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The $330 Toshiba Chromebook 2 Offers a 1080p IPS Display

The new 13.3-inch Bay Trail-powered Toshiba Chromebook 2 has been officially announced, confirming much of what we already knew about it.

As we revealed yesterday, two devices are to be made available in the coming month. The first of these is set to retail at $249.99. It uses a standard TN display pushing a 1366×768 resolution. This is paired with 2GB RAM and a 16GB SSD.

A range of colourful snap cases are available

A range of colourful snap cases add style

A more expensive model will launch for $329.99. This keeps the same 16GB SSD but bumps the memory to a more generous 4GB RAM, hikes the resolution to a full 1080p, and swaps the TN panel out for a stunning IPS screen.

Both models use the dual-core Intel N2840 processor. While this Bay Trail chip is less powerful than that of the Haswell-based Toshiba Chromebook, it does offer up improved battery life.

You can expect to get around 11.5 hours on the standard model and near 9.5 on the FHD version.

Slimmer, Lighter, Brighter

toshiba chromebook 2

The New Toshiba Chromebook 2

Design wise, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 comes in a thinner, lighter chassis. Weight has been brought down to 2.96lbs and thickness reduced to a minute 0.76 inches.

Also included as standard is one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port, full-size HDMI output, a headphones jack, HD webcam and an SD card slot. Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi supporting the faster 802.11ac spec are also included.

Audio company Skullcandy provide an improved set of speakers, which are now positioned to the left and righthand sides of the keyboard.

Toshiba say they will also make available a range of colourful snap on covers, with the first set being available in Charcoal, Aqua, and Rose.

Everything should be on sale by early next month in the US, Toshiba say. European, Australian, and New Zealand releases are to follow shortly after.

  • Now if they could just hurry up and get these down in Australia.

    • Frederic MANSON

      Ditto for Europe!!! (France first!!!)

      • There are at least two of us waiting from France. :)

      • maevian

        yeah France first! cause if it releases in France, it will be avaliable on, so I will be able to order it here in Belgium with no shipping costs and a proper keyboard (AZERTY masterrace :p)

      • Denis

        Anywhere in Europe… I’d them in Italy but I could also get those keyboard stickers to have a regional set of keys

  • SOMEONE IS LISTENING! Thanks, Toshiba.

    • Frederic MANSON

      At last!!!! Next step: a correct and sufficient good 64 gigs SSD. If Toshiba does this, I sign for it instead for the Acer CB5-311 full options!!!! Of course, except if the Acer has the 64 gigs too and that the Nvidia T1 is better than the Baytrail – I am with my HP 11 ARM and it really lacks of powerhorse vs a simple Celeron (2 gigs of RAM is really not enough for this CPU!!!).

      • othesick

        you could just open it and stick in a 64 ssd right? if you need it that bad you could do that or use an external drive

        • jon aldridge

          I’m not sure about this model, but my first gen Toshiba has the ssd on the board. Replacement is not an option. I didn’t buy it with that in mind, but I plan on my next one having user replaceable parts. That being said I love my Toshiba Chromebook. I went to Best Buy to get the hands not even considering this one. Left with it that day.

      • Vincent Pride

        Just buy a MicroSD card

        • Frederic MANSON

          I already have a 128gb one BUT it will be used on my future Asus X205, a cheap but really useful W8.1 laptop sold under €200.00 (VAT inc. – France/Europe).

  • Andrew Emerson

    Almost toshiba. I would have been willing to pay 399 for a haswell chip.

    • CrazyDelta

      True, I don’t know why all these vendors are beating around the bushes.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      Any reason you need the Haswell chip? A chromebook isn’t a powerhouse, it’s not being used as a powerhouse. Chromebooks (generally) are for light browsing, light content creation and facebook. A less powerfull (but battery-friendly!) CPU suffices.

      • Andrew Emerson

        I currently have an acer c720 and it still stutters. There is no way I am going to buy baytrail when the performace is only 15 percent better than a pathetic arm processor.

        • Anonymoused

          Dang, is it really only 15% better? Would you mind running peacekeeper ( I believe) and sharing your results from your Acer c720? I need a computer fast enough to at least stream music in one tab and work in another, or do simple video chatting (which the HP11 is not capable of). It’d be really helpful to see these benchmarks on CBs with different processors!

          • Andrew Emerson

            2926 was my score on the haswell c720. Here is a link of all chromebook benchmarks from peacekeeper to octane. I saw a video of asus c200 running peacekeeper and its score was only 1534. I can’t go back half in processing power. Looks like I’m going to wait it out till toshiba wises up and puts a haswell processor inside.


          • Anonymoused

            Wow, pretty good score. I ran it on my HP11 and I think I barely got over 1000. I need an upgrade from this ARM processor, but I don’t know if it’s worth the plunge if it’s only nominally better.. I know the haswells are great. I’ve used my friend’s a bit and it’s speedy, with no noticeable problems while browsing and opening multiple tabs.

      • Juan David

        Seeing as Chromebooks are meant for one type of job, being on the web. Why not make it the best device at doing so and put in a nice processor that does not have issues loading sites or scrolling through them. If youre buying a chromebook that has ONE job and cant do it well, whats the point of buying it in the first place?

        • JPB

          Because Intel is no longer subsidizing putting Haswell into Chromebooks, so it will be more expensive to do so.

          • Juan David

            How much of a price difference are looking at for an i3 in the new IPS Toshiba?

      • Brian Hinton

        If Google wants Chrome OS to be the next major OS they can’t allow hardware that is designed with the intent of it being just for light use.

        You are narrowing the target to what you believe the audience wants (a very narrow use case), but I’ve seen how many people browse the web, and the majority I’ve witnessed have a dozen or more tabs open with music playing, clicking back and forth between tabs, etc. The Baytrail, and Tegra chipsets (to date) don’t show real world performance that can handle the sort of multitasking a lot of Chrome OS users want.

    • Frederic MANSON

      If you want/need an Haswell in your Chromebook, you can choose good ones. But as it is already said, the Chromebooks are not common laptops so we, Chromebook users, do not need powerhouse laptops. I only claim for a correct 64 gigs SSD instead of the actual 16. Not everyone is working all-time online.

      • Juan David

        Seeing as Chromebooks are meant for one type of job, being on the web. Why not make it the best device at doing so. If youre buying a chromebook that has ONE job and cant do it well, whats the point of buying it in the first place?

      • Anonymoused

        Well, I agree partially – we want nice screens AND processors powerful enough to run some of the more processing-heavy apps. I don’t know why a webcam is included on my HP 11, seeing as this computer is not powerful enough to run Hangouts.
        While a 32/64gb SSD would be better than 16, since the CB WAS made to be on the web, it makes sense that they’d still push more for cloud storage. It’s a hassle, but getting an SSD flash drive is simpler than replacing a processor on these things.

  • Justin Yung

    Really like to see how the IPS version stacks up against the Acer Chromebook 13 with the HD screen.

    • CrazyDelta

      Isnt that one a TN Screen?

      • Justin Yung

        Yep, I think the Acer Chromebook has a TN panel. Would like to see how they compare (IPS should be better for the Toshiba … chip should be better for the Acer … should be interesting how they compare)…

        • Frederic MANSON

          Yes, I actually wait for the Death Match between these twos. My eyes are on the CB5-311 full options and with this new Tosh CB2, I am frankly hesitating… Which one will be graced by the holly €€€ from my credit card??? Bets are open!!!!

          • othesick

            i would go with the toshiba. the acer has had some bad reviews. i read somewhere that they stutter when streaming music and opening a new tab. that sounds awful to me

          • Anonymoused

            Do you know of any websites with benchmarks results (like peacekeeper) for chromebooks? Or if anybody has run this test and posted results? I’d like something faster than my HP 11, and did a quick test on my work computer (no noticeable lag but not incredibly fast) vs my CB. If any CB has scores similar to that of my work pc (~1400 range on chrome) I’d find it acceptable.

            The only thing I can find is octane scores on the cb comparison chart, but as I’ve not used those CBs I can’t practically compare speeds in terms of usage.

  • THIS sounds like the Chromebook for everyone.

    • Frederic MANSON

      I really think so. It’s cheap, well assembled, good internals (except for the SSD – I still claim that a 64 gigs is THE correct size for any Chromebook) and it’s a well known brand. Yup.

    • sonicyoof

      Very close, but it seems it will have a glossy screen.

      • Anonymoused

        Nope, IPS for the $330.

        • Juan David

          its still glossy though

          • Anonymoused

            Same as the HP 11, which is beautiful. Don’t see any problems.

          • othesick

            is a glossy screen that big of a dealbreaker? if you are struggling that bad to see the screen then turn up the brightness lol

          • sonicyoof

            It’s about glare, not brightness. And yeah, I refuse to buy glossy. Only exception is my phone, I guess, since it’s touch screen.

          • othesick

            yeah i can understand that but ive had glossy laptop screens, tablets and phone screens i just turn up the brightness that seems to solve it. i thought thats why being able to turn up the brightness was there? for glare and sunlight. i probably wouldnt be using mine outside so much so thats probably why its not that big of a deal for me

          • Anonymoused

            I just did a quick test — at lower brightnesses, windows behind me in a dark room are pretty distracting. But at 50% brightness+ in a dark room, the window behind me is much less noticeable, and it probably wouldn’t have bothered me if I wasn’t looking for it (but after noticing it, I did want to re-position myself a bit). At full brightness, reflections are still there but go unnoticed. I don’t know if this is because the screen at this point is blinding me or just because it blends enough so that it doesn’t quite matter.

  • QQ

    The best Chromebook yet imo. 0.76″ thin, 1080p IPS, 4GB RAM and under $350.

    • Frederic MANSON

      Minus the low 16 gigs of SSD. A 64 gigs one and THIS Chromebook would have been THE Window killer!!!

      • RGS

        16GB is enough for a chromebook. 32GB helps for those who would like to install Crouton. If you plan on using this for movies, just buy a SD card, or use a USB drive. For those who are content with Chrome OS, I dont think the low storage will be much of an issue. I always welcome increased storage, but 64GB for a chromebook is just wishful thinking.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      Minus the jacked up resolution. Samsung Chromebook 2 offers 1980×1020 on a similar 1080p 13.3″ display.

      • QQ

        It’s not IPS. It’s over $350. It has a slow(er)? processor.

      • Anonymoused

        Jacked? The IPS version is 1080p, 1980×1020. That’s the $330 one. The 2GB RAM version has 720p and no IPS screen.

  • I love love love my Toshiba Chromebook, and am salivating for this one, but with the new Broadwell Intel processors on the way soon, I’m tempted to hold off for a 3rd version.

    • Vince Kawanishi

      I’m holding off. I’m tempted, very tempted, by this, but Baytrail and the glossy screen on the 1080p varient is putting me off. Next year sometime, I’d bet there will be a Broadwell driven Toshiba with a matte 1080p screen; that’s when I buy my next Chromebook.

      I don’t think that anyone who buys one of these will be disappointed however.

    • Exactly! Put Broadwell in this package and you’ve got the closest thing to an ultrabook that we’re going to get from a Chromebook.

    • Brian Hinton

      Broadwell isn’t coming until Q1 2015, or later. Then we’ll be holding off for Skylake. Personally I’d buy now, and upgrade with Skylake. Broadwell is basically just a die shrink (resulting in less power drain, and heat), though theoretically we should see Haswell (or better) performances instead of the slower benchmarks we see in Baytrail. I’ll believe it when I see it. That said Skylake will see performance boost based on Broadwell’s smaller die, and we should see larger performance gains.

  • Vin

    Looks like I got my HP-14 Chromebook 3 weeks too early.

    • Iiari

      As an HP 14 owner, I would totally disagree. The Toshiba may have a better screen, but it’s smaller, you don’t get cellular data, and you get a slower chip. HD and memory are the same. The ONLY thing it has is the IPS, HD screen.

      If HP puts one of those on its next gen HP 14, then they’ve got my money…

  • Blaine Badiuk

    I am hoping they release these in Canada.

  • John snow

    Is there a comparison matrix for all current/upcoming Chromebooks?

  • Curtis Mitchell

    1080p IPS and an Intel CPU? FINALLY A shame it is Bay Trail but I am willing to take the hit in performance for my screen, assuming the reviews of it are positive.

    • Anonymoused

      Here, here! “Finally!” is what ran through my head when I read the news! I’ll be purchasing the 4GB, 1080p IPS version in the coming month :)

    • othesick

      its almost as if they listened to what the people want. instead of feeding us garbage they are actually going to start making better hardware. i dont mind the bad viewing angles its the washed out look that i cant stand. my 4 year old acer has a better screen than 98% of all chromebooks out there and its still got dirt stuck to it that my 3 year old nephew stuck on it one weekend years ago that i still cant scrub off. its the tiny crappy screens that have stopped me from buying one

  • bloke

    hmmm… reviews i’ve read say the bay trail is sluggish. i think it was techradar.
    if so i prefer the 8 hour zippy haswell over 11 hours of sluggish performance.

    • It is sluggish. But, it’s manageable, especially with 4gb of ram. I really enjoy the fact my asus c300 is completely cool and silent all the time.

    • Thomas Raven

      I don’t find it at all sluggish.

  • ladyofperpetulmotion .

    what does this have to do with taking a screenshot?

  • Alois

    2GB RAM is garbage !!!

    • Nicholas

      you can get 4GB, read a little buddy

  • Denis

    Finally an alternative to the HP 11 (ips screen talking)

  • Thee Noodle

    Im a college freshman please assure me that this thing is future proof for at least 4 yr +
    I am aware of chromebooks and there limits I’ve been holding out for a model with better screen and smaller footprint the 1080p with 4 gigs sounds like a great performance boost even with the bay trail chip. Please reply !

    • Bluegrapes

      I don’t know. If it came with a Haswell celeron processor like it’s predecessor it might of been future proof for 4 years but it comes with a baytrail Atom processor :(

    • Nick V

      Google is giving ChromeOS a 5 year lifespan, per device (not OS)

  • Nick V

    I really want this in an 11.6 inch version./

  • Bob O’Mara

    i love this Chromebook 2 — screen is unreal — no issues with speed…keyboard is great as is the touch pad. What is the best resolution for everyday tasks and reading?

  • Ramo Izzat

    I bought it two days ago (the IPS, 4gig version) and I’ve been using in extensively since then. I love this little device with its bright colorful screen, noiseless (Fanless) design, loud and crisp (Skullcandy) sound and it’s reliable performance. however, It’s far from perfect, the space bar is unresponsive (will not register) if clicked anywhere but in it’s middle section, the touch pad is not that smooth and may show resistance to finger slide and the overall look of this laptop is conservative to say the least.
    TLTR; If you look for the best Chromebook display and sound on market then this Chromebook for you.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • nba

    Where can I purchase in the uk?

  • Kurt Edelbach

    mine stutters with 1080p Youtube playback, even after letting it buffer for a while. Disappointing.