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Official Chromecast Browser Extension Hits Chrome Web Store

chromecastGoogle’s official extension for enabling Chrome browser content to be streamed to a Chromecast-enabled TV has been added to the Chrome Web Store.

The free add-on, which requires Google’s freshly unveiled Chomecast device to be of any use, works with both regular tabs – letting you browse ‘sites, photos, or even video from the best screen in your home’ – as well as ‘Cast optimised sites’ such as Netflix and YouTube.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 22.29.16

Chromecast keys cost $35 and work on any HDMI supported monitor. Keys went on sale in the US at select e-tailers earlier today. Amazon US sold out of devices in rapid time.

If you’ve ordered a Chromecast key and want to be fully prepared for when it arrives you’ll find the extension behind the link below.

Chromecast Extension on Chrome Web Store

  • noisenotmusic

    The add on says it needs a “fast computer” for it to work on Chrome tabs, why do I get the feeling Googles own Chromebooks won’t fit that bill? I have an Acer Chromebook and only the Chromebook Pixel is listed on the copatability page.

    • Yeah, I am very curious about this too. I just installed the extension on my Samsung Chromebook, which if it wasn’t compatible, I wouldn’t think I’d be able to do. I don’t yet have a Chromecast to test it with, but I hope we get some clarification on this soon.

      • mgamerz

        Sad panda if it doesn’t, but I’m going to bet it will be that way.

    • Niosus

      You need to encode that video in realtime, either you do it with brute force (–> fast computer) or you use a specialized chip which is how Apple does its Airplay mirroring. With that you can encode and send the video without any impact on performance.

  • I’m quite confused about this whole Chromecast business. It only works with Chrome, right? So if I want to share content from like the YouTube Android app it won’t work? And direct screen mirroring to my TV is completely out of the question?

  • Adam York

    Is this really the official Google extension? I don’t see anywhere on the page that it says that its “by Google.” It says that it’s by “” which is a non-functional page. You sure this is by Google?

    • Sam Tran

      Despite the missing badge that usually accompanies Google’s apps and extensions, it’s official. If you go to (which funnily enough forwards to it’ll prompt you to download the extension at the bottom of the page.

  • Dag

    I set it up with my android phone and it worked wonderfully with the youtube app. Then I opened my Ubutntu 13.04 Lenovo T420s and added the chromecast extension to my Chrome browser. It worked! But…
    I tried running a web page displaying a video, and it was quite laggy with the video in a smal box inside the web page. I clicked the full-screen button in the video box and the chromecast tv picture turned black.
    So I turned off the casting.
    Then my Chrome still hogged the CPU and the fan ran wild. Restarting Chrome didn’t help. Finally I disabled the chromecast extension to get Chrome cool down.

  • bird

    Ok, so I have read most of this bumphf and still cannot get a straight answer. If I buy a Chromecast plug in, and plug it into my Acer Chromebook (providing there is a plug hole for that, can I watch Netflix movies on my Chromebook, and do I need any other crap to make that happen?????

  • Mami Me’Lissa

    I am GEEKING OUT…literaly!! I am thrilled that I bought the Chromecast, plugged it into my tv and am streaming from my MacBk Pro, iPhone 4s, iPad 4th Gen and our PC in the other room. The only thing is I don’t see but 2 apps to use (YouTube and Netflix) I will try to open Pandora etc. in my Chrombrowser and use it. Any other tricks?

  • Spraycaptain

    warning – I beat my head around for 2 days trying to get rid of CLOUDFRONT.NET malware – guess what? I disabled my Chromecast extension – and bingo…the little scagware disappeared. Did google package CLOUDFRONT with Chromecast?? If so, a pox on their house.

  • spraycap

    Same here – you lousy rotten scum sucking low life pigs. You just couldn’t sell a really nice little cast device that works really well, without including an ad generation and popup maker. Just disable the extension and it goes away. But you have to enable it to use Chrome cast The point is – even Google is a prying, conniving webslime.

  • Velcronics

    I cannot see the “add to chrome” button on either my Iphone or pad, which appears at the upper right on my desktop. Overview & details tabs appear underneath, instead of to the right under the install button. Any ideas on how to load to those 2 devices?

  • moe1betta

    Soooooo complicated if they could only allow this for all phones. I am not paying 600 for a phone for this to work on. So back to the store this product goes.