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Google Launches $35 ‘Chromecast’ – HDMI Dongle For Streaming Content from Chrome to TV



A low-cost device that enables content to be streamed wirelessly from a tablet, phone or PC straight to a TV has been unveiled by Google.

The ‘Chromecast’ device allow any devices running Chrome or a Chromecast-enabled app – be it on Android, iOS, Chrome OS  or a traditional Mac/Windows desktop – to “cast” content from a Chrome-device straight to a HDMI-supporting TV.

Chromecast supports pretty much any type of content, from music and video to gaming.  The contents of a Chrome tab can also be streamed to a TV free of (no pun intended) browser chrome like URL bars and other tabs. Google say that this feature is ‘in beta’.

A ‘Google Cast SDK’ will also be available for developers wanting to integrate Chromecast support into their applications – be it on Android, iOS or Chrome.

The hardware itself is just 2″ in length and runs a simplified version of Google Chrome OS.

“Just plug it in to any HDMI input on your TV, powered through USB, connect to your WiFi and you’re ready to watch,” Google say.


The device used to ‘cast’ content can double up as a remote for controlling the content shown on the TV, including volume control and support for queuing items in a playlist.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 17.56.44

‘Only 15% of households manage to figure out how to get online content from their devices to their TVs,’ Chrome lead Sundar Pichai says. ‘Chromecast will make this easier’.

Any device running Chrome will be able to take advantage of Chromecast, regardless of operating system or device.


Chromecast will cost $35 and will be available to buy in the US from later today (July 24th) from the Google Play website, &

For a limited time all Chromecast devices will come with a free 3-month Netflix subscription.

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  • Jonathan Alfonso

    Awesome! Imagine if the Chromecast protocol is open? :D

  • ken147

    I think you mean “launches” not “launcher”.

  • Now this is what they should have done instead of the NexusQ!!! Roku got some competition now…

  • I have too many devices plugged into my TV just for streaming media. But I still want this.

  • Pic889

    From where does it take power? From the HDMI (yes, HDMI can give power), or a battery charged via the USB?

    • FirstLine

      the USB port or the power cable that come with it.

    • If the TV has HDMI ports that give enough power then that it uses that. If note there’s a USB cable provided.

  • FirstLine

    I’ll buy one once it comes to my country. But does it do Miracast?

  • WalteredBeast

    Sold. It can replace my Apple TV that refuses to stream Netflix without issues.

  • HoneyPot FP

    chromekey? only i read chroma key? its a pun?

  • Android Awakening

    But can you run Ubuntu on it? Seriously the initial specs don’t indicate upgradability since there aren’t no media slots for, say, a micro SD card. Really I prefer one of those Android dongles that at least promises the possibility of being hacked into mini-Linux distribution. Even if the bootloader’s locked, so long as the device can be rooted, you can install a chrooted Linux distribution using any of a number of Linux installer apps.

  • DragonFartOutLoud

    it mentioned support to most OSes but not Linux.. WTF?!

    edit: ok i missed the chromeOS bit :P

  • Efjay Dee

    Genuine question, how is this any better than just using the HDMI cable from my device/PC to TV? What is it I’m missing?

    • Nick

      it’s a tiny device that can stay plugged into your TV. and it costs 1/10 or perhaps 1/30 of the cost of your laptop. you could have one on every TV if you wanted. and you don’t need an HDMI cable. Your toddler won’t be knocking your computer over. and there is no power cord. and there’s an interface designed for interacting with it on your phone.

      Those are a few ways in which it is better.

      • Efjay Dee

        Thankyou Nick for answering that. I dont think it is in the UK yet but I will tout the merits of it to the wife. ;-)

  • Shatink

    Ok, after buying it for $ 35.00 what are the additional costs to use it ? I.E.: HBO Go, Netflix after the 3 months ? I guess I`m still really confused about all of this, but I`m so burnt out on paying such a HIGH price for cable that keeps having repeat channels. Can someone explain it Please & why didn’t they make this for older tv ?

  • Gregger1

    “……connect to your WiFi and you’re ready to watch,” Google say.
    I know this must be a stupid question….
    ‘Connect’ how?……..the dongle does not have a key board.