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The Google Store is touting the Chromebook Flip

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is gearing up to be sold through the official Google Store. 

A product listing for the convertible Chromebook has been spotted by browsers of the Store in both the US and UK and billed as ‘coming soon’.

For US buyers the device will retail on Google’s store at the same price points as elsewhere: the model with 2GB RAM will cost from $229, the 4GB RAM version from $259.

UK buyers are limited solely to the 4GB model, which is in keeping with product listings from other online retailers in the country. Attempting to select the 2GB model will throw a ‘configuration is not an option’ notice.

The New Store

‘Google has so far only offered one Chromebook through its new online store in the UK – the pricey Pixel’

With a slick aluminum body, first-rate IPS display and novel foldable form factor the ASUS Chromebook Flip has always had a slight touch of the flagship about it.

Google has so far only offered one Chromebook through the new Google Store in the UK since it was launched back in March: the pricey Chromebook Pixel 2. Both the older Pixel and the ‘by Google’ HP Chromebook 11 were sold through the Google Play Store’s ‘devices’ section.

Whether this surprise decision to sell the ASUS Chromebook Flip directly is a one off or the first of many such much device that Google plan to offer… Well, that remains to be seen.

But for now it does sure give the 10.1-inch portable a drab more prestige. It’s a flipping flagship in all but name.

ASUS Chromebook Flip on the Google Store

An earlier version of this article suggested this is the first non-Pixel to be sold in the new Google Store anywhere.This is only the case in the UK. Several non-Pixel devices are already offered in the US.
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