chrome dinosaur game
Has the Pink Power Ranger called her Zord?

The Google Chrome dinosaur game is a fun way to kill some time and lower your blood pressure when the internet is acting up.

But ask yourself this: has the trundling T-Rex had it a little to easy? Is hopping over a few spiky desert cactus a bit too chill?

Google thinks so.

Pterodactyls, Ahoy!

A recent browser update introduces a new obstacle to the desolate desert landscape. An obstacle one with teeth, claws and plenty of bite: pterodactyls!

Gamers who clear enough cactus to reach 450 points will then contend with flying pterodactyls as well as cacti.

Chrome dinosaur game gif
Avoiding flying beasties in the Chrome dinosaur game

Squarrrrr! (…is a noise I’m assuming flying dinosaurs made).

Give the updated game a try yourself. How? Either turn your Wi-Fi off and try loading a page in Chrome, or enter the following website page into a new tab, and hit enter.


Hit the space bar to trigger the game, and use the ‘up’ key to jump over and the ‘down’ key to duck them.

What obstacles, dinosaurs or power-ups would you throw into the mix if you were in charge? 

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