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Chrome’s Hidden Dinosaur Game Just Got Even Better

Chrome's fun games goes full-on Jurrasic Paaaaaarghk!

chrome dinosaur game

Has the Pink Power Ranger called her Zord?

The Google Chrome dinosaur game is a fun way to kill some time and lower your blood pressure when the internet is acting up.

But ask yourself this: has the trundling T-Rex had it a little to easy? Is hopping over a few spiky desert cactus a bit too chill?

Google thinks so.

Pterodactyls, Ahoy!

A recent browser update introduces a new obstacle to the desolate desert landscape. An obstacle one with teeth, claws and plenty of bite: pterodactyls!

Gamers who clear enough cactus to reach 450 points will then contend with flying pterodactyls as well as cacti.

Chrome dinosaur game gif

Avoiding flying beasties in the Chrome dinosaur game

Squarrrrr! (…is a noise I’m assuming flying dinosaurs made).

Give the updated game a try yourself (either by turning your Wi-Fi off and loading a page in Chrome, or by setting  ‘network‘ to ‘offline‘ in Chrome developer tools > mobile.

Hit the space bar to trigger the game, and use the ‘up’ key to jump over and the ‘down’ key to duck them.

What obstacles, dinosaurs or power-ups would you throw into the mix if you were in charge? 

  • Kawshik Ahmed


    • joel saju

      :D :D

      • joel saju


  • ProfessorPortal

    End of the game should be a comet hitting you.

    • Mohsin Javed

      then restart the game where a fat guy is jumping to avoid salad xD

  • Great! Now they should add achievements and leaderboards, new enemies and levels, upgrades, new playable characters, some weapons, first person view, new modes to play and maybe a DLC or 2. Also it should sync with Google Play Games! Oh, wait!

    • Blue

      leaderboards would require internet, the whole point is a simple game to pass your wifiless time

    • liamdools

      And make it freemium while they’re at it

    • They could make this game accesible if you are online for example over chrome://no-wifi-game

    • Jamal

      I think the point is to keep it simple? Basically your just jumping and ducking until your traveling at warp speed and can’t keep up anymore. Btw, what’s the farthest you’ve gone? My record is 3376.

      • It was just a joke, sorry. D:
        I achieved something about 2000.

      • Turbo375

        Only 800, I sad

    • Turbo375

      I would love that!!!!!!!!

  • JJordan

    They should add apples to eat and windows to break, copyright be damned. Oh, and maybe Tux in a self-driving car so the dinosaur can catch a free ride.

    • liamdools

      That wouldn’t be correct, though

  • Skunky

    in my opinion, they ruined the dinosaur game when they added the birds, i use to get 3,000+ but now i can’t make it past 1,500 -_-

  • Bume1982

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  • AliAsifKhan

    Fun. This is.

  • TimLHopper

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  • Rogermthoms

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  • NightFlight

    LOL. I guess without internet you really have been thrown back to the stone age.

    • bruh


    • Jacob Centamore

      This is the prehistoric age ._.

      • joel saju


  • armadilloranch75418

    whats up!

  • armadilloranch75418

    im um a kid named caleb

  • armadilloranch75418


  • armadilloranch75418

    not listening! … :I

  • armadilloranch75418


  • armadilloranch75418


  • hi every one!
    How do you get the dino game?
    tell me please!

    • bruh

      u have to turn off your wifi and then search whatever u want and then to start the game press the space bar! If this was not really descriptive plz tell me and i will explain better! Bye!

    • macy

      you need to turn off wifi

    • #Sweg

      well for some reason it says its turned off :T

    • Bb

      Check my post put ur phone on airplane mode and try searching something

    • Dreadlock Killer

      you turn off the wi fi and try to go to a website then when u see the dino hit space

  • really :(

  • zach

    how do you turn it on after somebody disables it

    • #Sweg

      IKR!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Person

    On my Chromebook it’s already disabled and I don’t know how to enable it.

    • Dylan Braun

      you can disable it? lol

    • James Fenton00

      same if u know let me know

  • adf


  • Bb

    On my phone I turn it on airplane mode then go to internet and try searching something, obviously it doesnt work but it takes me straight to the game, then I click on the dinosaur and it begins

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  • Austin Fluit

    rlly stone age? internet isnt life bcuz like you have games on the device that u can play but like i like the dinosaur game bcuz i have gotten to 300

    • joel saju


  • James Fenton00

    i would make him double jump and only way to get that is to pass 200 and then at 700 u get fire power to knock down the catcti and at 1000 u can knock the catcti down till a flying godzilla kills u but thats at 10000

  • Dreadlock Killer

    that was soooooooooooooooo fun

  • Wilford

    used to love it

  • Arianna Alvarez

    yah awesome

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  • Confederateshane

    they should make it so that not only are there birds, cacti, but also should make it so if u make it to 2000, like a power up so u have an extra life or something, my high score is only 4999, i mean, i couldnt get 5000

  • La Muerte

    I disconnected the wifi, and I just searched, and the dino game came on. Click space, or the up arrow, and the game begins!

  • kgminecrafter

    just got 1099 lol

  • Heather

    i love this game when i am at school and the page wont load all i do is play this game it is so much fun i try to beat my high score all the time but the teacher dont really like that the game is there because it is a distraction but when i cant get on youtube or something its a great thing to waste me time in my boring class

    • ever heard of punctuation, bro?

      • Ben Beckett

        She didn’t learn them. She was playing games and watching youtube.

  • My internet connection sucks so I play it a lot lol

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  • Batman

    yo my name is Batman my Butlar like found this out we have bad wifi here in the batcave so yeah my high score is 2,458 BEAT THAT Soooo yeah if you are bored and have no wifi or just bad wifi go play it or just kill the joker Like kick his little HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAA butt :T JOKER IF U SEE THIS HAHAHAHAH I HATE YOU HAHAHAHAH AHH IM TURNING INTO JOKER HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA GO RUN BEFORE ITS TO LATE BUTTLAR SAVE ME!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Batman


  • Leo Bricks

    I wince got 1000 on there but it didn’t save my stuff ?

  • Hunter Morris

    I got 5000 batman. beat that!

    • DingDong

      Really? Do you know anyone with a higher score?

      • Sumanyu Vyas

        I hv 6300+ something. Cmo’n..

        • Sumanyu Vyas

          That is real. You know

          • DingDong

            Yeah i just wanna know how far one can go. I’ve got 7949 too, it seems like sky is the limit! Lol

  • AsusC300

    You can also start the game with up arrow key. And, BTW, My highscore is 1064.

  • Caleb Novillos

    Mine’s 1200+

  • Phozzonunnium

    This game is tons of fun

  • kris worner

    this is so addicting

    • Ben


  • LuckySevenKirby GAMING

    my high is 1076

  • raven

    its awsome

  • awesome

  • DingDong

    What’s the highest score you’ve ever got/heard?

  • Ben

    I got 1348!

  • james bond


  • Selena Ledezma

    i’d add some rattle snakes

  • Humza Masoom

    i got 4258!

  • Vincent Xie

    glitch to 2203

    rattlesnakes are probably the least dangerous poisonous snake

  • Vincent Xie

    not to be mean

  • Nurul Firdaus

    I got 8000+

  • brmbrmcar

    Now at 7000 and 14000 and probably 21,000 etc it goes dark then light after 2000 points were scored.

    • Fabian Röling

      700, 1.400, 2.100, …

  • Yacine Zaier

    You can always try Krome Runner

  • Ellie B

    They should totally make veloceraptors chacing u at about 1000 or something

  • StarsNSand

    The colours invert at 700 points and its really anoying because it doesn’t pause so you get distracted and fail. Then at 900 they swap back again.

    • Fabian Röling

      I got over 2.000 and it swaps multiple times.
      Edit: Someone else says that it’s every 700 points.

      • StarsNSand

        idk if ur saying its me who said that but i meant that it first swaps when u get to 700 points

    • TheWindowsGuyCHROME

      They probably invert for a night look

    • 92gsr

      It is supposed to be night and day. As you pass through multiple nights you see different phases of the moon.

      Source: Comcast sucking

      • StarsNSand

        thats cool
        didnt know

  • apostropheA

    how do you duck on mobile chrome? all I can do is click the screen to jump

    • Dzhekka

      On mobile you can’t, so it’s 2x-harder.

  • TheWindowsGuyCHROME

    I would add some falling meteors so if you don’t jump over them you get blew up

  • deviheart13

    If your gonna add pterodactyls, then at some point you should hqve to jump over a clif and start running on cloud platform. That would be a jice added difficulty once you get used to birds. Having to time your jumps to reach lower or higher platforms for a while until you hit ground again would be s good break up of gameplay.


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  • Zenon

    Just type chrome://dino into your address bar.

  • Amir Sepahi