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ASUS C200 Chromebook Review Praises ‘Unbeatable’ Battery Life

Asus-C200-openMore details on the ASUS Chromebooks are starting to seep out as it creeps closer to its tentative release date this May.

The latest info on the the 11.6-inch C200 model comes courtesy of Ohio-based certified Google reseller Promevo, whom ASUS has gifted a model ahead of formally releasing it to retail.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given that their business is centred around selling Google products, support and hardware, their review of the notebook is largely positive, noting:

“It easily fits in the palm of the hand and is very light. ASUS’s decision to use the Bay Trail processor means excellent power efficiency without compromising performance.”

To back performance claims up the team ran a quick benchmark on it using Google’s Octane utility. It scored a fairly respectable 7,387. This compares favourably when stacked against the Toshiba 13 and ARM-based HP 11 Chromebooks, which are reported to hit 10,400+ and 5,300+ respectively.

While there is a performance trade off it’s not going to be one that’s hugely noticeable. But what it might lack in speed compared to its rivals it makes up for in battery life, as Promevo go on to note:

“Battery life is a crucial factor …the 10 hour battery life of the ASUS C200 is unbeatable in it’s class. We used it on battery power the whole work day and still had power left to spare at the end of the day.”

The store concludes that the extended battery life, thin design, performance and low price combine to make the C200 a ‘strong competitor’.

With prices starting from $249 in some places, it looks like the ASUS C200 could end up being the best all round performer. Hopefully details on its bigger brother, the 13.3-inch C300, aren’t too far behind.

  • Dragonbite

    Sounds pretty good to me, and the price isn’t too bad overall either.

  • Lucho

    Fanless? Since it’s bay tail I would think so, but I haven’t read confirmation on this. Has anyone seen confirmation? Source?

    • I’ve asked Promevo to see, like you I’m inclined to think it will be fanless.

    • companyemails

      Yes it is fanless.

  • Eric Anderson

    The Dell gets just as good, if not better battery life, and has better performance. I wouldn’t be too optimistic thinking this will be the next best Chromebook.

    • Sadly you can’t walk into best buy and pick up the Dell as it’s primarily an ‘education’ exclusive, but you (theoretically, anyway) will be able to with the ASUS.

      • Eric Anderson

        Good point, but I think if something is all around a better value it’s worth shopping online for :)

        • Wildnorth

          I ordered my Dell and it was on my doorstep in 3 days. It’s not an education exclusive.

          • Sebastiaan Franken

            Not exclusive no, but primarily marketed at education (as seen by the title)

          • calden74

            What does that have to do with anything, can you still buy it as easily as any other PC or laptop on their website, yes. The Dell XPS says made for gaming and the Dell Venue 11 Pro business do I have to use it for those purposes, not at all, it’s just marketing.

          • Sebastiaan Franken

            I don’t know where you live but if you buy a Enterprise product as a consumer here you’ll get the perks that come with that (faster support, 24 hour service if the thing dies on you).

            I don’t get what you’re making such a big deal of to be honest. I never said you couldn’t get it as a consumer, I just said Dell is targeting them at professsionals/education becasue they seem to think there’s more money in it for them like that.

    • wildnorth

      My Dell gets ridiculous battery life. I don’t know what it’s officially rated at, but it appears to get around 10 hours, and the Haswell chipset tested above 11000 on the Octane test. Could never go back to Exynos now that I’ve had a taste of what Haswell can do.

  • Sean Lumly

    The price, the performance, and (mostly) the battery life is tempting me to consider this in comparison to the Samsung Chromebook 2. Truth be told, I prefer the style of the Samsung Chromebook 2, but the performance/battery of this device is very compelling.

  • bicei

    Yuck at that thick bezel on the 11″.

    Really wish the 13″ would have been 1080p.

    Hate having to go with the Samsung ARM variants as they wont be as fast/compatible & will have a shorter lifespan with future updates.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      > as they wont be as fast/compatible
      Not true, my Samsung ARM machine is still as fast as when I bought it, and I can run 99% of alle apps in the store, excpet for Chrome Remote Desktop, which is getting fixed

      > will have a shorter lifespan with future updates.
      Again not true, mine is still being updated. As long as the dev servers keep churning out ARM builds we’re good, and Google has no reason what so ever to stop churning out ARM builds.

      • abchromeostu

        I have the Samsung also, there are still many situations in which the ARM version of certain features are treated as a 2nd class citizen.

        The update comment was referring to horsepower. X86 CPU’s have have alot more headroom to run future updates while ARM is already being pushed too it’s limits & has to be rapidly improved every year to keep pace.

        I love ARM & believe it is the future. But regardless of what people think, ChromeOS is a desktop OS in sheeps clothing & therefor currently requires the kind of power only x86 can provide.

        • Sebastiaan Franken

          X86 isn’t very efficient. A lot of the clockcycle is wasted, as shown by Apple (ugh, I know) in they’re keynote when switching from PPC to X86. The ARM instructionset is very “clean” in that sense, no overhead and long chains; which is why I think ChromeOS can run just fine on ARM. Don’t forget that X86 has a 30+ year head start on ARM, and look how hard and fast ARM has grown in the past ~5 years.

    • calden74

      The original Samsung has already been out for two years, in computer years that’s pretty ancient. Seems like a pretty long lifespan to me, can I ask what you were basing your comment on. 1080p is still pretty rare in the Chromebook world as the Samsung is the only one to have it thus far and I would expect not see many more with that rez till next year.

  • Mehmed

    If this bay trail soc gets like 7.400 points then intel baswell (14nm, fanless design, higher clocks, better gpu, higher ram speed) would be able to get like 9.000 points which would be great for a little soc. I think i now know which Chromebook i will get. Ah, and it seems Samsung is working on another Exynos 5 after 5410, 5420, 5422 (5800) there seems to be a 5430. They should have got an Exynos Octa with 2,4 ghz + 1,8 ghz right from the start with an mali 628 mp8 (8 cores not 6) with 695 mhz. THEN it would be even better then Snapdragon 801. But this way? NO!

    • I read something a while back that the Octa is largely considered to be a misstep. Didn’t deliver the performance/power leaps intended.

    • calden74

      What benchmark method was used for those numbers. The benchmarks for the Celeron N2830 have been out for a while now so you don’t have to guess. It is faster than the Samsung Exynos but much slower than the 2955U found in the Asus 720.

  • No Fans Please

    If this is fanless it might replace the samsung arm chromebooks as what I recommend to people. I love my samsung chromebook, but it is a little slow sometimes, not to mention the odd application that won’t run on ARM (chrome remote desktop sharing for example).

    I wish these companies would make a bigger deal out of fanless builds. Not only are they quieter, but they don’t get clogged up and overheat like many laptops with fans do. The less moving parts in a laptop, the better.

  • KC69

    This seems like the best fanless chromebook out there. I am inclined to see how that Octane score translates in everyday usage before getting one.

  • norcal1953

    I’m spoiled by tablet screens. I’m reluctant to buy any laptop at all unless it has a good IPS screen with some attempt at color accuracy – hoorah for the HP Chromebook 11. If Samsung’s new Chromebooks have similar screens, or this Asus, I’m sold, but until then I’m on the fence. I might eventually give up waiting and just get the HP Chromebook 11, but so many reviewers have blasted it for being slow, I’m in no hurry.

    • calden74

      The HP isn’t fast by any meaning of the word and would defiantly frustrate you, skip it.

  • freeiam

    Nice chrome apps here:

  • Dan

    wont be going ARM again unless it gets support for play music upload.

    • calden74

      What,does ARM have to do with anything, apps are all online and have nothing to do with architecture. Why not just put your music on the local machine and play it that way.

  • spacey

    Let’s hope the C300 has some decent horse power under the lid!

    • calden74

      You don’t have to cross your fingers, a little research on the matter and you can easily find how the CPU performs, there are many sites that have already benchmarked the Celeron found in the C300.

  • Chan

    overall, Asus c200 seems to be not good enough for people who already owned a chromebook (I owned a toshiba chromebook). I also pre-ordered a samsung chromebook 2 11.6, but I may cancel my order given that the improvement in performance doesn’t seem promising.

    I now rest my hope for HP chromebook 2 and Pixel 2. My ultimate dream chromebook is the form of LG ultrapc format!

    • calden74

      What’s a UltraPC format, do you mean AIO.

      • Chan

        LG launched an Ultrapc notebook. I played around it a bit in Korea. Gosh it is so beautiful. I haven’t never something like this before: a 13.3 notebook which look and feel like a 11.6 one, with its screen bezel trimmed down to virtually nothing and being claimed to weigh 980 g only. The weakest link is the battery life though. If chrome OS is used instead, then it will be something even better than Chrome Pixel

        • calden74

          Cool, sounds nice, the Chromebooks are defiantly missing more premium models.


    This is a great addition to the Chromebook community.

  • Alex Nemets

    Another piece of junk added to chromebook lineup. How they expect anyone to be happy with the product which by definition is not fit to what it definition is? No Skype, Hangouts does not work, you can not install anything on that piece of junk at all! It designed to work with single worse browser after IE6 – had problem with most of the video formats and does not work with the sites build in HTML 5.
    Only one plus, but do not know for how long – no viruses yet. Most likely because those guys who create viruses don’t think that it worth their time to bother???

    • anon

      Install Linux you filthy, filthy casual.

      • Alex Nemets

        Use DOS then, why would you use anything better if that one works? When you claim that you introducing something more advance and better – either provide it or move out of business!

        • Jennifer J

          Everyone just ignore the troll

          • Alex Nemets

            Hello troll. Nice to meet you. My name Alex, what is yours?

      • Alex Nemets

        Hey moron, use Commodor 64, works better for jerks like you.

    • Ben

      I think you are being extremely ignorant to other peoples needs. When you think that the biggest reason most people buy computers for is the internet, and doing the odd piece of word processing, this is ideal. The WebKit used by chrome is good, and google docs is more than enough for most people. Your statement that Hangouts doesn’t work is completely unfounded, if it has a mic, it can run Hangouts. And html5 runs fine, I don’t know where you got that from. It is also unlikely to get viruses as you can’t really tamper with the OS by accident.

      • Alex Nemets

        I got this info from my own experience after I bought this junk 3 weeks ago as a gift. I had to find some way to apologize for that gift because person could not use it.

        At first I thought that it is person fault and than when all was shown to me I had to agreed that it is piece of junk and I am going to replace it with similar by size regular laptop.

        And by the way look closely at HTML 5 disclaimer: Chrome support: partial!!!

        Hangouts- I send way over 100 invites to my friends all over the USA and Europe – none received invites at all. And it worked only on a single computer where Chrome was opened and person was logged into Gmail account!

        So it is a junk from any point of view.

        • fuzzylumpkins

          It’s really hard to read through the spelling and grammatical errors. He MUST be trolling; no one can be this ignorant.

          • Alex Nemets

            except maybe you. Where did you learn English and did you ever heard of Microsoft spell checker?

          • Alex Nemets

            Most loud barking from mongrel dogs. Silence and endurance – hallmark of the breed.So, bark while you can…

    • Francesco Lodovici


  • r4in

    Why glossy screen. :-(

  • Craig Hansen

    If Asus can do a version with 4GB RAM instead of 2GB, and with a 1080p screen instead of 720p, I’m there. My last laptop was a Win7 Asus and it’s still running four years later.

    • Linh Nguyën

      And how much are you willing to pay for such Chromebook?

      • Craig Hansen

        I’d be willing to pay at least up to the $399 that the Samsung Chromebook 2 13.3-inch model costs, which is more than the C300 costs. If they can manage to upgrade the screen to IPS instead of TN, maybe even slightly above that.

        • Linn

          they do have 4GB RAM however I only found it to be available on the US amazon.