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Do These Recent Trademark Filings by LG Hint At New Chrome Devices?

imagesRecent trademark filings by LG appear to show that new Chrome OS devices are on the way.

The Korean electronics company has made three trademark requests to IP Australia, the country’s official trademark and intellectual property organisation, for the following terms:

  • ‘ChromeOne’
  • ‘ChromeStation’
  • ‘ChromeDesk’

All three trademarks are filed under Class 9. This covers a wide range of consumer electronics, including (but not limited to) laptop, tablet and convertible computers, TV receivers, and phones.

News of the applications, which were made last week, was picked up by Australian blog Trademark Watch.

What For?

So what could they be for? That remains a mystery. No logos, designs or other information is provided with the trademark requests, which are listed as ‘Pending’ and ‘Taken for Examination’.

But we do know that LG are no stranger to Google-backed devices. Along with the Nexus 4 Android smartphone, the company has also been a strong supporter of Google-powered smart TVs.

Could one (or even all) of the trademarks relate to a device with Chromecast-like feature built in?

Time, as always, will reveal all.

  • ‘ChromeOne’ -a phone
    ‘ChromeStation’ – a tablet or gaming system
    ‘ChromeDesk’ – desktop

    • Actually..I wonder if the chromedesk could be one of those desks that’s also a computer.

    • Yvan Philogène

      I would say:
      – ChromeOne: A netbook
      – ChromeStation: A netbox
      – ChromeDesk: A nettop

      I don’t expect LG to be too much innovative here :)

      • Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin

        ChromeOne = netbook makes little sense, it already has a name — Chromebook. Google would probably object to a different name, and I think it’d also be in LG’s interest to ride the existing brand rather than invent a new name.

  • MaitreyaVyas

    Seems exciting. ;)

  • Devon Garber

    ChromeDesk sounds like a desktop computer.

  • Brian Mosley

    ChromeStation – maybe/hopefully it is a docking station for a phone and/or tablet. Would be great to have a chrome tablet or phone.

  • Zack Lucard

    If only chrome computers had decent hardware. Then I could dual boot with another OS and have perfect Linux computer.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Like an i5, 4GB of RAM and stuff like that? You can run chrubuntu or something like that on the Samsung ARM chromebook.

      Then again the other way round might be easier: Have a desktop machine that has Linux and chromium OS (which is the open version of Chrome OS).

    • joedoe47

      lol you mean like the chromebook pixel?
      core i5
      4 gig ram
      32/64 gig ssd
      full of dual boot

      I have also heard of a chromebox from samsung that is a core i5 but it is 500 bucks.

  • student104

    one of the worst things about the chromebooks is their wimpy hard drives… yes i know they want to be more ‘cloud based’ but not everyone is always online… Only cell phones and tablets can be online 100% of the time… not even then! imma wait until i can get my hands on legit google chrome os and install it to my laptop…

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Good luck with that… The closest you can get is by building Chromium from source for your architecture.

      Google Chrome OS will ONLY be built for Google built (or Google partners like Samsung and HP) devices

      • David G

        Agreed. So far the only close thing is Hexxeh’s Chromium OS which was last updated April of 2013. It’s pretty good, but seems to lag in a VM set for 2GB of ram and 2 cores from a Sandy Bridge i5 cpu. I may try a short bare metal install on a test box to see how it performs.

  • Taylor

    What do I do?????!!!!! Buy the Chromebook 14 with 4 gigs of ram or wait for this!!?

    • Taylor

      LG could come out with the perfect Chromebook or something I really don’t care for like a Chromebox…

  • David G

    Considering the good work LG has done with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, this sounds like a logical step for LG to keep making a positive name for itself.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Well, “ChromeOne” “ChromeStation” and “ChromeDesk” all seem like internal code name filings that point towards, oh, I don’t know, an all-in-one desktop… Like the Chromebase!