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How To Mirror Your Android Screen to TV Using Chromecast

cast android screen mirroing

As announced during last month’s Google I/O conference, Android screen mirroring is now available for Chromecast.

The feature, which is being rolled out through an update to the Chromecast Android application on the Play Store, allows you to punt everything that appears on your Android screen, including camera, games, launcher and so on, to the big screen — yes, including sound — without the need for MHL, HDMI or slim port cables.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to turn your introverted app time into big-screen fun, you can. It’s a great feature that extends the usefulness of Chromecast. From offering a big screen display for interacting with Google Earth and similar education apps, to listening to Spotify, playing games and more.

How To Mirror Android Screen Using Chromecast

For now Google is only officially supporting the feature on around a dozen or so devices, including the Google Nexus 4, 5 and 7 (2013) and 10, the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3 and Note 10 (2014), the HTC One M7, and the LG G2, G Pro 2 and G3.

It also requires the latest version of the Chromecast app (1.7) to be installed. If you don’t have it, grab it from the Play Store for free.

Install Chromecast App from Google Play

If you’re using a Nexus device you’ll see a ‘Cast Screen’ option in the Quick Settings shade. If you’re not just dive on into the navigation drawer in the Chromecast app and tap the ‘Cast Screen’ entry.

cast android screen

After tapping to connect you’ll be prompted to choose a Cast device on your network. Select the appropriate one and, after a few seconds, your phone or tablet will appear on your TV.

For optimum cast experience you should put your device into landscape mode.

To end a cast session just repeat the steps above. This time you’ll be presented with a disconnect option.

How does it perform?

Google describes the feature as ‘beta’. In my own hands-on I found performance to be generally pretty decent, but milage will vary based on your Wi-Fi connection.

For example, on my Nexus 7 (2013) I saw a noticeable delay in a gesture or change being made on the device and it appearing on screen. This isn’t surprising since everything is being sent over Wi-Fi. A missing millisecond or two aside, Android Mirroring was able to relay everything on screen with little distortion, blurring or visual artefacts.

You can see a clip of Chris Nacca demoing the feature on his Nexus 5 in the video below.

Device not supported? Try this

If your device isn’t on the officially supported list all is not lost. An awesome XDA Developer has put together an experimental app called ‘Mirror Enabler’ that allows rooted devices to join the fun using the official Chromecast app.

The hack won’t work on every device, but a large swathe of popular devices are reportedly working fine with it, including the 1st generation Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z2 and ZL, and the Motorola Moto X.

More on MirrorEnabler for Rooted Android Devices

  • Hmm… I couldn’t get sound to work. Netflix and Play Music worked fine (via standard chromecast streaming).

    Nexus 5.

    • Martin Calver

      Try rebooting your Chromecast device, I had the same problem and it worked for me.

      • Ah, the old “turn it off, turn it on again”… Magic. Thanks for the tip.

        • Martin Calver

          My pleasure. Hope it works for you, repost if it does!

  • Graham

    Is this possible with a Google TV box? Mine is gathering dust until Android TV comes out.

  • Guest

    Do you have to have wifi to mirror ur android phone with chromecast

  • Albert Man

    Do i have to have wifi to mirror my galaxy s5 to the tv using chromecast?

    • Taylor Rowlett

      yes, and your s5 and chromecast have to be on the same WiFi

      • Albert Man

        Do you know of any way to mirror an android device to a tv without a wifi connection. Maybe a tv that can be purchased or another device? Just curious, because I have no need for wifi in my house. I am new to this tech, still learning.

        Thanks for your time and assistance.

        • Taylor Rowlett

          I just found this article from Google’s I/O Developers conference back in the summer. It says that you can pair your phone and Chromecast without wifi, but instead using ultrasonic frequencies…not sure if its been implemented yet though.

          • Albert Man

            I remember when i was the tech genius showing my mom how to program a vcr and set it to record shows. Now, i feel totally lost. Thanks a lot Taylor. Appreciate your help!

          • Taylor Rowlett

            Ha ha ha ha, glad I could help!

  • Brian Cunningham

    Can I re-set my chromecast and start set-up again from the beginning?

  • mauro mezz

    Can i mirror 2 tv( both with a chromecast )on the same wifi ?

  • payal

    Hello everyone ….I am payal from India …please help me ..
    Anybody can tell me …..for chromecasting it is necessary to perches any typ of hardware… Please help me .. M too much confuse …!!!

  • roland

    Can I mirror the optimum app

  • ernie

    My cast screen with button does not show up on my Chromecast app

  • Tiarra

    Hello I have a galaxy s4 & s3 I understand the s3 isn’t a compatable device yet but for some reason my s4 isn’t either. On my chromecast app it doesn’t have the “cast screen” option and I have no idea how to have that option become available in the side bar. I tryed looking on the interent EVERYWHERE for help but everyone makes it look so easy. Saying “just go into chromecast and click cast screen” but I don’t have that option. I have the updated version of chromecast as well. I would be extremely thankful if someone could try and help me… it’s driving me crazy that I can’t get it to mirror my the phone screen!

    • Jay

      I have the same problem I installed chromecast app 1.9.7. installed on an s3 running 4.1.2 I can cast youtube videos but there is no option for screen cast just got my chromecast today so still trying to figure out the options I might have to upgrade the s3 to latest version of android

  • Appsman

    One of my favorites apps is RockIt Karaoke, it allows me to stream karaoke songs on my tv with chromecast and apple tv.

    • Austin Davolt

      Dude,Stop posting about your karaoke app

      • Appsman

        I really sorry, I won’t post anymore.

  • Adele Samantha

    Great article Joey. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Chromecast by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

  • lee

    my tablet casts to the tv but the screen on the tablet is distorted so i cant see what im doin on there to use it….can anyone help me with this?..

  • Nick Arthur

    Why my computer cannot be detected?