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Send Chrome tab to mobile devices

Google Chrome 77 Adds an Insanely Useful New Feature

Google Chrome makes it easier to send Chrome tabs to your phone and vice versa with a new "Send to Your Devices" tab context menu in Chrome 77.

11 September 2019

Chrome Will Discard Your ‘Least Interesting’ Tabs To Free Memory

A new power-saving feature is heading to Google Chrome automatically 'discards' background tabs to free up memory.

29 July 2015

Silence Noisy Sites Faster with Chrome’s New ‘Tab Audio Muting’ Feature

The latest Chrome Dev release introduces a new one-click tab audio muting feature that lets you silence a site without having to close it.

5 October 2014

‘Undo Close Tab’ Among New Features in Latest Chrome for Android Release

Google Chrome for Android has hit version 35, bringing with it an easy way to reopen accidentally closed web pages and control in-tab video.

21 May 2014