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Chrome for Android and iOS Gets Another Minor Update

There hasn’t really been anything new in the way of features for Chrome for Android┬áthe past few months, but we reported yesterday that this is going to change very soon.

What’s New in Chrome for Android?

Today’s update isn’t the promised developer preview that we’ll see before the year ends, it is yet another minor update that fixes a few bugs and improves performance.

The official changelog doesn’t give away any specific fixes, saying this:

This version update includes a number of stability fixes and performance improvements.

After playing around with the latest version of Chrome, I can say that the performance has been improved significantly. Google should have made a bigger deal about this…

What’s New in Chrome for iOS?

The New Tab Page on iOS

iOS users get a more specific changelog:

  • Open PDFs in other apps
  • Save your boarding passes and tickets with Passbook
  • Seeing garbled characters? Turn on text encoding detection in settings.


Ready to update or install? You can grab the update straight from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes below!

Download Chrome for Android on Google Play

Download Chrome for iOS on iTunes

Already downloaded the update? If so, have you noticed an increase in performance since the last revision?

  • I actually noticed a gigantic performance improvement

    • Excellent! After seeing so many complaints of slow performance previously, I’m glad to read that people are actually seeing some sort of gain!

    • Maxime Poulin

      Yup, this update definitely gets it to the same speed as the stock browser, I will probably start using Chrome again on my droid!

    • daas88

      I had the stock browser as default, but chrome deserves to be my default again! Huge improvement!

  • Mike Keller

    Thanks Lee! I’ll update the browser now and see if I notice any performance improvements.