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Don’t Like Chrome’s Revamped New Tab Page? Here’s How Switch Back to The Old Design

We said it was likely to happen and now it has. As of Chrome 33 the option to switch back has been removed. Why not try an alternative New Tab Page?

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 19.08.46

Google Chrome’s new ‘New Tab page’ finishes rolling out to everyone today – but what happens if you don’t like the new look? Is it possible to ‘turn it off’?

Thankfully it is. In this post I’ll show you how to restore it without the need to add extensions or fiddle around with bookmarks.

Switch Back to Old Chrome New Tab page

1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome

2. Copy and paste the following into the Chrome omnibox (the URL bar) and hit enter:


3. Turn off the ‘Instant Extended API’  by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting the ‘Disable’ option.

4. Click the ‘Relaunch Chrome’ button that appears towards the bottom of the window.

You should now see the familiar giant speed dial of the pre-change New Tab Page:

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 22.15.06


Google may remove or disable the option to ‘switch off’ the latest version of the NTP at some point in the future. So far there’s nothing to suggest that they will do this but the chance remains.

  • carlo coppa

    Too bad it is not available for Linux, but it was so hard …!

    • Michał Gałężewski

      You can run Chrome with –enable-instant-extended-api flag :)

  • FirstLine

    The new tab page leaves out functionality. I want my Recently Closed page accessible. The new tab page revisions always gets worse and worse. I’d also would like to have the ability to pin bookmarks back.

    • someone

      I found my recently open tabs in the history.

    • Click the ‘hot dog’ icon (the three lines) and you’ll find ‘recently closed’.

      • FirstLine

        Unfortunately, that action goes to a URL instead of reviving a lost tab.

        • Bob Smith

          Use the “History” drop down menu

      • Alex

        now I’m getting hungry ;)

        And by the way, google shifted from undesigned smart, functional apps to nicely looking “click 2-times more” apps (youtube, black bar etc). Disappointing…

        thanks for the tip, i close my pages too often, so recently closed on new tab is really usefull for me

  • Trevonn David

    Solutions like this always pop up, but in the end it’s temporary and pointless, since the problem is not going to go away. You might as well just learn to deal with new tab page.

    • [RYOUGI]

      But it seems there’s long way to go. beta and canary channel still have the old style new tab page as default.

    • Bob Smith

      No, the solution is to never use programs that don’t give you a choice

  • MaitreyaVyas

    Ability to remove previous visited sites is not there… :/ Too bad they removed apps page I know App launcher fill that gap but still it was nice to have it.

  • someone

    Afaik this new new tab page has the ability to include your preferred search engine instead of Google. I’m waiting for DuckDuckGo to support this feature. :)

    • someone

      … or is there already someone out there who knows how to enable any search engine within this new tab?

  • deepr

    Awesome, thanks!

  • thanks!

  • Great tip! The second I saw the new tab yesterday I immediately began looking for a fix. This did the trick, even if only for a little while. Thanks for sharing!

  • Charlie Val

    What’s so bad about it? I like the new layout.

    • jacobgkau

      I don’t like having the recent tabs and other devices menus moved, as I use those more than any of Google’s apps or services that they put on the new layout. Yes, I could use a drop-down menu, but by the time I got used to it they might just change it again. Also, I don’t think the bookmarks bar is shown in the new one either. I liked having the bookmarks bar in the new tab page, even when it wasn’t over all my pages.

    • jacobgkau

      I don’t mean to spam by responding twice, but I just thought of a couple more things. Firstly, the new page’s pinned sites are smaller. Also, it’s pointless having a search bar in the new layout, since the onmibar’s search feature was one of Chrome’s key selling points in the first place!

  • Huhuhu… Thanks!

  • Peter Akporume


  • Jess

    Yep, the ‘recently closed’ tabs is so useful, I would have missed it dearly! Thanks!

  • Garus

    The problem is that the ability to revert to the old new tab page is likely to be removed soon. You really should consider a new tab replacement extension like StartHQ as a long term solution:

    A bit more info here:

  • Pebble Dash

    Works on Comodo Dragon, Just making me think how NON googled dragon actually is

  • Tor Med Hammeren

    The new update is really bad! Why change the new tab interface when it was working great before??

    My review of the new update:
    – It sucks
    – It’s much slower.
    – Thumbnails are too small, and doesn’t give correct history
    – The whole page looks just plain ugly with the huge search area
    – All the quick links are gone, replaced with a two click app..

    Actually, all the reason for using Chrome instead of Firefox is gone with this update.

  • taylor brown

    I’m surprised no one else has a problem with opening a new tab and having all of those most visited sites just visible for anyone using/borrowing your computer, or standing close enough to see. Eh hem, porn, cough… Seiously Google WTF at least make a setting to not show most visited sites on this f*cking screen. Thanks for this fix. Much better.

    • For porn, there is a special feature called Incognito mode. If you don’t use it, it is your problem.

      • taylor brown

        I am aware of incognito mode and that’s not what I want. I don’t mind it being in my history, I just don’t want it on display when I open a new tab, I don’t want any of the sites I’ve visited on display actually. I used porn as an example because that would be the best example of this and because I thought it would be funny. I just want a setting “Do not show most visited sites”. No too much to ask. I think Google should add it. Not really a problem either, there will be add-ons to hide this anyway so I will be able to, just think the smarts at Google should be able to figure out that some people may want to hide that section. Or I could always use one of the other browsers, that I don’t really like as much.

  • Sally

    Didn’t work for me. Using Windows 8 and Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69 m

  • Geezzzz

    “Google may remove or disable the option“ Did it.

    • w

      Yep.. it worked for me a couple days ago, but not anymore

      • Kostas Vrouvas

        Still works for me, maybe you need to change it again after an update.

  • fm55

    Thank you for this – I do not want an apps button – surely an improvement should mean less work. If it comes back again I am off chrome for good.

    Appreciate your expertise

    • Phark q2

      Click on the wrench icon. Click Run in incognito. No more History. No more thumbnails. No more problems…………

  • Bob Smith

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t know why there isn’t a simple toggle on preferences to keep anyone looking over my shoulder from seeing the sites I visit. I don’t know why “they” assume everyone wants or needs an unnecessary, time, resource and space wasting app like this. Everyone has different systems, ISPs and needs. Some of us have very limited internet and computer capabilities but are smart enough to organize and file our bookmarks. Remember the acronym “KISS” “Keep It Simple Stupid!” That’s what we liked about Google and Chrome in the first place. Don’t junk it all up like Safari, Explorer or Firefox or I’ll have to try Opera again!

  • Tomislav Ivan Flis

    Thank you very much!

  • Marc

    Thank you very much!!

  • yoshi

    thank you so much!!!

  • SS

    thanks for this! after searching 10 other sites you had the answer i was looking for!!!!! google should make it easier to turn this function off.

  • Denso

    Really useful, thanks. Porn webwistes were appearing in the new tab page, which was obviously awk at times.

  • roberta

    ty ty ty I had too many shortcuts on the apps screen that I used on a daily basis that I was already sick of hunting for or having an extra click to try to remember. I had been avoiding the upgrade but had to finally reboot last night & it updated on it’s own. And when it rebooted with the new chrome, my 7 tabs I had open (for weeks) were not there…they didn’t show up when I finally found the recently closed link.
    I had finally trained my parents to use the app page & they were complaining a few weeks ago about not being able to find it….now I know what they were talking about.

  • Joe Doe

    thanks thanks thanks!

  • Sarah

    OMG thank you so much! I was getting so frustrated I wanted to throw my laptop out of the window! Bored of everything constantly being upgraded! I like it the way it is! Why change what works?! If they must you should have an option first.
    Very greatful :-)

  • Jeff

    Doesn’t work for me

  • Zahra

    perfect! thank you
    that was not good Google! wht did u think to remove the restore tab?

  • D

    This didn’t work for me!!! There wasn’t even an option at the bottom to “relaunch Chrome”.

  • e

    worked perfectly, thank you!

  • Clayton Crawford

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much!!! sigh, I was about to freak out. I’m glad Google realizes that not everyone likes the changes, and provides the option to change it. Thanks again for helping us realize how. I love CHROME!!!

  • Rodrigo

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly what I was looking for. I love Chrome but the new ‘new tab page’ really sucks… now back to the much better previous one. Thanks again!

  • jamnoggin

    YAY! Thanks!
    I hate the relocation of the recent tabs into the settings.

  • Fatima Hasan

    YAY!!!!! I got what I wanted. THHHHHHAAAAAANNNNKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! :D

  • MikeC

    You Sir, are a Top Banana among Top Bananas

  • Janey

    Thank you!!!! I hate the new look and now I have the familiar one back!! Hope they don’t decide to block this or I might just abandon google for another search engine. Thanks again.

  • Anon

    Hello! Thanks for this, although I don’t mind the new design so much. What bothers me is that my ‘Recently closed’ tabs are now tucked away under settings/ options/ whatever. I really liked that it was easy to access in the earlier design. Is there a way to get only that component back without fully switching back to the old design?

    • Mike

      I agree with you 100%

  • Naj Kobe

    I LOVE YOU :D the new revamped page was just annoying me thank you so much

  • VW Traveller

    Thank you – why doesn’t google listen to it’s users? I was just about to remove CHROME and go back to Outlook :-)

    • Faceless Man

      Outlook is a browser!

  • Rima

    thanks a million you just made my day

  • Rasa


  • ehsan

    thank you very much :* <3

  • Dhiraj Reddy

    Thanks. This sucky feature would have eventually forced me to go to safari.

  • Emad Habib


  • Willowglow

    Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Thank you, been looking for this! Quick, easy and totally effective.

  • Pikachew

    THANK YOU. So happy to have quick access to my bookmarks again! and I don’t have to click the url bar to start typing! thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • disqusdick

    Did this a couple of weeks back and it worked just fine. Now it’s back, despite apparently being disabled…sigh

  • bowenmark

    Disabling Extended API doesn’t work anymore (Oct. 18th.)

    • Paul

      Yep, same for me!!! Any new fix. Who wants their history on the screen when opening a new tab! the fix no longer works. Same for me around October 18th or so the fix stopped working.

      • bowenmark

        Mousing over to the right edge shows an > symbol and the old new tab page is behind that.

        • Paul

          Yes, you are right and that was easy. Thanks.

  • Sam

    Nope, doesn’t bring back speed dial. All I have now is most visited pages ? (Oct 18th)

  • sludge

    The instructions above worked for me on Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 Mac OS. October 19, 2013.

  • preets

    That worked like magic :) Thanks (October 20-2013)

  • Ben

    Thank you very much Mate! really helpful page :) cheers

  • kromey

    Thank you! finally got rid of that damn chrome notification bell on my desktop thta i did not give permission to be there…lol

  • jenn

    Thank you!

  • Niedermeyer


  • Matúš Sedlák

    thank you very much

  • Spicolli

    Doesn’t work for me at all. Tried it multiple times, even restarted computer. All it does is remove the ‘Apps’ link in my bookmark bar. Still have the stupid new tab when I open a tab. Any ideas?

    • Jerzy

      In Chrome 33+ it has been disabled. You can still revert the old new tab page by installing Net Tab Redirect extension and poining it to chrome-internal://newtab.

  • Micah Vertal

    Thank you soooooo much. This helped me a lot.

  • Allminebunny

    OMG I absolutely love you for this!!!!!! You are a chrome saver!

  • kindwizzard

    Lord bless you!

  • More_than_My_Own_Life

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! My ‘most visited’ apps were super tiny & the ‘recently closed’ option was gone . . . glad to have it back to the old way!!

  • Snataas

    Thank Gods!!!

  • xshaneyx

    I actually like the new style new tab page a lot.
    Unfortunately, while I am now used to it on Chrome OS and Windows, I still have the old style one on linux.
    Still stuck with old style despite reading for some time that it was coming to linux.
    Google don’t seem to have much love at all for linux these days…

  • GAZ

    you BEAUTY

  • Tom R

    My problem with this extention is I can’t permanently delete it. it keeps worming its way back.
    have deleted it 4 times and within 2 to 3 weeks its nasty ass is back wrecking all the goggle shortcuts on my desktop. have had it with goggle chrome! are there any good web browsers out there?

  • Ernest

    I cant delete my recently closed tabs. Why its intrusion of privacy

  • john

    its working..thanks dude

  • Andrew

    Thanks, I’ve been trying to get this fixed for a while now.

  • Paul

    Chrome://flags used to work but now my damn history shows up again when I open another tab. My extended API is still set to disabled but my history is back again. Any fixes? Google you suck!

  • Em

    Thanks :)

  • Paul

    Well is anyone else experiencing that chrome://flags no longer works? My extended API is showing disabled and my history is again showing when I open a new tab. I don’t want it there!!!! Any other fixes!!! The fix below no longer works!!!!!

    • kristo

      Please do not shout, be calm and do not use ‘!’ too much. What do you mean by ‘history is showing’, in either old and new NTP ‘most visited’ is shown, history is not listed. The new NTP is only a different arrangement/depiction of the same stuff. What system are you on, disabling ‘extended API’ still works for me on XP+Chrome v30.0.1599.101

      • Paul

        Windows 7 and Version 30.0.1599.101 m . Extended API shows disabled but every time I hit open new tab my pages show where I have recently visited. For about a month it reversed to to the old view which I want which was the chrome://flags fix. The fix no longer works for me.. Now this horrible new view is back. I don’t want my history showing on the main screen when I open a new tab. Where and what is the add on others are talking about?

        • kristo

          For me the ‘old’ NTP ànd the new NTP show ‘recently visited’. I guess ‘old’ here is not old enough for what you want.

  • Erin

    Doing this disables other stuff too. “…extracting search query terms in the omnibox, a spruced-up omnibox dropdown and Instant previews of search results as you type in the omnibox.”

    Use the “New Tab Redirect” plugin instead. It works great and solves this whole problem.

    • kristo

      Just tested this and the ‘other stuff’ also/still works with ‘extended API’ off.

      • Erin

        Huh. others are reporting that it causes problems and/or they can’t disable it anymore.

        Either way, the New Tab Redirect plugin eliminates that whole concern. :)

  • ForeverSpn

    Alas, my old New Tab page!

    • No problem. Sadly, I can’t guarantee this will work for ever…

      • ForeverSpn

        That is the only thing worrying me, now! Lets just enjoy it, till it lasts!

  • a guy

    thank you so much

  • Callie

    Thank you!!!!

  • Toby

    Brilliant….I hated the ‘new’ page….it didn’t make sense

  • S0

    Thank you!!
    I hate how google ruins everything, it’s gettig worse and worse.

  • Scott

    Thank you so much, you are a legend,I was going insane trying to figure this out

  • Toph

    Thanks so much! I guess that’s what they wanted to add in the update. Hmm. Well, I just like my nice clean Chrome.

  • Erica

    Thank you so much! I liked the design of the new one better, but it couldn’t reopen all the tabs I always accidentally close. This caused my life to be a tangled mess of confusion, frustration and anger. You just restored all happiness, peace, and joy to my life and gave me a new hope for the future.

  • Wub wub

    You are my hero

  • disqus_PCp2p6TUfx

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Noob

    Thanks so much for this! Beyond me why Google would ever think the “Recently closed” link could be written off.

  • lellis

    It’s easy to get the closed tab’s back by open the chrome clicking on the menu and select the Recent Tabs and you will find the accidentally closed tabs

    • lellis

      Click menu icon (side of the address bar) – Recent Tabs – select the – Recently Closed Tab….

  • Abhishek

    Thank you so much! this seems a little problem but a necessary one to rectify!

  • Heartx144

    i did it, worked on my windows vista laptop but not my windows 7 one, HELP!

  • Heartx144

    phew, it worked on my windows 7 laptop, THANKS!!

  • Incediblely, this option on Chromium nightly snapshot is impossible due this option does not exist.

  • OK. In Google Chrome stable branch works perfectly. Thanks!

  • Mo

    Thank you, new one was like a useless downgrade. Other devices back on bottom right ^_^

  • Erza

    it cannot work on window 8 google chrome,somebody help me

  • tg

    This solved the problem for me. Thx for the simple response!

  • test

    i can’t find it on chromium 33

    • Excalibu

      Same here

  • CON

    Thank you,, THANK YOU!!!

  • posthuf

    Don’t care much which version, but hate that f…ll little notification bell. How can I get rid fo that?

  • posthuf

    Your fix worked. Thanks

  • thisshortenough

    Won’t work for me :(

    • justdik

      me neither. typical. anyone got any cunning plans for us?

    • antiboxes

      This worked for me until yesterday. The boxes are back and the flag page with Extended API still says disabled. They have found a new way to make us crazy.

  • lalagirl

    thank you :>

  • Nubbin

    Thanks, this is great!

  • Can you arrange where the icons go in the new tab drop down?

  • Chelseymof2

    This worked, and boy am I glad!!! Thank you SO much!!! I hated this new version!!! :-|

  • Meto

    Looks like Im not the only one who´s retro. Thanks btw…

  • Trueblue711

    Glad to hear this can be changed back. I am really missing the “Recently Closed” and the option to switch between App icons and Frequent Sites.

  • bright

    it doesn’t work for the latest version any more, coz there’s no this option.

  • muyexi

    “Enable Instant Extended API” option not found.

  • PerilSakens

    Worked for me, thanks. I prefer the old way of seeing the recently closed and from other devices options right there instead of having to the menu drop down.

  • TobbeLino

    This does not work with the very latest versions of Chrome – the option is removed!!!
    Google, Google, what are you doing?!?

    Anyway, there’s still a way of fixing this – install this extension:

    And select the button “NewTab” as start page.

    Or it may also work by simply setting “chrome-internal://newtab/” as start page in Chrome settings.

    • Realtalk


  • Jake

    Hate the new design, the old design allows me to open closed tabs and multiple tabs after restarting chrome, the new one doesn’t! By the way this method worked for me on the latest Chrome.

  • Hung

    thank you for the info, been looking for how to do this for some time =)

  • Vengatesh TR

    Badly need this. Thanks for info :P :).

  • Concerned Citizen

    How can I make my apps page my new tab page? It isn’t working in settings.

  • Jack

    does anyone know how to get it to be just the wallpaper and none of the apps or recently visited stuff? its pretty annoying to me. thanks.

  • Def

    thank you!

  • kalyanmami

    thank you man!!

  • chromedome

    new tab , old tab, all looks naff to me . Just want a plane old google search plox , is that too much to ask ???

    • av8r49a .

      Me too

  • ShuPac23

    Thanks man

  • zdzislaw

    Thanks a lot!

  • misterfixit

    I had no issue with the 8 most visited sites being on the new tab page, but….. recently it has decided to show pages that i don’t go to as often and has removed the ones i do go to all the time, So the pages i do check every day i have to manually get them from my favorites or by typing the name directly into the address box which brings it up from history.

    • skyelily

      Same for me. The whole point of using Chrome for me was to be able to quickly access the sites I visit most frequently. Now some of them have disappeared and I can’t delete the ones that have replaced them

  • av8r49a .

    The day they remove my ability to choose is the day I switch to another company…

  • jacobwpeng

    That’s greate!!!!!Thanks!!!!

  • Nagesh Dhuri

    you are the man i tried all stuff windows +shift +b unchecking boomarks bar etc hell lot of stuff but yu r specialist continue with ur good job

  • Nagesh Dhuri

    a was abit early the bookmarks bar is still there

  • Nathan


    • jsebean

      This (the article) has nothing to do with Bing. Bing is probably replaced as your new tab page because you do not know how to use a computer when installing apps. You installed some conduit crap. Not to worry, most people have the same problem. The first step is to go into settings, and change the new tab page option to new tab page, reset the home page, then go to extensions and remove every single extension relating to conduit, and any other extension that you didn’t install yourself from the chrome web store. Problem solved ;)

  • Nathan


  • Luuk

    I don’t like the new and the previous New Tab page. I am now using as my start page. It’s a more minimalistic start page and it gives me a lot more options.

  • teresa

    You are amazing Thank You :)

  • Thxs! Still works fine.

  • Srini Vasan

    i missing one address link and i have delete the history for chrome & i want that link?

  • mandrew

    thanks so much, why couldnt google release such simple information?

  • Roland

    I use an extension called New Tab Page from the Chrome Store & it gives me a Google Now Styled Tab.

  • DanZelt

    it didn’t work, cannot find the Instant Extended API’ is this because i install the dev version ?
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • misshobbity .

    OMG I LOVE YOU!! It worked thank you so much Ive been going crazy trying to find a solution online you’re the first one thats actually worked!!

  • Evelyn

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  • Baconcheese burger

    I want that shit off too, it still shows my recently visited sites

    • Jessie

      Exactly! I don’t want that….I want my apps back where they are showing my recently visited sites! Anyone have any advice!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

      • Baconcheese burger

        there is app that makes you able to have just blank page as new tab so it kind of repairs this problem

  • Yay

    welp… Looks like google removed the ability to do this now. Yay progress…..

  • Kyasis

    As of about 3 or 4 days ago this option was taken out, seems google doesn’t care what it’s users want, seeing as there was a fix for this and now google has removed the fix.

    • Ronin

      Yeah. They really care about their customers

  • arslan

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    This is great. it worked immediately. Thx

  • Is there a solution for Chrome > v33?

  • Akash

    Wonderful , I made a complete video tut about this click to view

  • Brett Murphy

    I don’t like that I can’t scroll… this update sucks balls

  • TerpU82

    I’m so happy you wrote this!!! It bothered me so much but I was always in the middle of something when I thought to fix it. Finally after 15 minutes of searching through awful google forums I found your post.

  • 66 mustang

    dude thanks allot man that was really helpful, it was driving me insane but the edit options on the right top of the screen are still gone but it doesn’t matter im so happy I got this back lol, thanks again your awesome.

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  • Patrick

    yes. it WAS amazing and worked perfectly.. I WAS so happy too! but next morning everything was back to normal with the difference that the recent tabs are shown much bigger, thank you. And a dire warning of total loss of data at the page heading warn you not to tamper with Google settings OR ELSE.
    I tried to repeat the procedure but my “enable instant extended API” is still disabled. But the two following experiments tell: revert to …even if instant extended API in disabled. You know what? Google will go the way of the dodo if they think they can only do what they want without any respect for what users want. Should I disable also the two following lines?

  • Michael Clark

    Thanks, JOEY-ELIJAH SNEDDON that worked perfectly. Seeing my queries up in the URL bar was a Pita. Best, Michael

  • Mike

    For me it doesn’t work.

  • duey

    Doesn’t work. Still get Bing with video ads (and always Ellen crying..). Hate it.

    • Go to Settings > Appearance > New Tab Page > Click ‘Change’ > click the dot next to ‘use the new tab page’

      • duey

        I don’t have those options. Settings>Appearance> (choices with dots are “Show Home Button” and “Always Show the Bookmark Bar”). There’s also a box for “Get Themes.”
        I don’t see New Tab Page anywhere.

        This all happened yesterday when I downloaded a program and that program automatically changed my web preferences and settings. I changed them all back to Google, but now have this weird new format that is annoying and always takes me to Bing unless I type in the omnibox instead of the box in the center of the page. The colorful word Google format only available now if I hit the home button, which is an extra step.

  • soccerkrzy

    Google just updated and removed the flag…I’m seriously sick of their crap and am moving back to Firefox after 6+ great years of Chrome.

    • Phoenixio

      All was going so well, and bam, they remove a feature again… Why not allow full customization? I simply can’t stand seeing a Google Search Bar on my New Tabs window, considering how the address bar is also already Google… So redundant, and ugly.

    • Are you on stable, beta or dev?

  • Dan

    i don’t have the ” instant extended api” on my list.

    • Antix70

      Because Chromes most recent update removed it. They can’t stand you having choices and the ability to ignore the experience they want to force feed you.

      • DavidB737

        You can set your startup page and homepage to chrome://apps/
        this is kinda the old new tab page.

  • BenNathan

    whats wrong withe these fking google they r making it harder to use chrome. some one save my chrome.
    …… no ………i need a divorse form chrome :<

  • Kalimos

    Very simple. Set BING as the default search engine and the stupid logo goes away. Microsoft should thank Google for this change.

    • minus Seven

      The icons are still small though

      • Nick

        I downloaded a free different home page. But it only helps when I open Chrom with my home button. But whenever I open a new tab this horrible “previous visited pages look” still appears. Any suggestion anyone please?

  • Simmy

    Just changed mine back, until it changes again. The New Tab opens as default Chrome Page but I just hit “Home Button” and away I go. Chrome Settings > Appearance > “Show Home Button” (Ticked) Click “Change” and in the popup box Select “Open This Page” and type “chrome://apps/”

  • Latest chrome override this back. Google force us to use their ‘new tab’ style even we change ‘Instant Extended API’ to disable.

  • guglpidaras

    This is just plain stupid. I used this described workaround when they first introduced the new tab page, but as people were saying below, google changed it in the latest update, so it’s not working.
    Seriously thinking about switching to other browser after 6 years on chrome. Already switched from chrome to dolphin on my tablet, as chrome tended to reload a page every time i switch tabs.

  • bowbei

    i effing hate the new google! i want the old one back!!!!

  • nope

    I miss firefox…

  • Jason

    This is pretty ridiculous. How am I supposed to access ‘Other Devices’ and ‘Recently Closed’? I use these multiple times per day and now there’s no easy way to do this? WTF google?

    • Jason

      Actually you can press Cntrl-H and it’s like the same thing. Still annoying though. I still hate you google despite all the free and incredible value that you give me everyday lol.

    • NimbusStev

      That’s exactly what my problem with this is! It’s not even like they moved them in the design or put something useful in that spot. It’s literally just blank where those features used to be. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE AN UPDATE LIKE THAT!?

  • Talos

    So there’s no way to get around this now? Not good with settings etc but nothing seems evident to change it to me.

  • Help

    Install New Tab Redirect Extension:

    Set new tab to chrome://apps

    • Globetrotter

      It rocks! Best reply!!!

    • guest

      THIS WORKS!!!!

    • matisz

      With this I can only see the Chrome Apps that I never use. I can’t see my most frequently visited pages, nor the recently visited pages. I honestly don’t understand how this is an improvement.

      • Globetrotter

        Well, do not try to understand what is in Chrome developers’heads!!! Recently, they seem to have smoked too many drugs seen their stupid decisions… Do how Help wrote above or just throw Chrome away and use FF or any other browser instead…

    • civvie

      It works but I only lasted 3 minutes before deleting it for this reason: It leaves ‘chrome://apps’ written in the seach bar. If you are in the habit of opening a new tab and instantly typing something to search or a URL, you will be typing after the ‘chrome://apps’ text sitting there. Too annoying for me.

      • Globetrotter

        No. In the bar you just click on ‘chrome://apps’ which turns blue and you simply write above your requested site. So, this will only force you to click once. That’s it…

        • civvie

          I’m in a long worn in habit of just opening a new tab and typing and hitting enter, all with keyboard shortcuts, I don’t even look at the screen. I didn’t realise I did this until I installed that extension. Having to delete it is annoying and for me it’s more annoying than the problem it’s solving. I used to love chrome, now I just like it. Why they don’t let you tweak the New Tab display in settings is beyond me.

          • Maybe the New Tab Redirect extension updated. I click new tab, start typing, and ‘chrome://apps’ disappears (replaced by what I type).
            Still wish Recently Closed, and Other Devices weren’t buried… :-(

          • civvie

            Hey I got the old behaviour working with the chrome:flags fix. Recently Closed is there. Maybe I don’t have the latest chrome? (32.0.1700.107) I don’t know but I’m not updating again!

          • Nope, 33+ is the villain in question.

    • ChromeUser

      This worked exactly how I wanted it to. Thank you.

  • Sou1forged

    Just uninstall this crap and install Comodo Dragon. Based on the same engine, but has (so far) not decided to shove this new new tab page down our throats.

    • Globetrotter

      A great thing on Dragon is the menu on the left. But it is too buggy. I remember to have had plenty of troubles with it updates which were impossible to configure. On top of that, Comodo tries to force you to use Yahoo instead of Google for searches. So, no thanks.

      That said, Opera is much more interesting than ever. I may switch to it when Gmail sync will be possible on it.

  • Kai Diego Dias Bergheim

    I really dont like this change. And i dont like the new google maps either.

    • Liz

      I don’t like this new version at all. It’s a piece of junk and I can’t believe that anyone gets paid for designing such nonsense. Like most things designed today- lots of unnecessary ‘bling’ while compromising efficiency and productivity. Dump Chrome and use Opera. I was able to backup my bookmarks to my desktop and add them to Opera’s “Stash”. Opera is MUCH faster as well.

      • Globetrotter

        I know but do not ask anything from silly brains by Chrome… They could have put a clever new tab page like the one on FF or Opera. They could also put the menu on the left side instead of right side and also let people use vertical tabs instead of horizontal ones… They could… soooooo much but they don’t do anything even if you request all these great functions on their forum they won’t act…

        So, or you accept it or you throw it away. For my part, I had too many problems with Comodo Dragon so I’m not ready to use it again. FF is still too slow and Opera lacks the Gmail sync… Therefore, I stick to Chrome unless I find a better new browser…

        • Liz

          I’m very happy with Opera if only to be rid of Chrome! The gmail sync might be an issue for some but I use Outlook which syncs all my mail to one handy box. However, I did add a link to my gmail on the Opera hometab bookmarks bar. You could always add it to the thumbnails as well. I’m not sure but I thnk Opera allows you to have more than 6 thumbnails on one page.

          • Globetrotter

            Sure but I meant a full sync (extensions, theme, bookmarks, tabs,…) on Gmail like Chrome allows. Seen that Opera is now based on Chromium like Chrome, Comodo Dragon or CoolNovo, it may be possible to sync everything with a Google mail address. If FF was also allowing that (all sync with Gmail add) I would jump on it…

          • Liz

            I began using Opera several months ago when Google decided to dumb-down their version the first time. Fortunately, I was able to undo their oppressive nonsense. At the time, Opera was very limited in their apps and themes but they have since updated and seem to be continually doing so. I like their themes and I can make my own using my own pics as well. I’ve been using Opera now for several days and I still like it. I have my address bar set to Bing and of course, there is also a default Google search option located on the homepage that is not removable ( I tried..hehehhe) though I like that convenience of having both at my fingertips. I’m a researcher and I’ve noticed that over the past two years all my google searches are too censored and subjective based on my previous searches. This has been one of my grave grievances with google for quite some time. So, I must use Bing and other engines in order to get a broader range of results.
            Once you sign into your google acct via the gmail app, you won’t need to sign in again. Also, in settings, you can set Opera to open up where you left off when you last closed it. I like being able to do that since I often used the ‘ recently closed’ link on the old Chrome page. Hope that helps shed some more light on the Opera experience ;D

          • Globetrotter

            Sure, it helps. Well, I won’t use Bing as I don’t trust it but this is another matter… Regarding Opera, the themes only cover 75% of a page : the part above with the address bar remains sadly grey. Can’t the themes completely cover the page like on Chrome or FF?

          • Liz

            So what are the negatives with Bing? It can’t be any worse than Google. Hey, did you happen to hear about the book called , ‘ Dragnet Nation’ yet? I listened to an NPR interview with the author yesterday and I’m very glad to be rid of Google. I’m very well aware of data brokers and how they operate but honestly, the way she clearly spelled out HOW our personal data is being used is quite disturbing. Americans need to do something about this immediately because we are all at risk of serious personal implications.
            I really didn’t notice the grey tab bar but it doesn’t really bother me. When I compared it against my Chrome page, it was clear that although the tab bar seemed to be in the same color range, it was not a perfect match. So, apparently by design, the tab bar in both Chrome and in Opera are not actually part of the themed home page. Oh well, I can live with it,

          • Globetrotter

            Well, Bing is not as efficient as Google in searches. I compared several searches on both Bing and Google. While Google matched each time my searches Bing failed… each time also! Now regarding privacy,I hope that you are not naive enough to think that Bing/Microsoft do not keep, use and sell all your personal datas as Google does? They ALL do that. And so do Yahoo and Apple too. And what about Facebook/Skype/Whatsapp all from Microsoft too? All your private datas are registered and directly sent to advertisers and also to Washington in some cases! This is the cost for free services.

          • Agonizing Truth

            And of living in a police state unconvincingly dressed up as a free republic.

          • Liz

            Spot on and yes, your name says it all- it’s the agonizing truth of it. Makes me very sad.

          • Liz

            Well no, I’m hardly naive. I am probably the only human on earth without a social media page and I’m working to get off the grid. I live in a “cave” with dogs for good reason ;D
            I haven’t noticed anything too awfully strange about Bing though other than it does give me a broader range of resources that are not being tailored to my previous searches. Data brokers abound but you should read that book I mentioned. It’s startling how the data is being used against us- even in regard to medical care at the doctor’s office. Why Americans are not outraged is beyond my realm of thinking.

        • Liz

          Just discovered a speed dial app for Gmail in Opera Extensions

  • zee

    I am trying to fix it but I guess they have removed it. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • mr.170253

      yes, and it is really annoing. i wish they brought back the old new tab page, or just make it as a option. The search funcunality is usless, and it is missing a lot of the things peole use a lot. It is really annoying it being seperate from the apps.

  • StyleT
  • nick
  • StyleT

    In Google Chrome 33+ you can use this extension . I hope it’s will be helpful.

    • lot giay

      could you show me how to do , i did not see correct link

  • David Winslow

    I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m beginning to prefer explorer. This is truly bogus.

    • mr.170253


  • Petr Kletečka

    Empty New Tab for Chrome

    • guy manly

      this is awesome. it’s actually really nice to be able to just have a clean empty new tab. no google logo and most importantly NO MOST VISITED TILES. it’s like starting with a new fresh sheet of white paper.

  • mr.170253

    i updated to version 33 of google chrome, and when i relaunched the new new tab page was there, even though I already changed it to the old one. When i checked the flags, i could not find “instead extended ui”.

    • Sam Tran

      As mentioned in the update at the top of the article, Google finally retired the workaround in Chrome 33:

      Unfortunately, your best bet with Chrome 33+ is trying out one of the New Tab Page replacements in the Chrome Web Store

  • yony

    i dont like the new google chrome either, change all my zoom setting, and no quick short cut on top

  • just amazed

    what a cluster . I used to love google chrome until the unholy revisions throttled the whole thing. It’s almost as if Google’s design people were taken out and bitten by Microsoft at some remote party site.

  • kraptastic

    Firefox anyone?

    • Agreed

      Firefox back in the day was bulky, immobile, and slow. But I now prefer it 100%. It’s open source, fast, fully customizable, and minimal. Google Chrome used to be preferrable, but it seems to be getting slower and unlikable with every update. Chrome totaled over 200MB while IE with the same page used 70MB.

      If Mozilla Firefox isn’t your cup of tea even with its redesigned interface, there are many other options besides Google’s. Don’t complain and try to bear with something you don’t like, try out other ones. Netsurf, Midori, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer are all options.

  • redjarman

    I don’t mind the search bar being there, but I want to be able to pin my most visited sites like I used to. I’m sick of them just randomly changing to some other site I visit ONE TIME and having to delete them until they’re back to how I want.

  • Seyla

    How do I change it to the new layout? For some reason my computer already has the old one and I like the new one better. Help?

    • Seylo

      You probably haven’t the latest version. Chrome usually auto-updates itself, unless you’re using the superior Chromium? That you’ll need to update manually.

  • Karthik

    i can’t find the ‘instant extended api ‘

    • Anonymous

      They removed the option now, try using a alternative new tab page.

    • Tanmay

      Yes Same here dude !

  • mony1
  • Brett Spector

    It is ridiculous that Chrome doesn’t allow the user to choose to turn this feature off – its like Google is becoming this big brother Government entity that knows what’s good for you – wait, it is.

  • Rooks

    So – this is finally it. The newest iteration of the NTP is totally trashing the whole thing. On my smartphone totally: I can see TWO pinned pages… and a giant google logo and search bar, because typing stuff is so much fun on a smartphone… instead of clicking a thumb-big-button. yep. typing. GREAT.

    Here I go, looking for a new-tab-page version that makes google-chrome useable on my android again.

    Then again – maybe I’ll just let it do the hangouts thing and NOT USE IT.

  • Alex Povolotski

    Google has hidden “Instant Extended API”. It’s not there anymore.

  • linda crews

    how about just leave it alone for those of us that are computer challenged If u want to change it fine but leave the rest of us alone. There should be a one button change without going to Mars and Venus to get it changed
    This is crap u put it back u changed it without help now u fix it

  • carol texas

    This is nice info but what I really really want to remove is the switch user that is new. I’d rather click on the icon on the top left than click a tab on the right and wait for the choices to come up!

  • carol texas

    It’s nice they can switch back now, but hey… Chrome has become so bloated with stuff that it crashes contanatly when I play a simple game. My husband is having trouble with Chrome at work now. I am using the newest Firefox now..No problems.

  • Carey Holman

    really hating new Chrome. Move the cursor to the top of the screen, that stupid black bar drops down saying ‘google chrome’. I hate it when you’re trying to put your pointer somewhere and the app “helpfully” throws something in your way. Microsoft Office comes to mind. You click Chrome on your toolbar and you have to click it *again* from the little group of google icons. Dumb. I sincerely wish I had never clicked ‘try the new Windows 8 view’. I want to go back.

    • You should be able to. In the upper right there should be a menu (3 lines icon) and when you click that you should have the option to “Relaunch on Desktop”. That should get you out of Windows 8 mode.

  • A. Wiebe

    There is no ‘Instant Extended API’ tho….

  • Sarah E Gillen

    Complaints below list many of the reasons I choose not to download Chrome and stick with the old reliable