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New, Cheaper 11-inch Acer Chromebook Leaks Online

acer chromebook cb3Details and pricing of yet another new Chromebook from Acer have leaked online.

The Acer Chromebook CB3 is an 11.6-inch notebook that looks remarkably similar to the Tegra K1 device from the company that appeared online last month.

But rather than the 13.3-inch screen and Tegra SoC that that model is purported to use, the CB3 features an 11.6-inch screen, Intel Celeron N2830 (Bay Trail) processor chugging along at 2.13GHz and paired with 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

In short: fairly standard specifications. Or is it… 

Faster, Cheaper, Expandable report that the device will go on sale in Europe priced at €219, which isn’t a bad price by any stretch. Better yet, they also report that the memory is not soldered on to the board but housed in a slot. This means, theoretically at least, that owners should be able to swap the 2GB RAM stick for something larger.

The now ubiquitous 1366×768 resolution features, albeit with a glossy rather than matte finish, and there’s 16GB of eMMC storage for housing all your files (but not too many offline Google Play Movies!).


Ports and expandability-wise there are a pair of USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0) and a full-sized HDMI out. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and webcam are all included, and the built-in battery is good for 8 hours.

If pricing and specifications are accurate, the CB3 would fill an interesting slot in Acer’s Chrome device lineup. Compared to the Acer Chromebook C720, the newer model is a little less powerful, but far more power efficient.

With the C720 retailing at €230 in Europe the arrival of a cheaper, faster device means that prices could fall into super tempting territory in the near future…. 

  • Francisco Gómez García

    Nice, Chromebooks are getting decent! And if Google finally delivers them on Spain, it would be a great deal round here! (cheapest laptops cost round 400€, use Windows 8.1 and are sloooow)

  • nik

    Baytrail faster than haswell? Don’t think so.

    • Brian Hinton

      Agreed. It’s not going to be faster. The higher GHz might put it on par with the one in the c720.

      • Alexandru Stoian

        It won’t even get close. The Haswell in the c720 scores almost double in benchmarks compared to this Baytrail.

  • Scott Bassett

    Having the ability to upgrade RAM is great. I have a 4GB HP Chromebook 14 and it is much faster than the 2 GB Chromebook I previously owned. However, I don’t understand how a Bay Trail processor is faster than a Haswell Celeron used in the C720.

  • Mobile_Dom

    is there any indication that the Bay-trail SoCs are faster than the Tegra K1

  • Richard Humphrey

    I would like to see the octane test
    I thought intel baytrail was slower than Intel Celeron chips

    • nik

      It is. Way slower, looking at Octane at least. Only benefits are the option to go fanless (not that I hear my Haswell-fan blowing but still), and it runs a few hrs longer on a charge.

  • moe

    Make it a 12.8 inch laptop like the pixel,and full hd screen with 4 gb ram and then you might finally have a laptop worth buying

    • kida

      12.8″ and full HD. You must have eagle eyes. Full HD on the 13″ Samsung 2 is already way too much.

      • Lauri

        But at least you can always change the zoom level in the settings above 100% if pages look too small. I think the WXGA screens look quite pixelated even on a 10″ screen.

  • The Baytrail is faster *per watt*, but slower overall. Real-world performance for the Baytrail will be lower than the 2955u C720, and likely the C710 with a 1007u for non-GPU-bound tasks.

    • Hassie

      Unless really cheap I do not see why anyone would want anything besides the 2955U inside.

  • Loki

    The theoretical RAM upgrade is the only appeal that I see to this. I’m inclined to just stay with my C720.