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Toshiba Latest OEM to Announce Shift Away from Consumer PCs

toshiba-tileToshiba is the latest computer manufacture to announce plans to stop selling notebook PCs, including Chromebooks, in select countries.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Toshiba, whose new 13.3-inch Chromebook 13 goes on sale in the US next month, has announced a ‘restructuring’ of its PC business efforts in order to ‘secure profitability’ for the future.

As a part of the rejig the company will pivot toward making PCs and notebooks aimed at business customers rather than consumers, though not exclusively. It will streamline its product lines and cut some 900 jobs from its global workforce. 

Toshiba also plans to ‘withdraw from unprofitable markets’ entirely, and streamline their sales bases in others. They don’t give a list of which countries are affected.

It’s not all dour news: consumer PCs, including the upcoming second-gen Chromebook 13, will continue to be sold as-is in the US and the UK and other as-yet unspecified countries.

Earlier this week we heard how Samsung plans to halt its notebook ambitions entirely in Germany and The Netherlands.

It’s never great to see a company have to retract or rethink its ambitions, especially when job losses are involved. But with the PC  market such a volatile space of ever-diminishing returns right now it makes sense.

  • Frederic MANSON

    The W8 cheap laptops are the laptops that will kill the Chromebooks IF Google doesn’t move its big @$$ to bring Chrome OS further than the actual UBUNTU which is a great Linux distro, fully offline/online operational. It’s frankly abnormal to see that the Chromebooks are sold at €250.00 in France with the minimum requirements integrated when W8.1 laptops are selling too at €250.00 with bigger RAM, bigger HD, sometimes touch/bigger screens… Also, the lack of a lot of “standard” apps is a big fail. What the W8 laptops will get from the Chromebooks?? Their long battery life. It’s common to see these W8 laptops to go 8 hours long… So, what??? I will keep my HP 11 G1 for web browsing BUT I will buy a W8 laptop (with Ubuntu in dual boot) for multimedia and serious workings. I drop the bough of the Acer K1 full HD, expensive and useless for my own usages. Sorry guys…

    • JusticeL

      Why do you feel this way? What has happened to make you feel this way? Chromebooks and Chrome OS are grabbing more shares of the PC market everyday. Have you not noticed the number of schools in the US and world wide that have shifted to Chromebooks from Windows PCs and IPads? I am seeing Chromebooks in the wild all the time. I am actually amazed at the rate I am seeing them. Yes, Chrome OS is Linux, but it’s also so much more with the cloud ecosystem that is apart of it.

      • Frederic MANSON

        There isn’t a clear sales/Chromebooks chart for each country. Acer, Lenovo and HP have presented new Chromebooks BUT there are no releases dates. Also, a lot of these new Chromebooks will have their RRP in total confrontation with new W8 cheap laptops which offer more RAM AND storage.

        Chrome OS is not as evolved as Ubuntu (or other Linux), it really lacks a lot of small to medium functions and apps. It isn’t a finished OS. I fear that the Chromebooks will become a “niche” market instead to be a true alternative to Linux/W8 laptops.

        I have a HP 11 G1, I wanted to buy a new Chromebook, a more powerful one with a lot of storage. But, when I see that for €250.00 I have a W8 laptop with 4GB/500GB and for €300.00 I MAY have a Chromebook with 4GB/32GB, my choice is done. Unfortunately for the Chromebook.

        I have the HP 11 G1. It’s a cool but under powered Chromebook, it lacks 4GB for RAM and due to limitations to the actual Chrome OS, it lacks a lot of small but useful functions that are already available in the tiny Puppy Linux (350MB only!!!). Again, the choice is done in favor of Puppy installed in dual boot (or natively) on a cheap W8 laptop.

        I think that to push further the sales of the Chromebooks, Google might follow the steps of Apple and build its own Chromebooks with its own specs, and not to ask OEM/brands to build/switch their laptops to Chrome OS. If all is closely done, the OS and the hardware, then the Chromebooks are the laptop killers for years. IMO.

        • Selling 5,000 chromebooks to best buy vs selling 10,000 to one school district. We aren’t their primary customers. Bulk sales to schools are.

          • Alucard291

            Plus it is likely a long game.

            Kids are used to chrome-os from their schools and hey they may well want a chromebook at home too.

            It may well not be true ofc but it is a sufficiently logical assumption

          • mediumsizedrob

            Why wouldn’t they want to sell 15,000 between best buy and the school district though?

          • There are thousands of school districts. I just gave you the numbers that they get for selling to ONE.

        • HarryWarden

          Yeah, if Google were to follow in Apple’s footsteps, I truly believe Chromebooks could become far more popular than they are currently because they would become higher-quality devices. Google could build and offer different tiers of chromebooks much the way Apple does with its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Sell the high-end at 400-500 (the Pixel was too pricy to be practical for anyone really) and continue offering low-end but still make the low-end better than what companies are currently offering.

        • Denis

          That’s the thing… too many crappy chromebooks like in the old netbook momentum.
          If only they had put 4GB Ram and/or a decent processor in that HP11, we would have a nice Chromebook Made with Google to lead the way.

          Toshiba, that is finally releasing an IPS Chromebook, is shifting away from consumer biz.

          This is going to end like the netbooks. :(

        • othesick

          yeah but i much prefer the idea that chrome os goes the way android does. a nexus product designed almost entirely buy google and built buy a separate company but their are still alternative products build by other companys. aaahhhh imagine a nexus chromebook im drooling here

  • Crow550

    Toshiba did a crappy job advertising. Plain and simple. Most didn’t know they even had a Chromebook out.

    The top sellers in Chrome OS is Acer, HP & Samsung.

    Chrome OS is doing just fine.

    • othesick

      i only found out last month that they had a chromebook out for like a year and the second one is coming out soon. how hard is it to advertise? put an ad or two on youtube and youve already reached like a couple of million people

  • Joseph Dickson

    Sounds like they want to dig into Dell’s business plan

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