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Google Store To Start Selling the ASUS Chromebook Flip

chromebook flip google store listing

The Google Store is touting the Chromebook Flip

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is gearing up to be sold through the official Google Store. 

A product listing for the convertible Chromebook has been spotted by browsers of the Store in both the US and UK and billed as ‘coming soon’.

For US buyers the device will retail on Google’s store at the same price points as elsewhere: the model with 2GB RAM will cost from $229, the 4GB RAM version from $259.

UK buyers are limited solely to the 4GB model, which is in keeping with product listings from other online retailers in the country. Attempting to select the 2GB model will throw a ‘configuration is not an option’ notice.

The New Store

‘Google has so far only offered one Chromebook through its new online store in the UK – the pricey Pixel’

With a slick aluminum body, first-rate IPS display and novel foldable form factor the ASUS Chromebook Flip has always had a slight touch of the flagship about it.

Google has so far only offered one Chromebook through the new Google Store in the UK since it was launched back in March: the pricey Chromebook Pixel 2. Both the older Pixel and the ‘by Google’ HP Chromebook 11 were sold through the Google Play Store’s ‘devices’ section.

Whether this surprise decision to sell the ASUS Chromebook Flip directly is a one off or the first of many such much device that Google plan to offer… Well, that remains to be seen.

But for now it does sure give the 10.1-inch portable a drab more prestige. It’s a flipping flagship in all but name.

ASUS Chromebook Flip on the Google Store

An earlier version of this article suggested this is the first non-Pixel to be sold in the new Google Store anywhere.This is only the case in the UK. Several non-Pixel devices are already offered in the US.
  • moe

    Chrome Os feels like its slowly fading in the background. No big announcements in terms of updates or from manufactures like samsung, Toshiba..

    • no big announcements… yet.

    • ChaXXon

      I agree Moe, but time will tell.

    • Homer J. Simpson

      Maybe it means they’re working on something big? My only wish is for Android dev IDE of sorts.

    • jeffmaz

      No big announcements needed. Chrome OS updates so the time, not once a year. A dozen or more manufacturers keep rolling out new models, year round. Slowly Chromebooks get more features, more there are lots of models to choose from

      • Wolfie


        I love that I don’t have to get caught up in hardware specs. Chrome will run just as well on a $159 Chromebook as it does on my Asus C100 as it would on the lofted Google Pixel. Though working on a Pixel would be epic.

    • Mi Pen

      Well I just finally gave up on Windows 10. Too many bugs. Games stuttering and hanging while in menus. Lower FPS. And some recent games, let alone old ones refusing to work with Windows 10.

      Seeing a new take on the old Black Screen of Death is not encouraging. (Not quite an old scary black screen of death, it just goes black and hangs up, while starting games and requiring Windows 10 to be hardware restarted)

      The Start Menu metro style apps seem good, but they seem to run in the background and hammer my bandwidth.

      Right now for gaming at least, Windows 10 is poor. I’ve had no choice, but to roll back to Windows 7 on my Windows Partition.

      • James Bell

        Wow, completely irrelevant to the comment and to the article. Nice job!

        • Mi Pen

          No one cares.

          • James Bell

            Apparently you cared enough to reply.

            Let’s try to stay on topic, okay?

          • Mi Pen

            Oh grow up. Stop trying to act like this has anything to with the topic. Your just being a tool.

          • James Bell


            I’m not acting at all. What you said truly didn’t have anything to do with the topic.

      • Wolfie

        I’ve played 20 minutes of Witcher 3 after upgrading my gaming rig to Windows 10 (finally popped). I did see any noticeable differences in game play, but Windows 10 did break my steam big screen shortcut (xbox button on the game pad). Made me sad =(

        Will troubleshoot tomorrow. lol.

    • Zack

      Does it need to have big announcements in order to stay relevant?

  • Legione13

    Does anybody have any sense of when retailers will start stocking the 4GB model? Everybody’s listing it as not yet in stock. B&H is allowing preorder of the 4GB model for $249, so I ordered there, but if it’s available elsewhere sooner…

    • I’m guessing there has been a slight (intentional) delay on ASUS part. This may or may not have something to do with a possible upcoming Back to School Chromebook campaign.

    • atc-tech

      I have no idea what all happened. I managed to snag one of the very few that Amazon sold. Paid the price listed on the Google store, but with prime shipping. So far, I’m loving it.

  • Blackleg Woodworks

    Can we have the google store opened to more countries! Sick of missing out

  • Mi Pen

    Now if only it also ran Android apps it would be perfect.

    • James Bell


    • Wolfie

      ARC is in beta, Mi. I’m sure it won’t be too far off =)

    • ClikFire _

      I wish Google would just combined their mobile and desktop like MS has.

  • How’s the keyboard on the Flip? I have a 11.6″ Chromebook and wouldn’t mind a smaller one.

    • It’s billed as being almost full sized but some amazon reviewers have used the word “cramped”. I suspect the clincher will depend on the size of your hands: I have small hands and have always found ASUS’ ‘nearly full sized’ keyboards fine to use.

      • Alright, thanks. I’m a fairly large guy (beefy fingers), but I figured it couldn’t be that much more cramped than my Microsoft Multimedia keyboard or my Chromebook’s keyboard. I’ll see if I can get a demo unit/stalk someone with one to try the keyboard.

        • Wolfie

          Typing on the Asus C100 is a breeze, for me at least. I love this little guy. I’ve had 20 tabs open at once, music going via Google All Access, and Hangouts up all the same time and this guy handles it no problem. I’ve amended my business plan on the ASUS C100 via Google Docs (it’s a 47 page document), used real time board (whiteboard app) as a collaborative scrum board in real time with 7 other people. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

          Overall I’m satisfied with this thing. Tablet mod is very far nicer than I would have expected. It’s no Android tablet, but I think it translates the same functionality very well.

          Google store has them on sale right now. Amazon has the 2GB model as well, but the 4GB model keeps getting bought out by scalpers and resold for exorbitant prices. Don’t pay more than $229 for the 2GB and $259 for the 4GB model. I have the 4GB model and I heartily recommend it.

    • atc-tech

      It works just fine for me. I have what I always thought of as smallish hands. I don’t have a hard time with it it all. I have primarily used a laptop since 2004. I wonder if the people that feel it is cramped are desktop heavy users.

  • Luis Rebelo

    its finally available on the google store(uk)! ships out on the 26th!