One of the wonderful things about using a Chromecast is how easy it is to use. From initial set-up to ‘casting’ content from apps and websites, Google has tried to keep things simple. 

In fact, it’s likely this simplicity that has helped the tiny dongle become a success.

To help show potential new buyers just how easy the Chromecast is Google has posted a series of short video clips to its various YouTube channels over the past year. 

These videos cover the essentials: how to get set-up and how to cast content, plus tips on getting the most from some of its less obvious features.

How to Set Up Chromecast using Android / iPhone

The first thing to do after buying a Chromecast is to get excited set it up by following the easy to follow instructions inside the packaging.  For additional help this official Google Help video walks through the whole process, step by step.

How To Customise Your Chromecast Backdrop

When nothing is being cast to your TV the Chromecast will show a stunning background image and some basic network information.

But did you know that you can customise this other info, like weather information and your own personal photos? Oh yes.

How To Cast Any Website to Your TV

if you want to cast any website to your TV with a single click you’ll need to use the Chrome browser on your desktop PC, laptop or Chromebook and add the official Google Cast extension.

How To Mirror Your Android Device on Your TV

Not all applications support Chromecast — but that doesn’t mean you can’t see them on your TV.

Whether you’re wanting to let other watch your progress in Angry Birds, browse Google Earth nice and large, or show off holiday selfies, Android screen mirroring for Chromecast is a versatile feature and one well worth taking advantage of.

How To Use Your Android Device As a Remote

One of the great things about the way Chromecast works is it lets your smartphone, tablet or laptop control what is being seen on screen in intuitive ways.

On apps like YouTube and Netflix you can control volume and playback from your device, no need for a separate remote.

Set Up Chromecast Guest Mode

Anyone on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast can shunt content to it. But what if you want people to be able to play one of the growing crop of Chromecast games or queue up YouTube videos during a party but without letting them know your Wi-Fi password?

Easy: enable guest mode.

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