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‘Undo Close Tab’ Among New Features in Latest Chrome for Android Release

Improved support for multi-window devices, like the Galaxy Note 2, also arrives

Chrome for Android Undo now shows this Undo Tab notification

Google Chrome for Android has hit version 35, bringing a handful of new features with it in the process.

A number of features introduced in an earlier beta build of the browser have been deemed robust enough to graduate to the stable channel.

This includes a handy on-screen ‘undo’ button that makes recovering closed web pages easier. It requires no special flags or options to be pressed; after a tab has been closed an on-screen bubble appears for a few seconds, more than enough time to quickly reopen anything accidentally closed.

Support for fullscreen viewing of videos loaded in the browser also arrives in this update, with new HTML5 controls to manage playback making the experience more pleasant. Those running the browser on an Android device with multi-window mode, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will benefit from various improvements to sizing and handling.

Google Chrome for Android is a free download and works on phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later.

Download Google Chrome Beta for Android

  • calden74

    I already pain painstakingly clear my history now I have to worry about lazarus tabs. Enough with the hiding, I should just tell my wife that I have a furry fetish and get it over with.

  • Guest

    This feature isn’t working for me

  • Jake Russo

    Isn’t that just Ctrl+Shift+T?

    • That’s on the desktop version of the browser. This is on mobile.

      • Jake Russo

        lol, should’a read the post huh?

  • Angy Pangy

    How do I disable the toast message on Android that says this, it’s pissing me off, plz help!

  • Tom King

    Nice feature. Now all we need are a Home and Print button turned on by default in the Desktop browser and the pop up side, scrolling “toolbar wheel” from the stock Android browser available as on option for the mobile version of Chrome.