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Acer Bay Trail Chromebook Hands On Video

acer chromebook cb3It continues to be a busy month for Acer, having finally formally launched their new Intel Core i3-based Chromebooks, and seen word of two upcoming portables ‘leak’ online.

It’s one of these latter devices, the Bay Trail toting ‘CB3’, that this week gained a bit more exposure, courtesy of popular German tech website Present at an Acer press event in Germany, their bloggers were able to snatch an exclusive, advance hands-on with the upcoming 11.6-inch notebook.

We shared the entire specifications and its European pricing with you earlier in the week, but nothing beats seeing the device, which is rumoured to be marketed as the “Acer Chromebook 11”, in hand.

It features a dual-core Intel Bay Trail processor running at 2.16GHz, an 11.6-inch screen, 2GB RAM (expandable to 8GB) and a 16GB SSD. It’s accompanied by the usual selection of ports, SD card reader and audio jack.


According to the video the Acer Chromebook 11 (CB3-111) will go on sale in Europe sometime this month.

Is the low price worth the trade off in speed?  That’s for you to decide.

  • Frederic MANSON

    For €219.00 it’s a good Chromebook. The power of the CPU is not so important for a Chromebook. The ChromeOS is much more lighter than other OS. The kernel is really optimised. It’s OK that the more RAM you have, the more tabs you open without lags. This point is very well understood with an option to 8 gigs. The weakest point as always is the screen. I am with a HP 11 and its wonderful IPS screen. I really do not want to buy a new Chromebook with a cheap “standard” TN screen. Never.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      Speaking about RAM: I have 4 GB in my Samsung Chromebook 2 13″. It’s a little bit laggy sometimes with tabs. Not too laggy, but I was just wondering if upping that to 8 GB would help (if it’s possible to upgrade myself)?

      • oldman_60

        Adding RAM will not help you CB 2 13″ to perform better. Samsung Exynos Octa core ( 4 big and 4 little ) is not very powerful. It is even less powerful than my Acer C7. I believed with 4 big cores, the Samsung 2 13″ would perform better when running concurrently multiple applications. Not really. To check if CPU is a problem ,
        1) Open a crosh tab ( ALT + CTRL + T),
        2) On the crosh tab, run the Linux top (top) command to check RAM and CPU utilization
        3) Detach the crosh tab and shift it to the right ( Alt + [ ) of your screen
        4) Shift he other chrome tabs to the left ( Alt +[ ) of your scree
        5) Run some heavy chrome applications on other Chrome tabs which are on the left and check CPU and RAM utilization (Swap space as well) on the right

        • Heimen Stoffels

          Performance on my CB2 13″ is not a problem most of the time. Running multiple apps, multiple tabs and stuff is not a problem at all. It’s just that sometimes with a few tabs open (esp. with Flash Player involved) it tends to slow down a little. Not much, but noticeable. That’s it. Normal performance is great for me.

  • Sean Lumly

    It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve seen, but the specs look interesting. I wonder who designs these things: it’s like they went out of their way to make its look, uh, _questionable_.

  • Skid Roe

    Does it have a fan? Why don’t people ever mention whether or not these things are fanless? It’s important to me.

    • KC69

      Bay Trail class processors are fanless, so this one is.

      • Skid Roe

        Thanks, now I’m more interested.

  • Guest
  • Here’s a larger resolution picture of the Laptop;

    The info beside the Laptop in the picture says it has 4GB of RAM.

  • moe
  • HarryWarden

    Is the RAM user-upgradeable or something that you need to select when buying it originally like you would a custom-built Apple or Dell from their websites?

  • Peddler

    And forgets to turn it on…

  • poorplayer

    Boy, the definition of “hands on” is getting really literal these days. I expected to see someone at least minimally using the computer to do something. Doesn’t even turn it on! This guy literally only has his “hands on” the computer and nothing else. A bit deceptive, Joey!

  • r4in

    Nah. An expandable RAM is nice, but otherwise C720 is still a better choice.