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WebRTC arrives on Chrome for Android 29

Chrome for Android has been updated to version 29, adding support for WebRTC, which enables video and voice communication directly in the browser without a plugin.

The highlight feature in this release is support for WebRTC, which is an open web standard for video and audio communication via the browser. Web app support is still limited, but the Chrome browser is ready for future developments of the web.

In addition, support for WebAudio has been added, allowing developers to process and synthesise audio in web applications.

Minor visual improvements have been made to the app as well. There is now a visual indication when scrolling to the top or bottom of a page – a burst of glowing light like other applications in Android. There is also a new colour picker UI for web forms.

You can find today’s update in the Google Play Store. Chrome requires Android 4.0+ to use.

Chrome for Android

  • I’m still running version 28 and Google Play mentions nothing about an update. How can I force it to update to the latest and greatest version?

    • You pretty much should give it time to roll out AFAIK. Only takes about a day, usually.

      • Yup, eventually it rolled out to me. Another question, a bit off topic. Does anyone know how to revert back to the original CR-48 BIOS? And if it’s possible where can I download the BIOS firmware/file/image. And once that has been done could I use the USB drive with the backup/restore files on it that I made using my Acer C7 chromebook? Any help or advice would be nice. Thanks

  • Paul

    Too bad nobody has made use of WebRTC, so no we really CAN’T video chat on our devices in Chrome…yet

    • .

      why not get started then by yourself?

    • SilentLennie

      You can create a 40 line webpage/webserver code yourself pretty easily and can video chat with anyone you sent to the same page.

      It really is that simple.