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Listen to Chrome OS Start Up, Shutdown & Lock Sounds

Listen up: System Sounds for Chrome OS arrived in the latest dev channel update. 

Yeah, you heard that right – Google’s lightweight Linux OS has added system sounds for start-up, lock screen and shutdown in the most recent developer build.

‘System sounds are about more than adding audio accompaniment to an otherwise austere boot process…’

Putting my woeful, forced puns to one side, the addition of music motifs makes sense – and not just because it shows some finesse in pursuit of a ‘traditional’ desktop computing experience.

System sounds are about more than adding audio accompaniment to an otherwise austere boot process; they are important for accessibility (making sure everyone is able to use the OS regardless of disability).

A bleep at the lockscreen is a prompt that you can now enter your password; the right chime at shutdown lets you know you can close the lid of your Chromebook.

Listen To The Sounds

Each of the four Chrome OS system sounds are a second or so long (good news for those who hate the protracted melodies of some other operating systems).

I think the sounds are inoffensive enough, but feel free to judge for yourself by hitting play on the players below.

Chrome OS Start Up Sound

Chrome OS Shutdown Sound

Chrome OS Lock Sound

Chrome OS Unlock Sound

Thoughts? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below. 

  • bozzykid

    I was hoping Google would never add that fluff.

  • atlantadoug

    Sounds are overused on everything from the microwave to the light on the stove hill to obnoxious sounds.

  • shadowguy14

    Bad idea. I like my silence

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Thoughts: they sound fine.
    Request: please make them customizable

    It won’t really be my computer until I can make it talk like the Star Trek computer. :D

  • The likelihood that anyone will even notice these as they’re using the computer is slim to none. They’re designed to feel natural and stay out of the way. Good feedback in *select* locations improves all interfaces. (eg the small click you hear when you lock your phone enables you to quickly put it away without looking at the screen to verify that it turned off successfully.)

  • Bob

    That first one sounds suspiciously like the Xbox logo sound…

  • a.d.AM

    Sounds more like noise than a sound.