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Google, Intel Unveil New Bay Trail Chromebooks

Google and Intel have today announced a raft of new Bay Trail based Chromebooks are on the way.

Said to be launching throughout the summer, consumers can look forward to new power-efficient devices from Lenovo, ASUS and Toshiba.

Intel says Bay Trail will enable Chromebooks to run for more than 11 hours under typical usage and, as they don’t require fans, allow OEMs to create slimmer and lighter devices. In some cases the weight differential will be as much as 15%.

intel baytrail

Many of the devices ‘announced’ have been trailed, tracked and teased in the press over the last few months, such as the ASUS C200 and C300 devices. Lenovo lifted the lid on its first consumer-orientated Chrome devices, the N20 and touch screen N20p, shortly before the press conference kicked off.

In addition to consumer devices there are also two Bay Trail systems aimed at education, where Chrome OS has doubled its footprint over the last two quarters to nearly 10,000 schools. These include the ruggedised Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga and a new reference device from Intel featuring a rotating webcam. American manufacturer CTL will be the first OEM to bring the device to market sometime later this year.

Intel Reference Chromebook

Intel Reference Chromebook

I Spy With My Little Eye…i3

Bay Trail was the main focus for the event, but Intel did briefly touch on the Core i3 refreshes of the Acer C720 (as we wrote about last week) and the Dell 11 Chromebook. Dell’s Neil Raggio, in response to a question on pricing, noted that the more performant i3 models will help improve the choice of mid-range devices.

HP’s colourful Haswell powered Chromebox and the first all-in-one Chrome OS PC, the Chromebase from LG, were also highlighted.

  • sonicyoof

    Fanless, yes! But I hope there’s a non touchscreen so I can have a matte IPS.

  • Phil Ormsby

    And let’s increase the screen resolution, add a backlit keyboard and have an option for LTE data.

  • Phil Ormsby

    What’s a rotting webcam? Organic electronics?

  • Dragonbite

    “These including the ruggedised Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, and a new reference device from Intel featuring a *rotting* web cam.”

    I don’t want that thing on MY chromebook! yikes!

    • Juan Carlos Cornejo

      Well, I’ve heard everyone wanted to add another dimension to videos: now with smell.

      Too bad they started with the smell or rot first. I’ll wait till they get sweet smelling camera :D

  • Mike

    Outstanding this is great news. Its a real display of how great Linux can be with a solid company backing it. Chrome os in my eye is the only OS built on Linux to ever make it on the desktop market. Every day I use chrome I like it more and have no need for Ubuntu on it.

    Great job Google and Intel way to go.

    • Happily, for those of us who also need the localized power of Ubuntu, it’s trivial to run Chrome OS and Ubuntu simultaneously. Very cost-effective power computing. Sweet!

  • r4in

    Great. Problem is, Bay Trail sucks:

    In short: Bay Trail Celeron N2810 is 100 % slower then older Haswell Celeron 1007U.

    • Mike

      Still bay trail performance will be amazing because of the os its running.

      • Anyone know how Bay Trail compares to ARM? I’m thinking about getting the new Samsung Chromebook’s, but now I’m not entirely sure…there is that full HD screen though.

        • r4in

          Pretty sure it will be Haswell > Bay Trail > ARM

          • Yikes…wonder why Samsung insists upon using ARM then…

          • r4in

            Well, because he owns ARM chips factory and Exynos is his design.

          • Fred .

            Because its cheaper.
            Samsung has own ARM system-on-chips (SoC).
            So they can use that instead of buy from Intel.

          • Christopher Knapp

            I am gonna go ahead and assume it’s because they make them, and therefore create more profit margin.

      • r4in

        It will be better then ARM, but worse then Haswell, that is for sure.

    • spacey

      Yeah… agreed. Why the can’t anyone make a decent mid-range Chromebook! Sure there’s room here for a start-up or small odm to make an impact here and give us what we want.

      • r4in

        Wait for Core i3 refresh. Maybe they update more then just processor.

  • Thomas Lonchampt

    Very disappointed, i was waiting for a fullhd 13.3 asus chromebook, and it don’t even have 4 gb of ram …
    Well, i’ll finally buy a HP chromebook 14

    • not my real name

      I just got the HP Chromebook 14, have not regretted it once. Its a great choice.

      • Thomas Lonchampt

        Ok, thank you for the advice, i appreciate it :)

        • Graham Carroll

          the new Samsung Chromebook 2 is coming out soon. 4gb of RAM and HD screen.

          • Thomas Lonchampt

            Yes, but the exynos processor is not really impressive, if we compare it to the Intel celeron 2955u, it’s only the half of performance…

    • Dustin Gerlach

      Some days, I get over 8 hours of battery life on my HP 14.

  • Denis Spahic

    useless, awful and ugly.

    To set things straight, I despise anything lenovo.
    Their designs are hideous and impractical, the specs just plain disappointing and boring.

    What these idiots need to understand is that we want HD displays, Long battery life, 4GBs RAM, a decent processor and mouse/keyboard in a shell that doesn’t scream TUUUUURRRRD!

    There are lessons in design to be learned form the Pixel and HP 11. As well as lessons to be learned from Dell and Samsung from a spec perspective.

    Combine HP 11 with the power of the Samung/dell and you’d have a well priced, aesthetically pleasing and powerful tool.

    These god awful creations crapovo is trying to sell are disgustingly ugly and…. what I’m trying to say is that its crap. Its all crap. CRAP.

  • t4exanadu

    Neither Acer nor Lenovo know the first thing about how to design an attractive-looking notebook. I’ll buy an HP 14 even over the newer Chromebooks coming out in July, it so pretty to look at (and works well, so I hear)

    • Dustin Gerlach

      I absolutely love my HP Chromebook 14. So much that I even bought one for my wife.

      • Steven Templin

        Very pleased with my HP Chromebook 14 as well. It’s fulfilling 95% of my computer needs … and … hassle free.

    • george

      Well to be fair, Acer has always been the company to make the cheapest computers that attract the buyers attention. Lenovo is enterprise based meaning the computers might not be attractive, but they will be excellent and sturdy machines. I think the fact that more options are available for people to choose from is great for the OS itself, and establishes Chromebooks as legitimate computers.

      If people are happy with purchasing products with no variety or customization, a pretty design and a big price tag, they would be buying Macs.

  • Akshay Sharma

    good but would be great if it would be launched worldwide

  • KC69

    I was hoping they would announce those Bay Trail Chromebooks already.

  • moe

    not all that impressive, at this pace having a affordable chromebook pixel like laptop will a while.

  • Denis

    oh look, another rubbish chromebook.

    really, what is going on? the only real interesting offer came from HP and Samsung… there is the need of a revisited pixel.

    • Fred .

      Yes, I agree!
      Definitely need a revisited Pixel, but cheaper this time.

  • Fred .

    Ugly chromebooks with huge margins/border on the screen bezel.
    They fit a 11″ screen on a 14″ laptop and waste 3″ around the screen on nothing.

    • supanon

      You do realise that bezels help to eliminate dropping damage, and can be helpful with watching films? If you don’t like it, get a 11″ Chromebook.

      • Fred .

        But with a 11″ Chromebook, you would probably only have a 8″ screen.

  • Linh Nguyën

    Patiently waiting for updated Dell Chromebook 11. Cause that’s what I’m buying.

  • Jill Go

    peice of junk

  • Jill Go

    but is ok 4 scool ~~ still