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Toshiba Chromebook 2 Already Shipping from Amazon US

Amazon is reported to have begun shipping the new 13.3-inch Toshiba Chromebook 2 ahead of schedule.

While the store listing for the device, which was announced at the IFA 2014 trade show last month, remains “available for pre-order”, some buyers have been sent dispatch confirmation.

Among them is Reddit user LubbockGuy who writes:

“Pre ordered last night [September 22, 2014] and got notice it is shipping today! Should be here tomorrow.”

Amazon offer both the FHD and standard HD versions for pre-order.

The FHD model offers an IPS display at 1920×1080 resolution, 4GB RAM, a 16GB SSD and 9.5 hour battery life for $329.99.

The HD model uses a regular TN panel at 720p resolution and is paired with 2GB RAM and a 16GB SSD. Price: $250.

Toshiba had previously given October 5, 2014 as the street date for both this and the regular HD model in the US.

The device is set to launch in the UK (and select European countries) in the first part of 2015.

  • laq

    i got mine BUT it only had 2G ram and 16G HD i paid for the 4G 32G model! amazon has no reship date!

    • QQ

      How’s the build quality?

      • laq

        nice … i got a samsung 2 at the same time (trying to compare them) and really want the acer to compare … here are my thoughts…

        the ACER came with 2G of ram not 4G and 16G HD not 32G as paid for and is going back to amazon (WAITING for amazon to mail new one to me NO eta yet)
        the screen is very nice (samsung a bit better but i wouldn’t be surprised if this is not the full HD screen), battery life appeared amazing (i didn’t really put through full test), keyboard was so-so (i did get used to it but not as nice as a macbook pro by any means), trackpad was GREAT (nice as macbook pro), BIG CONCERN some lag time on opening multiple browser tabs with netflix open (but it only had 2G ram), solid machine feel.

        the SAMSUNG 2 screen is amazing, battery life seems to be more then 8.5 hours streaming netflix with some internet use at the same time (facebook/google docs/other tabs open not doing anything), keyboard is amazing (i prefer this keyboard), trackpad so-so but better then old samsung (but prefer the acer 10000x), netflix no problem no lag or pauses when opening screens. battery life just netflix maybe 8-10 hours, heavy browsing with lots and lots of tabs 6-8 hours (i THINK) … the screen is great and i actually prefer watching netflix on this to my macbook (i can’t stream 5-10 episodes of anything without power on a macbook pro retina .. no i didn’t watch all that i started shows and did other stuff), some lag time when opening all tabs in a bookmark (10 tabs).

        so where one fell short the other excelled … both with good screens… didn’t really put acer through the tests as it wasn’t the right machine and the lack of memory would affect them.

        acer did have me try to reset the machine for it to see all 4G but no good… looks like they labeled the machine incorrectly

        • I’m confused. This post is about the new Toshiba, yet your comment only mentions Samsung and Acer. What two computers are you comparing exactly?

  • JohnTW

    I had been looking for these on Amazon for weeks and they never came up in a search :( Ordered mine today (Wednesday) for Thursday delivery. I plan to replace the HP Chromebook 14 with the 1080p IPS Toshiba Chromebook 2. Too bad the commenter below isn’t posting in the correct forum. I will try to update here tomorrow.

    • Matthew Wu

      I just did the exact same thing with you,,,replacing the Chromebook 14 with this Full HD one.
      I was going to get the Acer Chromebook 13 until all the bad reviews about the screen….

      Then today when I realize the Toshiba is shipping, I debated hardly on whether to wait for new HP Chromebook 14 or just go with this one…Hope I am making the right choice

  • They run on Bay Trail or Haswell?

    • Aaron Porter

      They run a Bay Trail. They’re still outpaced by year-old chromebooks.

      • Damn it. You are right. Just when everything is looking good.

        • Aaron Porter

          Yeah, I value performance and keyboard over screen. Thus: old HP 14.

          If only it had a 1600×900 IPS panel.

          • Brian Hinton

            Worth noting this Toshiba has a slightly bumped up Baytrail (n2840) which has a slight bump of the Turbo clockspeed, and considering it plays 1080p video without blinking it’s not that bad.

  • Juan David

    Any word on when theyre going to release the cases?

  • phonetichalo

    With free shipping to the UK. Im tempted. what do the import tax’s come in at theses day? Anyone ever ordered anything from to UK?

    • bk8ers bk8ers

      You just pay VAT

    • If you’re ordering from (as a seller/packager) the import fee deposit currently comes out at $51.79 (but also $8.98 for standard shipping, $32.98 for expedited/2-day shipping).

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Sweet. Wasn’t there going to be a variant with 32 GB storage though?

    • Brian Hinton

      I’m curious if the SSD is user serviceable.

  • Mark Permann

    I just reviewed this on Amazon US, where I bought it. It’s great. A touch slower than the first gen model, but a completely acceptable tradeoff for the bright high res IPS screen and smaller and lighter build.

  • dennisvr

    Who can help me decide?

    Reviews are so mixed that I do not know which Chromebook I should buy.
    Luckily there a two prerequisites that limit my choice: a 13 inch and full HD screen.

    Should I buy the Samsung Chromebook 2, Toshiba Chromebook 2 or Acer Chromebook 13 with Tegra K1?
    Usage? Office applications, online graphics manipulation, Lucidpress DTP, streaming video and Spotify.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Rodolfo Duran

      Get the Hp14!!! its the best overall

      • dennisvr

        Thanks! I didn’t know that HP was coming out with a full HD Chromebook. And with a touchscreen too. The Tegra K1 worries me a bit, though (after reading the Acer CB 13 reviews).

        • Anonymoused

          It’s full HD, but be warned that the HP 14’s screens are AWFUL. Incredibly terrible. I recommended one to my boss and I apologized profusely when he brought it in to show me his new toy. It didn’t bother him TOO much, but the viewing angles are crap and the screen’s brightest brightness setting is still much too dim in even the slightest amount of light.

    • Brian Hinton

      Out of those options I’d personally go Toshiba. I wouldn’t touch a non-Intel chipset.

  • Andrew Emerson

    Just saw a review of one and it can’t handle 1080p video :(

    • Brian Hinton

      Incorrect. I’ve seen a YouTube video review, and he plays 1080p video with no issues. And Google+ users that have received it are stating it can play it 1080p just fine.

      • wgabi

        Sadly, this is not entirely true. I have just received mine today, and while I really like it, the video performance is disappointing. It can play 1080p but if it’s a proper full hd content, it will choke on it. Up-scaled videos were playing nicely, but rich detailed ones froze for a split second quite often. :-( Also the page animation when I open a new tab (I use “New New Tab Page”) isn’t smooth as it was on my first gen. acer c720 with only 2gb ram. The laptop is great, the screen fantastic, I for one, still happy with it, for my use it’ll do. But i couldn’t recommend for people who want to watch a lot of full hd content, or other graphically challenging appz. It is a shame that Toshiba messed it up with the processor…

        • Brian Hinton

          Sad to read. Thanks for the information. Perhaps we’ll see some performance improvements in future updates. Have you tried dev / beta channel to see how well it performs?

          • wgabi

            I have changed to beta channel. Unfortunately I can’t see any difference.I gave a little more test on YouTube playing 1080p content.

            Average quality plays quite well, but as we know, many of these videos have not true full hd resolution, only up-scaled.

            The most disturbing is when I tried some 1080p demo videos like this one:

            Samsung HD Demo – Colour Of China 1080p

            It doesn’t even look really sharp and detailed to me, yet I couldn’t play smoothly. It was not enjoyable at all.


            Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay – E3 2014 Official Trailer (1080p HD)

            Which is certainly not real 1080p, at least it looks blurry and washed out on my screen, yet again, at times it stopped for a long second.

            After watching a few of these videos, the browser acted weird, when I was typing, the letters appeared with great delay. It became so slow, that I had to close it, then reopen it. (I’m not sure if it had anything to do with it.)

            As long as I don’t push the Toshiba “too far” (what do people think to play full hd videos, that’s a joke in 2014, right?) it works well. Responsive enough, although my Acer c720 (first gen.) is still more powerful.

            I don’t know what to say. Again, it will do just well for many people, but still… How can my Chinese smartphone be a better performer than a brand new laptop?

            I use Google docs mostly (for writing) so it’s really nice to work with my new Toshiba, the screen is great, I don’t want to go back to the crappy screen on my Acer.

            One of my eye is smiling, the other one is crying.

            Will we ever able to buy a decent chromebook?

          • Brian Hinton

            Worth noting on my Macbook Pro (non-retina) neither of those videos are particularly clear. I blame YouTube. I assume you have a decent internet connection?

            It is weird to have a 1080p screen, and have the device not able to play 1080p video.

            Disappointing to read about the performance limitations, but I’d say the Toshiba is at least a step in the right direction. I’m not with the crowd that thinks it should be all about performance. I’ve always thought the screen is the most important component. It’s the most important thing, because it’s the portal we use to actually use the device. If we can’t see things well…then how is the experience? Then comes battery life, and finally performance. The problem is having the proper cost balance between a good screen, battery life and decent performance.

          • wgabi

            “neither of those videos are particularly clear”

            Exactly, so it should play them easily. My internet connection isn’t the greatest, but I can stream full hd content on any other device, including android mobiles, hp chromebox, core i3 basic windows pc, etc… Just to make sure I tried these two videos on every device, and they had no trouble to play it, even the chromebox did it. But I agree with you, at least this Toshiba a step in the right direction.

            I personally disappointed, because I found it ridiculous not to able to handle full hd videos in 2014. Otherwise I like it very much, I did some work on it today, and I didn’t notice any significant difference to my Acer c720. (I did browse the web – opened a few tabs and wrote a document on google docs). It was so much nicer to do it on the Toshiba, because of its screen :-) So if you are like me, you’d be happy with it…

            …but one of my eye still crying

          • Anonymoused

            They can be processor-heavy videos and still be terribly shot/1080p shot with a dirty lens. Which is what it looks like. The quality of the video doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to performance; it’s the size of the file/type/bitrate.

          • Anonymoused

            To be fair, I tried watching that China video on my work computer. It barely played (it’s not very powerful but it should be faster than a CB) but when it did play for a few seconds without stuttering, the clarity was awful.

            I think that’s just a terrible example; the video quality itself is bad, so you can’t blame the CB for that.

          • wgabi

            I don’t blame the CB for the quality, I blame it for freezing up frames while it’s playing, regardless of the quality of the full hd content, btw it does play well on my pc…

  • Thee Noodle

    Im a college freshman please assure me that this thing is future proof for at least 4 yr +
    I am aware of chromebooks and there limits I’ve been holding out for a model with better screen and smaller footprint the 1080p with 4 gigs sounds like a great performance boost even with the bay trail chip. Please reply !

  • wgabi

    Hi, I live in Spain and I’m thinking on selling my brand new Toshiba chromebook 2 (4gb, 1080p). I need something more powerful, probably a real laptop. I have paid $439 (€348 with custom fees because it came from the US. If anyone interested let me know. I’m willing to give it away for €250 plus shipping fee. (I think I can only ship it in Spain, because of the lithium battery inside.)

    • Juan

      Hi, I live in spain and I am interested in the toshiba chromebook 2 please email me at

      • disqus_jPAuZltUcl

        I have sold it.

      • Juan

        Admin can you please remove this post with my email address?

        • Jesse Dwight Hernandezz

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