Charlie Du

          Not under Chromeos. As in. Imagine 2 chromebooks. Both running linux. The intel variant will have a much more easy time getting all the apps to work.

  • ubiaram

    I hope we get an announcement soon. Don’t wanna wait till Nov with fancy ad introduction again.

  • Johny

    WOW 16:10 ratio! I hate 16:9 stupid ratio.

  • davidlt

    Ach, it’s nice to have an update finally, but I always hoped for Exynos 6 (ARMv8/AArch64) and 4GB RAM. They just announced LPDDR4 (finally 4GB of RAM with higher bandwidth). This is probably for the next update.

  • Basem

    Somehow I don’t think this is right, especially with that resolution (retina display at $250 – $300, plus a more powerful processor?). If the specs are right, then you are looking at $500 at least (Samsung don’t sell their products cheaper, as do Acer). I can see it being at that price if it comes at the same resolution but with a bumped up processor (that processor should give more than adequate performance). It’s possible that a more expensive touch-screen mid-range Chromebook would be made available, with that display; if that is true, then you are looking at $500+

    • Yeah, I can’t see that screen happening at that price. I can’t use a Chromebook because of my needs. I’ve looked into it. That’s how I know about this site. But with a screen that good at that price, I’d look really really hard for some workarounds. I’d guess $450 minimum.

      I do think those specs were the point of the Pixel, to show what Google wanted the manufacturers to aim for. Midrange Chromebooks are necessary for the concept to really work longterm, I think.

    • Bob Magilica

      Yeah, I feel the same way. They’re making this new chromebook amazing but the price is so low.

  • akks

    great hope worldwide launch soon

  • if the specs and price turn out to be accurate, my god this is going to be an amazing device.

  • Fred .

    Wow really nice resolution, and really nice with 16:10 aspect ratio!

  • Kenny Strawn

    2560×1600 is also the resolution of the Nexus 10… which we know is cheap compared to competing tablets despite having such a high resolution. Thanks to the display technology powerhouse that is Super-PLS, of course.

    I wonder if Samsung actually has plans to being Super-PLS to its Chromebook line as well… Yup, talk about a Mac-killer.

  • Edward Wilcock

    Just a little early for the new Samsung Chromebook but am delighted with the No 3 I use now.
    Gives me everything I need in the areas I work. The rear Sockets and Stiff Lid are trivial matters
    For an excellent machinem it is CHEAP and with future improvments they are a bargain. Samsung and
    Google Chrome are a pwerful force and will continue to lead the pack.